This is horrifying, and there's plenty of room to criticize Biden's handling of the pullout, but not sure another two decades of U.S. and NATO occupation was the right answer. Or maybe four decades, or six, or a century. This had to end, and was never going to end well.
The speed of the Taliban advance, much of it with zero military opposition, shows we were building castles on sand. Billions of our dollars were poured into rat holes of corruption, and our bureaucrat-generals relentlessly lied to us about the results.…
Say what you will about the military-industrial complex, but it was better than the new military-political-bureaucratic complex. Our soldiers can still win wars. Our pols and politicized brass cannot realize victories. They treat wars like exceptionally bloody welfare programs.
Afghanistan is a sinkhole of corruption and tribalism where honest planners should have known there was no way to build a stable government capable of fending off the bloodthirsty fanatics of the Taliban. The Kabul power structure assumed we'd stay there forever to protect them.
Listen to what the people in Taliban-captured cities are saying: Kabul did nothing to protect them. Government troops fled before the Taliban, often without firing a shot. They were certain we'd change our minds and protect them once things got really bad.
The blind stupidity of nation-building, from Bush through Obama, was a fusion of neocon folly and the statist obsession with "fixing" everything via huge permanent bureaucratic programs. Swap out a few leaders, spend a few billion on social programs, and everyplace can be Peoria.
Part of the problem is that decades of aggressive anti-colonialism robbed Western societies of our clear-eyed understanding of what it takes to actually conquer and rebuild a civilization. We don't do conquest anymore, so we shouldn't do occupation either.
We are no longer capable of doing what we did to, and for, Imperial Japan. Yes, both - horror and destruction beyond imagination, then a blossoming into one of the world's great nations and best of friends. That was a job for ADULTS. We have become too infantile for such things.
We just spent twenty bloody years, across multiple presidencies, proving that occupation and nation-building are no alternative to conquest and reconstruction. Let us never make that hideous mistake again. It is sinful to waste American lives and resources on futile endeavors.
Fair enough to say we will never conquer, but in that case, we should not role-play at some childish imitation of conquest that pretends billion-dollar magic wands can conjure stable Western societies out of endless savagery and fanaticism. Destroy the enemy and move out.
We're mired in too many globalist scams that involve pouring money and blood into permanently corrupt and unstable regimes while bureaucrats and profiteers skim big bucks off the top. Nothing ever changes for the better if we keep subsidizing and protecting horrid regimes.
Having said that, it will be heartbreaking to watch Afghanistan fall into the Taliban's bloody grip again. A lot of decent people with hopes for a better future will be enslaved and killed. Children are dying over there. It is appropriate to be horrified. /end

• • •

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More from @Doc_0

12 Aug
Gas prices are a fascinating bit of politicized economics because the far Left really, really, really wants gas to become more expensive - Obama and his drones were actually honest about that - but they always panic in the face of public outrage over rising pump prices.
Cheap gas is hugely frustrating to the authoritarian Left and its central planners. It allows the Little People to move around FAR too easily. It gives them more economic power by lowering the price of most goods and services. It spawns industries that resist political control.
Also, cheap gas is harder for them to tax the hell out of. The taxes are too noticeable. That's why the Left prefers high inflation and high consumer prices. It's much easier to hide the cost of bloated, corrupt government when everything costs 10x as much.
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11 Aug
I'm old enough to remember when warning that socialized medicine means the government owns your body, and can force you to act according to its definition of public health, was dismissed as extremist right-wing fearmongering.
Of course, we can rest assured this new collectivist control of our bodies will be hyper-politicized. It's happening already, as powerful labor unions carve themselves exemptions from vaccine mandates enforced with fascist corporate muscle against everyone else.
By the way, get comfortable with fascism. It's your new system of government. It's not going away, and it will NOT remain limited to politicians using corporations as enforcers for powers denied to them by the Constitution in the name of "public health."
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9 Aug
The constant assertions that "nobody promised the vaccines would keep you from getting infected" are so bizarre. Yes, those promises absolutely were made, and heavily implied, by the political class. They should have been more realistic about the protection offered.
The political class was determined to stampede everyone into vaccination as quickly as possible, instead of reasoning with them. We were told - indeed *threatened* - throughout 2021 that vaccination was the only way to return to normal life because it would stop the spread.
Would everyone care to rummage through their memory banks and remember a political slogan from just a few weeks ago: "Pandemic of the unvaccinated?" It died quickly when panic mode was re-engaged, but the whole point was that supposedly only the unvaccinated were spreading Covid.
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9 Aug
After Obama's superspreader maskless birthday extravaganza, what else could Dem elites do to convince their hapless followers that they don't believe in the Covid panic they're foisting on the rest of us? Pandemic restrictions are for the Little Guy, not the glitterati.
Like I always say, flaunting your special privileges is part of the kink for socialist elites. They know they won't be subjected to the rules, restrictions, and suffering they intend to inflict on the rest of us. They don't want to feel a drop of shame about it.
Some of the elites at Obama's birthday bash were gleefully uploading photos of themselves dancing the night away without masks, until the backlash prompted them to start deleting their posts. They do this stuff to erase any vestigial twinge of shame they might feel.
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5 Aug
Statists look at desirable goods, decide what the price should be - often concluding it should be $0.00 - and work backward from there. Free markets try to meet demand by increasingly supply, and increase demand by reducing price. The statist approach is a train wreck.
Controlling prices by political fiat is like trying to steer a horse by yanking on its tail. Everything else in the economic chain malfunctions when the price output is controlled like that. You're about to get another demonstration thanks to Biden's illegal eviction moratorium.
Notice how interventions to fix the price of labor tend to increase unemployment and throw other aspects of the labor market out of whack. It happens every time politicians decide they know better than free people what the price of goods and services should be.
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4 Aug
Freedom, capitalism, property rights, and the rule of law are inextricably linked.

Each flows into the other. All are weakened when any are attacked. All are vital to sustain a republic of sovereign individuals. The enemies of freedom understand this better than its defenders.
If you don't really own your property, you can't fully engage in capitalism. If you can't use your capital as you see fit, you don't really own it. If property rights are not protected, there is no true rule of law, only abstract ideals and exercises of political power.
Property rights give muscle and bone to the core freedom, the one that really matters: the right to refuse, to say "no." If your property rights are not respected, you can be forced to do just about anything. Ambitious tyrants will never stop inventing ways to compel you.
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