20 years of “global war on terror,” the U.S. still does not grasp very basic, fundamental things about the nature of its adversaries, believing it can compartmentalize groups and geographical boundaries — such as the Taliban and Al- Qaeda or Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq..
when what it is actually facing is a pan-Islamic global crusade whose elements are inextricably intertwined and ultimately control Pak & Iran.This misunderstanding is born of a Western analytical mindset tht struggles with an enemy that refuses to think in recognisable categories
— to whom nation state, nationalism or nationality are anathema. Because Western analysts have made a category error, incapable of understanding that Islamic groups do not identify as anything other than Muslim regardless of where they are located, same mistake is made by indians
Which is surprising as we hv had a 1400 yr experience of dealign and being treated by Islam. The whole charade of Deoband being opposed to partition was not because of some love for India but Deoband (being fountain head of Islam in sub continent ) doesnt believe in nation state
Deoband felt that Muslims will get divided and the pace of conversion will reduce. It is this reason that maududi called Jinnah as Kafir-e-azam, Abdul kalam Azad lamented partition as it will taken muslims..
Taliban are Deobandi.. they don't care about Afghanistan or pakistan
Taliban is not a proxy of Pakistan’s ISI; indeed, the Taliban, like Hezbollah, is simply the name an integrated network uses in Afghanistan and is not an independent organization as such. Like the IRGC network does in Iran and other countries it conquers,
the Pakistani one — revolving around a mixture of Muslim Brotherhood, Deobandi, and Wahhabi networks — feeds off the resources of Pak state but is not Pakistani in any relevant sense. Unlike the IRGC network,there is no Wilayat al-Faqih to fully unite the elements of Pakistan’s
essentially horizontal network. Despite paranoia and personal rivalries, there is no means of determining where the ISI ends & Al-Qaeda, Taliban, TTP, and an alphabet soup of other groups in Kashmir and elsewhere, begin, whatever their bureaucratic structure on paper
Afghanistan is just the beginning of getting one more real estate under islamic flag. There is NO pashntoonwali ( even though Taliban are overwhelmingly Ghilzai Pashtoons), Goal is to get the land under sun for Allah & sharia is way forward.
They will devour Pak/China too
RGC and ISI cooperate in the global jihad and share assets, among others Hekmatyar/Al-Qaeda.getting lost in the personal, tribal, ethnic ideological rivalries and even internecine warfare killings, serves more to obscure than illuminate the nature of this Islamic imperialism.
Goal is to get land under Allah.. India, China, US, Russia, EU..& even pakistan. These two networks — however fractious and sectarian they can be at the granular level — operate at the strategic level as a single, inseparable enemy of free world.
It is no coincidence that #MunnawarRana #Barq or #AIMPLB praise Taliban as they understand intrinsically that Deobandis are doing Allah'a work and agenda of a global caliphate cont unabated.
Their dedication to pan-islamism is rock solid. It is our idiot journos don't understand
1400 year war continues.. will gain vigour and strength. That is why a Military decimation of Muslim military states i.e. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan is absolutely essential for another 100yrs of peace to kill this renewed confidence.
Pak Army is pan-islamist except for few

• • •

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19 Aug
There was point mentioned by @harshmadhusudan about yugdharma. Yes there are provisions for it and that is what Pitamah Bheeshma explained to Yudhisthir as well..May 8/10 tweet series. here I go../1
Emperor Janamejaya was justly shaken and expressed horror and disgust at earlier stories of copulating siblings, parent-offspring duos, parent-siblings with offsprings along with others. Rishi Vaishampayana replied, "Oh king, in those ancient times, that was the yuga-dharma"
So let me ask you again what Yudhisthir asked Bhishma & later asked by Janamejaya (Son of Parikshit), What is Dharma?
Continuation of pursuit & acceptance of history,the way Ved Vyas did without shame & embarrassment even though co habitant had started in Dwapar & Gotra system /3
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19 Aug
Americans have not fought a peer power since 1942-42-WW2. There too Russians destroyed over 56% of German Armour and over 55% of manpower. Rest of the allies US/UK/France included managed mere 45%.
India on the other hand has fought two peer powers since independence and mostly come out on top except for 1962..
Russians too have fought peer power
Americans had industrial strength and that too is hollowed out to China. Now it is living on Petro-dollars
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18 Aug
Mughals too routed him in 50's and Marathas though lost but wiped off entire generations of Afghans at Panipat.
Abdali could never field any army that size or experienced. Real winners of 1761 were Sikhs who took the Kesariya to Pashtoon lands.
When Timur Abdali sacked Amritsar and filled Amrit Sarovar with Horse shit, it was Marathas who liberated the city.
22 अक्टूबर 1758 दोपहर 2 बजे । दोआब मोर्चा , कानपुर

पेशवाओ ने सरदार रघुनाथ पंडितराव के हमलों के फलस्वरूप सन 1751 से उत्तर में अपनी पकड़ मजबूत कर ली थी । वे हरयाणा के जाट राजा सुरजमाल के साथ रोहिल्लो को जकड़ने में लगे थे ।
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15 Aug
Democracy is overrated. All the current rich countries became rich much before they allowed universal franchise. We are not a nation but a crowd of idiots mostly.
I would prefer a monarchy over democracy. Monarch can plan for long time frame, without fear of vote considerations.
internally, a massive ghar wapsi campaign in order to assimilate the muslim population in national Dharmik mainstream is only options. 95% of them are anyway Hindu converts, leaving aside Ashrafs..
Can be accommodated in their castes.Reservation benefit will help bring them back
At an individual level, we must make it a habit to donate to temples a certain % of income -1% , devote some time every week- May be sunday as @KapilMishra_IND ji started. Bond well,Keep the temples clean & start doing prabhat pheri.
Work hard,make money & employ fellow Dharmiks
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14 Aug
The taliban is not and has never been a monolithic force..Use them to fight them...There is no Mullah Umar now
I am repeating ad nauseam, with Talib takeover of Afghanistan, fight among warlords... Pakis may land up being strategic depth of Pashtoons rather the other way round as hoped by Pakis
You can never buy and Afghan, you can always rent one though. @DefenceMinIndia @PMOIndia We should look to buy the additional stock of Humvees and assault rifles (100000 or so) captured by Talibs through backchannel for cheap.
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14 Aug
@DrSJaishankar , Smart think for us will be to quietly push the idea of splitting Afghanistan, nation created by Ahmad shah Durrani from patchwork of warring tribes after defeating them, into Pashtoon and merging non-pashtoon with their ethnic kin i.e. Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara..
With Pashtoon homeland in south, they can be happy running it as they want to.. whipping, stoning is all legit islamic. Why are we feeling sorry for them. Pashtoons want Sharia by Allah they would have it.
They can also align with their kin across Durand line, erase injustice
Pakjabis are the one who are helping them by bringing more islam.. used to be other way round. I am sure Pakjabis will be happy to le their islamic brothers - pashtoons unite with their kin straddling across Durand line..
I don't see any Indian dilemma at all..
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