It is not enough to try to accelerate change by putting younger leaders in charge. One must be anti-old-people-in-charge. It is not normal for people in their 70s and 80s to refuse to step down. To irresponsibly refuse to train up replacements as part of their duty and legacy.

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6 Sep
A small part of the reason people don’t want to have kids is maybe because their notion of “good parenting” is all this fake therapeutic-no fun-helicopter parenting to the rest Bullshit. In real big family communities people don’t have time for this shiz:
We incorporate kids into real lives, well lived. They aren’t stressful tests of our virtue. They are people under our authority and care. We throw big parties with our friends every so often & people get smashed and smoke and play poker & whatnot while kids run around & go feral.
All this crap about your life being over with kids is based on the worst notion of fake parenting. Bonfires, fishing trips, useful hobbies, exercise you like - kids like a lot of fun stuff. Kids propel your forward into the good stuff. No more play acting with yourself.
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6 Sep
Many now must be *taught/told* that family is what makes you happy—baseline purpose to which your work is subordinated. Sad! If your life is about career/status in this pathetic society, your life is…pathetic. But this is why we got all these unhappy people refusing to retire.
Most sane, well rounded people would not wanna keep working forever past their prime, assuming non-emergency situation & time to set up successors, etc. (thus cementing their legacy). They would have family & other roles and pursuits to turn to in golden years. Not so with us…
There’s no legacy for them. Only current status. But that’s all they have. It’s sad but also revolting that so many hang on until death/being forced out in most basic ways. As they get older they get more unhappy/obsessed rather than other way around, which is the natural norm.
Read 5 tweets
5 Sep
The “first world” is falling apart.
As “civilized society” succumbs to totalitarian hysteria, imagine if this was a real plague.
The western world is experiencing a wave of regime change—or a sudden revealing of a new regime form, hastened by digital technology + hollowing out of the last vestiges of religion/utter rejection of its own philosophical/moral traditions. Back to the 20th century. But worse.
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4 Sep
I used to think people like Continetti were conservative (or at least not stuck in a time warp of false assumptions). Sad! This = pure establishment bullshit. Every pro-lifer needs to understand that this is what the faux-right thinks. Find real leaders.…
Or at least those willing to *do* something real.

You have a window to reform the Right and dump the leadership class that uses your votes while lulling you into compliant and complaisant sleep. A short window, but a window nonetheless.
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4 Sep
"The technological order which today threatens spiritual freedom and even human existence by the unlimited powers which it puts at the service of the human passion and will loses all its terrors as soon as it is subordinated to a higher principle.”
“Technology that is freed from the domination of individual self-interest and the mass cult of power would then fall into its place as a providential instrument in the creation of a spiritual order.”
“But this is impossible, so long as our society remains devoid of all spiritual aims and is intent only on the satisfaction of its lust for power and the satisfaction of its selfish desires.”
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9 Aug
You are a citizen of the United States of America. They want that to mean nothing. They want you to forget your natural and constitutional rights and duties. They want you to forget that this is your country. Your home. But you must remember: you must rise up as citizens.
They want you asleep. They want you misinformed. They want you distracted. They want you addicted. Can you wrest yourself out of it? Can you pay attention? Can you see what’s happening amidst all the noise and shiny objects? There is no way out of politics now.
Neutrality is no longer possible. You will have to either submit or resist. You will have to either rise and meet the call to citizenship or citizenship will die. Many would say it already has. But this is unclear. The future is not yet determined. And we have not begun to act.
Read 4 tweets

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