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German delegation at UN laughed at him

Our left-wing media joined in

On social media, leftists endlessly mocked Trump, even added funny music

But #TrumpWasRight about NATO, about EU, about China, about #Trade, about… well, most everything:

(part 1)
President Trump participates in a bilateral breakfast with the Secretary General of NATO

#AmericaFirst #Peacemaker

(part 2)
The other NATO members didn't like Trump's criticism — being told to spend more for the *common* trans-Atlantic defense

But #TrumpWasRight: even now, when Russia has invaded Ukraine, billions are paid for Russian gas, in effect paying for Putin's war!
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Russian #Strikes Hit Outskirts of Ukrainian Capital and #Lviv | 4h ago
- Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, with new missile strikes and shelling on the edges of the capital Kyiv and the western city of Lviv, ~its mayor…
Russian #missiles hit military #aircraft #repairfacility in Ukraine's #Lviv | Mar 18
- three explosions in quick succession rocked the training facility around 6 am. A nearby resident described his building vibrating from the explosions…
Russian strikes hit Ukrainian #capital and outskirts of #Lviv | Mar 18
- The early morning barrage of missiles - was the closest strike yet to the center of the city, which has become a #crossroads for people #fleeing from other parts of Ukraine…
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1ère rencontre officielle entre le ministre Turc des affaires étrangères Mevlut Çavusoğlu et son homologue arménien Ararat Mirzoyan au Forum diplomatique d’Antalya dans le cadre du processus de normalisation entre les 2 pays. Un début d’année diplomatique foisonnant pour la 🇹🇷.
Les deux pays n’entretenaient plus de relations diplomatiques ou commerciales depuis les années 1990 . Les pourparlers du mois dernier étaient la première tentative de rétablir les liens depuis un accord de paix de 2009 qui n’a jamais été ratifié.
On ne peut que se réjouir du courage des deux pays mais aussi de l’Azerbaïdjan à œuvrer pour la paix et la prospérité de la région. 🕊#Peacemaker
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Adebayo will 100% survive, and since they Murn are in on of the future episodes scenes. Adebayo will probably become a butterfly 👀

Detective Song is most likely becoming a butterfly. That’s how I think Murn will make so that Peacemaker won’t arrested.

Peacemaker will survive and will won the battle against the villains (most likely the Butterflies).

In the trailer, we can see him telling the story to some kids.
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If a banging new mag with world-exclusives aplenty is at the top of your Christmas list, you're in luck – our #TheBatman issue goes on sale TOMORROW!

Here's a sneaky peek at some of the treats inside...

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Get ready for an all-new take on the Caped Crusader. Empire gets the low-down on #TheBatman, with exclusive new pics and interviews with @mattreevesLA, Robert Pattinson, @ZoeKravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell and Dylan Clark. Words by @DanJolin.

Read more:… Image
A new year means tons of new movies – and that means an epic breakdown of all the most exciting stuff coming our way in 2022, all served up in our mega Preview section. Stuff like… Image
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In honor of #TheSuicideSquad being released on Blu-Ray, UHD, & DVD today, I thought I’d share with you these photos of set dressing in #Peacemaker’s prison cell, an example of the depth & detail we went into on every set.
Our great young people in the art department put an incredible amount of work into each of the prisoner’s cells - & I honestly thought of their work often while shaping the character for the @hbomax TV series. #TheSuicideSquad #Peacemaker
When I 1st walked into Peacemaker’s cell I was like “Oh my God, you guys, I think this is only going in the background of a couple shots for a few seconds!” They told me it didn’t matter they had the most fun ever just doing it. #TheSuicideSquad #Peacemaker
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#Ratcatcher2 (@MelchiorDaniela) & her stunt double Katie Eischen in #TheSuicideSquad - available tomorrow on Blu-Ray! Image
Definitely @DaveBautista - no one in the world has the same build as that giant.
I don’t know of an American actor who does ALL their own stunts. Some actors are good at some stunts &, if it’s not dangerous (meaning there’s no chance they’re going to break a leg & shut down production), & they really want to, then I’m ok with it.
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🧵Hilito con algunas cositas lindas de la #DCFanDome
⚡ La Roca presentó un hermoso y poderoso 1er vistazo de #BlackAdam y dijo que nació para ese personaje.
⚡ Estas son algunas de las imágenes que se pueden ver en el first look de #BlackAdam y la verdad que le queda muy bien a La Roca.

#DCFanDome ImageImageImageImage
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SEMANA 35: Noticias, rumores y curiosidades durante la semana 😁

La serie de #Hawkeye contará con seis episodios, tendrá una ambientación navideña y transcurrirá después de #AvengersEndgame. 💜
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II indica que #BlackManta tendrá una evolución en #Aquaman2; será más maduro y tendrá tiempo para respirar.
James Gunn desmiente la existencia de un proyecto en desarrollo de #Bloodsport.
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1. ¡Estrena #WhatIf! La primera serie de animación del MCU donde podemos ver qué pasaría si... Peggy Carter recibe el suero del super soldado en lugar de Steve Rogers.

Abro hilo...!
2. Diversos artículos con arte promocional de 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' nos permiten ver las nuevas habilidades de Spider-Man, su nuevo traje y la participación de Doctor Strange quien fungiría como su nuevo mentor.
3. 'Shang-Chi y la leyenda de los Diez Anillos' tendrá una duración de 2 horas y 12 minutos.

4. La serie #IAmGroot se basará en las aventuras de Baby Groot en pequeños cortos y utilizará una animación foto-realista.
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White folks have got to stop hiding in Black spaces in order to avoid doing the necessary work in their own community. Stop seeking to pacify white guilt through acts of saviorism and self righteousness by “helping” marginalized people. 1/
Why can white folks save everybody but their selves?!? Colonize your own people. Take your missions trips and Peace Corp experiences down the street to your church, the white supremacy pipeline.

To quote Thandeka, a Black woman theologian, “The first racial victim of the white community is its own child.”

Go home white liberals and heal ya children. Take what you’ve learned from BIPOC and apply it with your own people.

#disruptivepeace #peacemaker #antiracisteducator
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1/ From the bottom of my heart… I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the current state of affairs in my country. Some of my erstwhile Comrades are plotting to use violence saying it has been a long time coming and long overdue.
#PeaceMaker #TogetherWeCan #teamZimbabwe
2/ Let me hasten to give reproach & quip; Violence begets violence. One’s freedom of speech should never infringe on other people’s rights. One might wonder what has brought on this melancholy, so let me give you dear reader, a brief overview. #TogetherWeCan #TikabatanaTinokunda
3/ Zimbabwe attained its independence after a second guerrilla warfare dubbed the Second Chimurenga war. At independence in 1980 government was occupied by war veterans who were still dealing with war trauma, of which some to date never got counselling. #TeamZimbabwe
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