@chrislhayes The purpose is $$$$$$$. We are, and have been for most of our history, a county based on VULTURE capitalism. The New Deal and its endorsement of unions started some change (tho' not inclusive at all) toward an actual republic. IMO this gave room for the Civil Rights, Voting
@chrislhayes Rights, women's rights movement to begin to grown. And their success scared the bejesus out of the vultures. The stealth movement that had been percolating since the 1930s took on urgency; the dark money pushed harder, groups like ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Federalists got hold
@chrislhayes and far right movements became massive, like a giant squid, it's tentacles reaching into every corner to make sure the status quo of white males always win the rigged meritocracy game. They did this by "allowing" a few women, a few people of color to have a little bit of a say so
@chrislhayes But in the end, they had one purpose: to make sure the oligarchs, had their plutocracy. Using fear of the other, racism, sexism, and of course, "christianity" (the white perverted kind) as tools for divide and conquer. Pitting people against each other gave them time to build
@chrislhayes whatever they wanted. Using the principles of the shock doctrine, every tragedy was pinned on the poor, the vulnerable, with the old, "if only they took better care of their own..." We have been living from tragedy to national tragedy since Oklahoma City. Mass shootings of
@chrislhayes children, terror attacks, police killing people of color, and wars to enrich the oil barons and defense contractors. All became opportunities for "SPIN" people to get rich; doctors, lawyers, got in on it. And as we see some continue to try to get rich off of the pandemic.
@chrislhayes Their guilds are them; the don't regulate; they the get rich themes; the frat boy mentality. I don't know the answer but I have no expectation of the professional guilds "regulating" their members.

• • •

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27 Aug
@MSNBC @CNN @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews I get it. What has happened in Afghanistan is horrific. Losing 13 Americans to mad bombers of ISIS is horrid. But I need to say this, and I know I may get flack. I do not care. Afghanistan warring, along with all wars in the middle east have
have been horrific for as long as I can remember and at 75, that is a long time. Americans (and all humans) dying at the hands of mad bombers and/or shooters are horrid whenever and wherever, from Oklahoma City to Columbine, from The Twin Towers to Sandy Hook. No one wants this;
but setting us up for guerilla warfare since the mistakes of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan has never helped, has only made things worse. So yes, let us mourn the tragedy. But PLEASE media, stop ignoring the tragedy here. While you focus on the Americans, the Marines that died in
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25 Aug
Dear Media: @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @nytimes @washingtonpost Stop calling these people: MODERATES. THAT is a misnomer. @CaptMarkKelly , D-Ariz., @SenatorHassan , D-N.H. @jontester , D-Mont., @ChrisCoons , D-Del., @TomCarperforDE , D-Del., @SenAngusKing
I-Maine, are NOT moderates. They are ENABLERS OF ANTI-DEMOCRACY, oligarchal wannabbee tyrants. They are giving power to the greed, the betrayal, the nastiness of @Sen_JoeMancin @SenatorSinema whose actions betray the idea of a republic. A republic is governance OF, BY, FOR the
people. And any who still play the "corporations are people, my friend" game are vulture capitalists who get $$$$ to line their and their donors pockets ahead of all else. THIS pandemic has been a test of all; it shows who gives a damn about We, the People, and who cares
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24 Aug
Media, @NPR @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes all seem to have dropped Trump’s early 2020 unilateral surrender to the Taliban down the memory hole. They have also chosen to pretend that the withdrawal could have been anything but a disaster given the bare skeleton crew of US troops
left after Trump’s late November 2020 draw down to 2,500 troops in the country. AND Trump made sure the processing of visas for US allied personnel was a shambles. STOP IT "talking heads and pundit class". STOP YOUR stupid kissing up to the far right, to the oligarchs.
Stop pretending this is on Biden. YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR SO DAMN LONG, you seem to not even get it. You cannot seem to get past it. W/Cheney and their chickenhawk liars got us there...and you have been giving those war mongering *ssh*ts a pass all the way. Even when
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24 Aug
Same rant it seems every night. FOUR FREAKING YEARS of corruption, incompetence, bullying and lying, but NOW the press, @MSNBC @CNN are doing pants on fired coverage of Afghanistan? Where the h*ck were you when "rah, rah, rah America" and oil-y Halliburton man Cheney were lying
us into war, and outing CIA operatives who called out their lies. Where was the pants on fire coverage when lying Pompeo was negotiating with the Taliban to set up this mess. If a D potus had let even one Taliban out of jail, you would have gone off the rails nuts over it...but
5000 was OK because it was an R. You in the DC beltway press are so afraid of republicans, when they say jump, you ask "How high?" You have been pushing Rs as the patriotic party for most of my life and frankly, it went on steroids under Reagan. You worshiped that flim falm man
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24 Aug
@allinwithchris Why a republican pollster; an apologist for DeSantis? Seriously Chris; we know you want to bend over backwards to let the right know we will treat them fairly. IT'S A WASTE OF TIME. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN. LIARS LIE; Rs will spin and lie until h*ll freezes over.
600,000 people dead and you are trying to give DeSantis, an obvious sadist, a ridiculous narcissist an out...and this r woman is playing "yea but.." Seriously, progressive media folk need to be HONEST, tougher and call out the misery being created and do not give voice to those
continually trying to spin it. DeSantis has NO REDEEMING QUALITIES. He is willfull and knowingly risking the lives of children. NO ONE should have anything to say about him or Abbott or any of the bigoted, nasty R ghouls, except STFU and get out of the way.🤬
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22 Aug
Dear Corporate Media: @MSNBC @CNN @NYT @washingtonpost We know you're OBSESSED WITH BLAMING BIDEN FOR THE AFGHANISTAN MESS (even though it was started by W, Cheney for all the robber barons of big oil, defense contractors (after all getting rich needs wars). We get that many
veterans want Afghan allies rescued. Again you all LOVE BLAMING Biden (because that keeps both siderism in tact), even though dumb*ss DJT, and his dumb*ss Sec of State Pompeo created this kind of ending; and YOU know, or SHOULD KNOW if DJT and his minions were in charge
it would be "so sorry so sad BUT we are AMERICAN FIRST" (TRANSLATION: we don't care about no Muslims, we don't want them here and that's why we depleted, ended, screwed over the mechanism to process Afghan allies our of the country two years ago (see Stephen Miller). BTW
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