Looking for someone to blame again? When will these morons realize that Covid is outsmarting science with its mutations? It's like the other moron the Chief Political Analyst who said that the government should accelerate vaccine purchases. The monies are there but the supply
isn't. As for the LGUs, why can Marikina make vaccination registration be so easy? I registered two days ago and yesterday I already got a call and an sms for a schedule today. They gave a list of requirements for each classification. Bring your own ballpen. I will know today if
the schedule is followed. They even ask the question what brand do you prefer and if that is not available would you want to wait or be vaccinated with what is available? The President has come out defending Heath Secretary Francisco Duque. I've had the opportunity to speak to
him on the phone for my previous principal. Duque is very courteous and isn't your typical demanding Cabinet official who thinks the world revolves around him. Even if you're a Cabinet Secretary, instituting bureaucratic reforms is a challenge because the bureaucracy is a
Godzilla for lack of a better adjective. Bureaucrats don't normally have a sense of urgency. The laws each department has to comply with which are all designed to prevent graft and corruption makes any process tedious. What would solve the problem is a whole-of-government
approach to reform the bureaucracy. Aside from the regulations, there is also politics involved. Government is one huge snakepit. A reformer wouldn't stand a chance because those who benefit from the bureaucratic maze would be opposed to any reform because the income generating
opportunities would be lost. The LGUs would be a good level to begin as in the case of Marikina. These all began with the Fernando administration. It is not only on the LGU but also the residents. If both cooperate then you will have good results. This is why I don't believe Isko
is qualified to become President. He doesn't have a singular achievement in his political career which defines him. If he had succeeded in finally making something out of tbe capital city then maybe. In three years most of his achievements are superficial. They're not out of
what one would expect from a competent Mayor. Nine years would've had him better prepared because he would be armed with enough experience. Instead of being plain critics, we should actually be pro-active by thinking of what we would do if we were in government. Solutions even if
proposals only are the better alternative to constantly carping about problems. It would be hard for a corrupt government official to defend himself when faced with the solution to the bureaucracy. This is true even for the President. This is why the 2022 election is crucial. The
pandemic has given government officials to bring out their best. If they haven't delivered it is on us voters to make the choice if they are to be kept on or is it time for a change. This is why we should be focused on what their platforms are moving forward. Covid will not end
anytime soon. Innovation and out-of-the-box solutions are needed for us to move forward. We cannot just sit and wait to die or survive. We have to soldier on with our lives while we still have it.

• • •

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21 Aug
This best sums up Ninoy Aquino. He was not the hero he was cast out to be after his assassination. A lot of us boomers were fooled then because we didn't have access to information like we do now. Some say he experienced a transformation while
incarcerated. This was the justification for his martyrdom. But if you have the ability of introspection, you will be able to place yourself in Ninoy's mindset and think about what you would do if you were in his shoes? What was his obsession with the Presidency? Why couldn't he
wait? It was a fact that he met Imelda before Marcos did and was smitten by her. But Imelda didn't have the money of Cory. The Cojuangco's needed a politically-savvy husband for Cory who could do what her brothers couldn't for the family. Not too many people know Ninoy was close
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21 Aug
Here goes the Chief Political Analyst again. There is nothing against the COA as an independent institution and its mandate to keep government adherence to sound accounting policies. But when it is used as a tool for politicking, that line is crossed.
Anyone who has worked in both the public and private sector understand that audits constitute part of the check-and-balance system. This is true for publicly-listed corporations where the public invest. This more important in government which is fully-funded by the public.
However, there has to be a certain element of pragmatism in the output of the COA, the government bureaucracy in general and the departments and agencies it audits, in particular. We are well-aware of how government bureaucracy is behind in digitization. The truth is there is no
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20 Aug
I have nothing against women. Hell I love women. Period. I worship at the altar of the woman that is her body and soul. That's how much I love women. The adage that you can't beat them, can't live without them is true; depending on how much bullshit you're
willing to accept. The idea that Leni Robredo and Leila De Lima are at par with the likes of Angela Merkel is a reach. An overreach in fact. A friend and I have been discussing what truly ails the Filipino. We've come to an agreement that it's basically a socio-cultural
dysfunction. Some psychological too. The definition of success is moving over to the other side of the social divide under the general classification of the haves and the have-nots. Women have been stereotyped as the weaker sex. I truly believe this is not true. How many men have
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19 Aug
Chanco changes his tune on pandemic response. This is what happens when journalist-activists don't bother to read the science first and instead, react adversely to government policy just to get the public to turn against government. The 14 day ECQ for NCR
is nowhere near the first lockdown. We can't afford to shutdown the economy anymore. The Delta variant has changed global outlook on Covid. Vaccines prevent death but don't guarantee against infection. Everyone should get vaccinated. In the meantime, the government and the public
sector should cooperate in digitization in order to facilitate the transition to the new normal. I haven't heard any of the prospective Presidential candidates make public their stand about moving forward with bureaucratic reform. This is of paramount importance at both the
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18 Aug
"They say the presidency is destiny. Perhaps the tribulation that the Vice President had to endure is how the universe is strengthening her for the most difficult job of her life." With this premise Masigan deems it fit to claim that Robredo is ripe for
the Presidency in 2022. I never liked Leni Robredo since her rise to prominence in 2012 after the death of Jesse. I never liked Jesse either. I was a frequent visitor to the Bicol region in the 90s because I had business there. We put up the first marine products processing plant
at the Camaligan Fishing Port Complex. This was a small fishing port by the bank of the Naga River. There wasn't much fish being landed. Leave it to the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority to construct fishing ports in some areas where it isn't even viable. It's a
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18 Aug
How is the Taliban going to govern? This is the $64 question. The US has cut-off its access to funds deposited with the Federal Reserve in New York. Its main export is drugs. But underneath the Afghan soil are rare-earth minerals essential to the manufacture of tech hardware.
More than likely the Chinese would find ways to work with them to mine these minerals. It's still too early to predict which direction the new government will take. Terrorism has been stymied by Covid as well but nothing is impossible with determination. All the world can do is
watch at this point. Hamid Karzai is still in the country acting as both adviser and peace broker. This is a good sign. The Taliban will have to temper their religious zealotry if they want to be given legtimacy. But as the piece said, the other groups which are its allies won't
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