Not even halfway into the monthly payday cycle, and I am already running alarmingly low on funds. Every fucking month is like this. Every one. I can't even spend what energy I do have on productive steps forward out of the mire because I am spending my mental energy on making do.
It's so much more work to be poor. Imagine you can never replace anything and everything you have was either old or low quality to start with, and you have to juggle work arounds constantly... I'll illustrate...
Imagine you have so little money for food, you now take risks on what's gonna be ok. Stuff you never really liked but it was in the reduced. A past-best-before company your mate rates. Whatever came out of the foodbank last time you had to. Dinner becomes a game of chance.
Which means if the kids are gonna eat it or spit it out in disgust and horror and it's gonna go all down their new cream-marl patterned top (which was from a £5 clearance outlet anyway), and then squeal like you are killing them. 🙄
Of course it would help if the kids were seated at the dining table (which is tatty and the laminate is peeling off the legs but nevermind, it was free off Facebook), because the dining chairs need gluing again- a regular occurrence. New chairs are totally off the budget.
Nevermind dinner, coz now the child in the previously cream marl top has managed to get something brown all down the front, and you are fairlt sure that needs to be treated like soy sauce and got off right now, so you chastise the kid, leave your tea & head for the bathroom.
While you are standing there, using your knuckles to scrub possible-soy-sauce from a £5 marl top, you pray it's not got wrecked through a combination of all the ways in which you can't afford anything normal (furniture, food everyone knows they like, tops that weren't £5, etc).
You can hear noise in the kitchen but you haven't quite got the mark off the top yet, so you shout, and the feet scurry. You get the stain out, drop the top in the laundry basket and come back to find, the kid has helped themself to the last sliced bread and all the chicken roll.
Which now means that unless you go to the shop right now (where you will pay over the odds because it's Sunday and the supermarkets are shut) you have no bread for breakfast. Since there was only a slice each left anyway it would have been egg on toast, and now it can't be.
Lunch is also buggered as well, because without chicken roll, "salad" will literally be lettuce, tomato, and cucumber and that's just depressing. You are pretty sure the shop doesn't have chicken roll, only ham- the pricey kind. You could use the eggs maybe? Yes, the eggs.
So that means breakfast needs to be porridge and that's gonna need a pint of milk... And that means... You are gonna have to go easy on the coffee today unless you want to be drinking it black... And you don't.

By the time you get back to your food it's cold as well as yukky.
Smirking child with the chicken roll sandwich has finished it off already, not even a bite for you, and there you are, eating cold brownness (two portions because you can't waste food) wishing you had just made pasta as everyone eats that. But the colander broke. So that's hard.
And if any of that sounds far fetched... You have no experience at all of poverty because firstly that was my actual afternoon today and what is more, it resembles the amount of everyday, ordinary, constant making-do going on in the homes of 4.3 million children day in day out.

• • •

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20 Aug
I can't believe I am saying this but it's worse than my initial calculation. I over estimated the bread and milk, would you believe. Let me show you what your meal plan on this "nearly pulled it off" weekly shop actually is...

Breakfast - 1/2 slice of toast

Lunch - 1 fishfinger. No bread at all unless you saved your 1/2 a slice of toast from breakfast

Dinner - 1 and a third nuggets, 1 heaped teaspoon of frozen mixed veg, 3-4 chips

35ml of milk (about 2 tablespoons)

Eat this for 6 days

On the 7th day you can have a burger instead of your nugget and a bit. It's got no bun, no salad, no cheese, just a disk of brownness though. Eat with your spoonful of frozen mixed veg and your 3-4 chips.

But that's not all!

Read 4 tweets
20 Aug
I wish you were right Norma, but it's worse than that.

This menu comes out at about 400 calories a day.

The Nazis were feeding concentration camp prisoners 1300 calories a day, and even when it got really bad at the end, it only went down to 700.…
This menu requires the same food most days...

Breakfast- either 1/2 slice bread, or nothing.

Lunch- 1 fishfinger, maybe 1/2 slice bread

Dinner- 1.3 chicken nuggets, one teaspoon of frozen mixed veg, 3-4 chips

Drink- a shot size serving of semi skimmed milk

6 days a week.
That's regardless of if you are an adult woman, who needs 2000 calories a day, a teenage boy who needs 2800 or a 4 year old who might need 1400.

This is not a sufficient number of calories for a 1-3 month old infant. Even a tiny baby has greater needs than this (from milk ofc).
Read 4 tweets
20 Aug
Can we talk about the mental health impact and the social stigmatisation that results from callous mockery and rank dishonesty, such as the piece below.

Poor parents (more of whom are single mothers than any other arrangement) experience real, lasting, and serious impacts.
Let's set the benchmarks. £15 per person per week (£60 for a family of 4) is pretty low. Good job, if you get your family fed healthily on this.

£10 per person per week (£40 family of 4), healthily, is an extreme challenge. If you need to honestly learn how, see @BootstrapCook.
This article claims to "almost" feed a family of 4 on £2.50 per person per week.

I am still confirming the nutrition (@MiniMealtimes app is helpful) but I am going to say this diet barely makes the calorie need of an infant school child if they ate the entire lot solo.
Read 13 tweets
20 Aug
This article titled "I took £10 to Iceland to feed a family for a week and nearly pulled it off" from @kentlivenews is a joke, at the expense of low income families and that joke just ran aground here. 🧵

How dare you @kentlivenews?

Cc. @IcelandFoods…
What a sanctimonious, patronising and offensive false equivalence, you horrible horrible little man @AdamMcGroarty.

Some of us like nice things, but the poor eat any old thing if it's cheap enough, what japes.

Cc. @IcelandFoods - the opposite of quality, are you?
If this could sound any more Colonial White-Saviour I don't know how.

How brave, our hero, venturing forth into the wilderness of... *Checks notes* how 14 million people live.

Cc. @IcelandFoods
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10 May
I'm walking away from social media today and I am going to be very honest with why that is. Take the piss and you will be on instant block, I am not fucking around.

I feel like the appointment of an "opposition" to the Nazi government we have that has already used austerity

as a means of murdering 130,000 sick/ disabled people, states I can expect nothing better or more hopeful from my future and indeed, it's probably going to get worse.

I don't feel like the woman who sourced a rented house in spite of no references or deposit, in 2 days flat

I don't feel like the woman who crowd funded a wheelchair in 4 days . I don't feel like the woman who forced my kids school dinners to be fit for their growth. I don't feel like the woman who forced myself round a muddy field in pain all day Saturday for the love of the kids

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7 May
I have been polite and I have been nice for a Really Long Fucking Time at this point (over a year). My patience just wore out.

At first I didn't have anything but defence for Keir Starmer because the initial Tory attacks were both bollocks and within my capacity to refute.

Then I kept my mouth shut, because God knows, when the man *I* had wanted to see lead got elected, the little bitches really should have kept it zipped, and I, being a better person, decided to extend courtesy to them such as they had denied me. "Give him a chance" they said.

And it wore on and I felt like had given it a chance to be fair, and another one, and another one, and where was Keir? Where was the opposing?

Then the Free School Meals debate, which was probably the one important time KS and I aligned.

It was frustratingly fleeting.

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