DC's newest film, #TheSuicideSquad, is now finally out. Here are my thoughts on the movie. Spoilers follow ❗️ (1/17)
I saw this movie on August 6, the day it came out. I was pretty excited to see what the Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn would do with a team of unknown villains this time rather than heroes, and I wasn't disappointed. (2/17)
Just like in the Guardians movie, Gunn managed to put together a collection of very different people and focus them on one common goal. The difference in this movie was that he had much more freedom and could make it focused toward mature audiences. (3/17)
After 2016's Suicide Squad movie, James Gunn was at a disadvantage working on a sequel. The first movie had taken well known characters such as the Joker and well known actors such as Will Smith, and then wasted all of that on a very messy plot. (4/17)
James Gunn did the exact opposite in this film. He took characters that weren't as well known, and made them shine regardless. Every character, other than the team that dies instantly in the beginning, is unique and well-rounded and feels like a real person. (5/17)
Now, the first team that was killed off surprised me. There were some cool characters thrown in there that had an interesting personality and I thought a lot of them could be utilized pretty well together. That didn't happen. (6/17)
Them dying was kind of disappointing, but it showed that anything could happen in this movie and that no one was safe. It did set the tone pretty nicely for the rest of the movie. (7/17)
Then we got to the real team. #RickFlag, #HarleyQuinn, #Bloodsport, #Peacemaker, #KingShark, #Ratcatcher2, and #PolkaDotMan. This team did well together, and I liked pretty much everything about it. (8/17)
It was clearly Bloodsport's movie, with the character development mostly center around him. I think Rick Flag had a good arc of choosing between Waller or the general public. Harley Quinn didn't really have an arc, but did have some awesome action scenes. (9/17)
The King Shark and Ratcatcher arcs were really good, but they didn't really have any effect on the outcome of the movie, which made them seem more like side things happening than something important to the story. (10/17)
Polka Dot Man's arc did have an effect on the story, but the arc wasn't really fleshed out enough, something that could be said for a lot of the characters. Peacemaker didn't really have an arc, we just found out he was a double agent, which worked pretty well. (11/17)
So that's my thoughts on the individual characters. They formed an interesting team together, especially with the interactions between Rick Flag and Harley, Bloodsport and Peacemaker, and King Shark and Ratcatcher 2. (12/17)
Now for the story. The plot was simple and easy to follow, which I consider a good thing. Complex plots aren't bad, but they're harder to follow which can take away from other aspects of the movie. Something similar happened with the first Suicide Squad. (13/17)
Especially since this movie is rated R and they can do edgy things, the plot can be interesting and entertaining without it being overly complex. (14/17)
To wrap things up, I'd say that this movie is a whole lot of fun. It's not perfect, but it does a lot right and it's thoroughly entertaining to watch. James Gunn was given a collection of characters to do with as he pleased, a great move on DC's part. (15/17)
The movie set up some sequels (or prequels) a little bit, but it didn't really have an connection or effect on any other DC properties, and didn't try too hard to make that connection. I think this made the movie (and the DCEU) stronger. (16/17)
I'd definitely recommend this movie, as I liked it a lot. Maybe not for super young kids, but anyone middle school or maybe high school and higher should be fine watching. A whole lot of fun and much better than the first one, in my opinion. (17/17)
Overall, I would give #TheSuicideSquad an 8/10. #JuicinessScale Image

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