Ayurvedic Perspective of Sadya (Onam Platter) Ayurvedic reference from the Ashtavaidya Nambis say- ‘Kaale hithamit bhoji Kruth, Chamkraman kramen vamasaya’ meaning ‘He who eats a balanced food and on time is healthy, The sadhya, therefore, is mostly prepared early morning. 1/n
The adage is: ‘Kaanam Vittu Onam Unnanam’ which means ‘one must have the Onam lunch even if they have to sell everything’. The principles of Ayurveda are applied in choosing the ingredients,the cooking utensils, the eating patterns,and has all elements involved in the sadhya.2/n
Eating the sadhya facing East is based on cosmic energy points, and that is why a sadhya can only be eaten with the right hand. The banana leaf is laid out with its tip pointed to the left and the items are served starting from the top left corner of the leaf signifying 3/n
North East which is most auspicious. The tips of our fingers are considered to invoke the five cosmic energy elements (Pancha bhootas) and that helps in warding off any negativity to befall from the food, hence no cutlery is used to eat a sadhya.4/n
Sitting cross legged on the floor to eat a sadhya is a derivative from Yoga, Ardha Padmasana or Sukhasana is the posture ideally suited to help channel the blood flow to the stomach and ease digestion primarily working the hand eye co-ordination like a dream. 5/n
Onion and garlic were traditionally never used in the sadhya as they were considered Rajasic foods (increases aggression). The sadhya would involve only Sattvic food using fresh and local ingredients which conceptually aligns with farm to table as we understand today 6/n
Puliinji or Injicurry is a mix of jaggery and ginger. The ginger counters food poisoning. Sambhaaram or Moru (buttermilk) is served at the end of the meal to regulate body temperature. Dry ginger (Chukku Vellam) or Cumin (Jeeraka vellam) water for blood purification and 7/n
controlling acid reflux. As opposed to the West where the primary tastes are sweet, sour, salty and bitter, Ayurveda identifies two additional tastes of pungent and astringent. The first taste that should prepare your taste buds for a meal is often sweet, 8/n
hence jaggery plays an important part in preparing the accompaniments (Kootu curries). We begin the sadhya with the Sharkara Upperi (jaggery coated chips) and end the meal with a pickle (usually the sour lemon pickle) after a Payasam to prevent sluggishness. 9/n
Satiety from the grandeur of a sadhya is expressed after folding the empty banana leaf respectfully towards our side with salutations to the chef in Malayalam “Balebesh”!
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22 Aug
@proudlymessedup @Itishree001 @LostTemple7 I am aware of this temple in Chamoli district, 7 km walk, but more important is the story attached to it and it is beautiful. Since Narad Muni was meditating at this place for 364 days offering his devotion to Bhagwan Vishnu, the temple stays closed for 364 days and opens 1/n
@proudlymessedup @Itishree001 @LostTemple7 Only on Rakshabahndhan. But why does it open only on rakshabandhan. Raj Bali had requested Vishnu to be his Dvarpal when he was the king of Patala Loka. Since Vishnu stayed there for quite a long time, Lakshmi was worried and she requested Narad Muni to help her. 2/n
@proudlymessedup @Itishree001 @LostTemple7 So Narad muni advised her to go to patal loka and tie a rakshasutra on Bali s wrist and request him to release Vishnu from this promise. But since Lakshmi was unaware of the way to Patala loka she asked Narad Muni to accompany her. So Narad muni had to leave his meditation 3/n
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Advaitam Ayurveda
1.The overlap of two triangles- male & female is the core of Advaitam which says that anything in the world is a part of Brahman
2. In the center of two triangles is the sign of creation which happens when both energies intermingle.
3. At the base of creation is the sign of infinity meaning the energies may mingle in infinite ways to create infinite outcomes, but they will still be a part of super consciousness (Brahman)
4. The three circles outside define the three universal balancing forces which maintain physical balance (Vata-Air; Pitta-Fire & Kapha- Water) as well as Spiritual Balance (Satva- Harmony; Rajas -Passion & Tamas- Ignorance)
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Thread: The World s largest Ardhnarishwar Statue in South Africa & not India: The genesis of this tallest statue has a great story of motivation, character and perseverance and as old as 1859, when Indians were first bought to South Africa on a 5 yr slavery contract ImageImage
to work in fields, on locomotives and indentured labourers. Most of them were from Tamil Nadu and lived in barracks on sugar plantation in the most menial conditions sometimes replacing oxen, sometimes mules sometimes broken machines.
However they took this hardship as a medium to learn new things - repairing locomotives and agricultural machinery After 5 years when the contract expired and they had an option of going back, they realized that with new learnings they can make a future in South Africa.
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Ayurvedic Weight loss Therapy- Udwarthanam- उव्दर्तनं कषायादि चूर्णैर्गात्रोध्दर्षणं (हेमाद्रि commentary on अष्टांग ह्रुदय संहिता सुत्र २।१५)
The act of rubbing चूर्ण (powders of any suitable drug) with some friction on the body is called as उव्दर्तन. ImageImage
In this therapy massage is done with powders rather than oil. Ayurveda considers toxins to be the cause of obesity. Toxins slows down fat metabolism and therefore a person is unable to use his fat for metabolic activities. The fat accumulates under our skin and so obesity
Since toxins are lipid soluble they also accumulate in the fat cells leading to slow fat metabolism and undue weight gain. Udwarthanam involves violently massaging dry powders on the skin which causes toxins to come out of fat cells and then xthe therapy is followed by steam
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10 Aug
Ashoka Tree in Indian History-
As the name suggests Ashoka means without Shoka (Grief); yes it is believed to remove all the sorrows of life.Brahma said: “He, who eats eight buds of Asoka flowers on the eight day of the moon’s suffers no grief in life”. 1/n
In the Mahabharata for instance, Damyanti while looking for Nala goes into a forest of Asoka trees and asks the tree to relieve her from grief and tell her where her husband is in the forest. Asoka tree is sacred both to Hindus and Buddhists. 2/n
Hindus worship it on the 13th day of the month of Chaitra. The tree was blessed to be immortal by Siva because his consort Parvati had worshipped him with the flowers of this tree and therefore, the tree remains evergreen. 3/n
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11 Jul
Thread…The secret of Pi (Katapayadi sankhya) in Indian History. The shloka above, seems to be one of the many written in praise of one of the most enigmatic and divine Lords of Hinduism, Krishna.
So, what is so special about this shloka, Simple enough, the shloka demonstrates one of the strongest and most intelligent examples of extreme knowledge and wisdom of our ancient men. Grahacāraṇibandhana based in the year 683 CE and Laghubhāskariyavivarana based in the year 869
speak of a certain numerical notation which goes by the name of Katapayadi Sankhya.
Under this system, a number is ascribed to each and every alphabet of the script, a concept highly similar to the ASCII system in computers.
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