Hugh, I'm perfectly happy to heap blame on Biden. You are the one who refuses to acknowledge the reality that Trump deserves his share too (and so does Obama, the Pentagon, the Afghan gov etc.). You're being a wild-eyed partisan in the face of this calamity. 1/
In fact, I've lashed into Biden many times for this catastrophe.
Have you ever once criticized Trump for negotiating with the Taliban? For taking their assurances at face value? For wanting to bug out faster/sooner than Biden did? 2/
Can you manage to scrounge up *1 percent* of the blame for Trump for having the same strategic goal and a faster timetable for this outcome? Or are you going to continue to pretend that "100%" of this is on Biden? 3/
If you are going to stick to that ridiculous position, will you be criticizing your various colleagues and guests who endorse the ends of Biden's Afghan policy but, like you, insist on scoring partisan points about the means? 4/
I mean you told me I should defer to @Liz_Cheney's verdict on this. Here's what she says: Do you agree with that? Does that get you over zero percent of the blame for Trump and Pompeo Or did they handle Afghanistan perfectly as you imply? 5/5

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12 Aug
From the end of Wednesday's G-File on the Politics of Ressentiment (cc @AlexNowrasteh)
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15 Jul
This is a weird response, imho. I never questioned your intelligence. Frankly, I find the inference odd & the implication unfair. Lots of smart people are wrong about the points they think they're making. I would assume the architect of the 1619 Project would agree. 1/
As for my tweet: When Biden et al call the Texas & Georgia legislation "Jim Crow on steroids" or the worst attack on Democracy since the Civil War(!) I take them to be claiming that the essential crime of Jim Crow had to do with voting. I think that's ludicrous. 2/
The moral horror of both slavery & Jim Crow, again imho, was about the dehumanization, the violence, the cruelty, the denial of dignity and rights. Yes, one of those denied rights was voting. But on the list of moral horrors, voting was pretty far down on the list. 3/
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14 Jul
Stephen your weird hard-on for me continues to amaze. As I’ve written countless times now, there’s nothing in conservatism or classical liberal theories of government that doesn’t allow for extraordinary measures to fight pandemics. 1/
George Washington and other founders went to great lengths — including sending people door to door — to fight Yellow Fever and other disease outbreaks. There are centuries of laws and precedents on my side.… 2/
If you read what I wrote in my latest column or much of anything I’ve written about the pandemic you’d know this. But I can’t tell if you’ve ever read anything of mine other than my tweets and the title of my first book. 3/
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29 May
Good thread. Here’s mine:
I find the “conservatism was always a con” stuff to be total b.s. It misses the fact that people(s) can change over time. The neo-populist right isn’t revealing conservatism’s “true colors” it’s trying to replace conservatism. Many admit it. 1/
Ideological commitments ≠ identity politics. People and parties change because cultures change. A lot of Democrats say they are socialist today. This doesn’t mean Ds were always secretly socialist and only now are showing their “true colors.” 2/
The left’s changed a lot over the last 40 years. But you don’t hear people trying to seriously argue that Sam Nunn or Scoop Jackson were just providing cover for socialists or were secret socialists, because they weren’t. 2021 Al Gore is a different dude than 1990 Gore. 3/
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23 May
This is complicated because there are MANY worse franchises than LOTR. And there are several that are more overrated. It's just hard to score because many are worse AND more overrated but still less well-rated than LOTR. So: Thread... 1/
Then there's the issue of great movies that launched mediocre franchises. Usually it's the sequel that creates a franchise, so sometimes it's two good movies and then crap for miles. For example, both Alien & Aliens were Great movies. The rest? Not.
Lord of the Rings is that rare franchise where none of the movies were *great*, but all were good (not even Star Wars or James Bond can claim that). So the average grade is better than a lot of franchises launched by great movies. 3/
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6 May
Yawn. I got plenty. But first: I stand by my view that it reflects very poorly on you that you take Schlicter seriously. That was the main point of my response to you. He’s a deceitful and pathetic troll. But since you can’t see that. I’ll pretend you asked the question. 1/
She didn’t “attack the base.” Show me a quote from Cheney where she attacked the base. She said Trump lied about the election being stolen. That’s factually true. If some people are triggered by that, okay. But that’s not “attacking the base.”
Indeed, the idea that defenestrating Cheney is a sign of seriousness only makes sense at all if you believe the party is deadly serious about being a Trumpist cult. 3/
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