Australia has turned into a draconian police state.

Here's a thread highlighting some of the insane things happening there.

Let's RETWEET this thread to let everyone know what's happening, because the media is silent👇

1. They are building quarantine camps.

2. They deployed the army to patrol the streets to lock people inside their homes.

3. Unarmed civilians shot with rubber bullets for protesting the government.

4. Children tear gassed by police for being in the protests.

5. Citizens to be forced to download an app with facial recognition and location tracking. Police will require you to send photos of yourself randomly to prove your whereabouts.

If you don't reply within 15 minutes, police will knock on your door.

6. A new surveillance law allows police to DELETE and modify files on your device and take over social media accounts without a judges warrant.

7. Mothers were fined $1000 for talking with each other outdoors.

8. A man was jailed for 8 months for organizing a protest against the government. He was arrested and sentenced in only 24 hours.

9. Police have emergency powers to:

- Break into any land, building or vehicle with any force necessary

- Order people undergo medical exams, tests or treatments.

- Prohibit people's movement.

- Put people in quarantine.

- Force people to give info.

10. Police patrolling childrens playgrounds to make sure kids aren't playing.

11. Don't like any of this? Citizens aren't even allowed to leave the country.

Please share this. People need to know what's happening.

If it can happen there, it can happen here too.

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24 Jul
The covid passports are a gateway to social credit score like Communist China

In Norway your covid passport is tied to your digital ID. I have one unwillingly

The government also monitors your whereabouts via your phone in case you visit a risk country.

This is so Orwellian.
I literally got a SMS from the Norwegian Health authorities the other day letting me know they know I'm in Italy right now.

And that if I visit Sicily or Sardinia I have to quarantine when I get back.

That's called monitoring my whereabouts via my phone/Sim card.
With your digital ID you have to register your phone number.

So I guess they cooperate with the phone carrier to know when I visit a foreign country to send me text messages.

They also sent me text messages telling me to get vaccinated.

So the state has your phone number.
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17 Jan
THREAD - My thoughts on what happened at the Capitol.

Please read EVERYTHING before commenting.

The violence we saw was unacceptable and must be fully condemned. It has no place in a democracy.

Those committing violence should spend a long time in prison.

I have seen a dangerous thing happen. There has been a cult forming around Trump, idolizing him, even though he hasn't done particularly much for Conservatives.

This Trump idolatry is crazy and un-Christian.

This Trump worship has led to insane conspiracy theories.

These conspiracy theories include people think Trump is messaging his supporters in weird cryptic signals etc. Absolute crazy stuff that has been proven to be false

People who fell for this cult were egged on by Trump and the conspiracy theories when they stormed the Capitol

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6 Jun 20
Today on the Swedish national day let's talk history.

Did you know about the Swedish Empire?

We were once a great European power.

We conquered half the member states of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

We even controlled parts of Germany.

The Swedish King Carolus Rex is one of Sweden's most well known warrior kings.

He led Sweden through numerous defensive wars in the Great Northern War in 1700-1721.

Denmark/Norway, Saxony/Poland/Lithuania and Russia declared war on the Swedish Empire.

Carolus Rex managed to defeat Denmark/Norway and Saxony/Poland/Lithuania.

However the Swedish army was defeated by Russia at the Battle of Poltava in 1709.

The anti-Swedish coalition was revived and Hanover and Prussia also joined.

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31 May 20
White men.

- We ended slavery.
- We gave women the vote.
- We fought the Nazis in WW2.
- We are being discriminated.
- "White privilege" is a racist myth.
- "Male privilege" is a sexist myth.

The far-left attacks us daily.

The media attacks us daily.

All lives matter.

I don't care if you are white, black, brown or any other skin color.

Everyone should live together in peace.

It is the far-left that is sowing division and polarization.
And before anyone starts taking this tweet out of context.

I am 100% AGAINST white nationalism.

I am also against discrimination of white people.

I am also against discrimination against black people.

All human beings are of equal worth in the eyes of God.

All lives matter.
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23 Apr 20
I have been thinking.

And I'm beginning to suspect that I may have already had the corona virus and recovered.

I was in northern Italy and I had the symptoms.

My family did too.

Please read this whole thread and let me know if you have experienced anything similar👇

I was in northern Italy with my family and in the beginning of January I developed a severe cough.

I have been hospitalized for pneumonia twice in my life before, and the cough I had earlier this year was honestly worse than anything I've had before.

It literally felt like I was coughing my lungs out.

And it lasted until the middle of March.

I also had a bad stomach and diarrhea. And I had fever that came and went for weeks - an intermittent fever.

As far as I know, the flu doesn't give you intermittent fever.

Read 12 tweets
23 Feb 20
CHAOS in Sweden🇸🇪

A hospital in Stockholm has gone into a special state of preparedness.

Patients are screaming in the coridoors.

Some have 32 hours waiting time.

Not enough places at the hospital.

We have the world's highest taxes (56% average) and this is what we get 😑
Imagine if there's a Corona virus outbreak there.

That would not be nice.

The first bracket where you pay income tax in Sweden you pay about 32%

Also employers have to pay an employer tax at about 31%

So in reality the total tax is even higher than what I said in the original tweet!

Then of course high earners get even more...
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