after many months the supply chains have finally delivered the kid's new bike Image
want to see the kid on the bike? that might cost you.
!! ImageImageImage
he kept shouting "I JUST GOT IT TODAY!" to get all the nearby adults to cheer him on
PLG has some shockingly polite teenaged boys willing to stop for a moment and listen to a four-year-old they don't know babble excitedly that he just got his bike today and he's not falling down anymore. very well-raised.
sorry I know I'm posting a lot about this but my kid learned to ride a bike today and it was really joyful and here is how my stepdad remembers me learning to ride without training wheels Image
a really funny conclusion to this thread would be #ad #promoted
he said he wanted to ride it on an open street tomorrow so we're going up to Vanderbilt since unfortunately the @NYPDnews and @NYC_DOT just refused to keep the one in our own neighborhood open last year
to be really specific the @NYPD78Pct and @NYPD70Pct decided never to enforce the Parkside open street because they, along with the @NYC_DOT, don't care about the safety of my beautiful son
specifically whatever public information officers are reading this openly and explicitly want him to be run down by drunk off-duty drunk cops whose plates are obscured to hide them from speed cameras in school zones
i know i said drunk twice but i'm not the one driving with illegal tinted windows along the same street where my precious child is riding his bike for the first time

• • •

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2 May
In U.S. cities there effectively isn't traffic enforcement besides speed cameras and pretextual stops. There's parking enforcement for some but you wouldn't call 911 on someone running a red and they'd scoff if you did. Cops don't chase people making illegal turns.
the reasons for this are pretty obvious: it's easier to stop scofflaws on foot and no one wants high-speed chases for any act of bad driving. but DOTs and mayors haven't really translated this into the obvious lesson that "enforcement" can't produce "Vision Zero."
you need to design streets differently and get people out of cars. (Suburbanites don't get this because out there for revenue reasons cops park out and wait for cars violating petty laws to stop.)
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2 May
doesn't code the same way because they're an anglosphere country/our jolly friends across the pond but the UK is rapidly becoming an "illiberal democracy" as Fareed Zakaria would put it. one reason the Tories are so strong is they absorbed supporters of the far-right parties.
anyway yeah if I were Scotland and NI I'd get the hell out and let England consign itself to its chosen fate
honestly don't know the deal with Wales
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20 Apr
this was just articulated better by @adamkotsko but the enraging thing about this and Pelosi's insane statement is that there's no whiff of regret or attempt at apology from people with actual power in the system that killed Floyd.
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11 Apr
i was taking notes to add to this thread while and after watching the most audience-insulting two-parter I can remember from any Trek franchise (I didn't watch much "Enterprise") and it ended at 1,700 words
(i will not post the 1,700 words)
"Terra Firma Part 2" concludes with the crew of Discovery holding an Irish Wake for the Mirror Universe's Caesar of the Terran Empire, who notoriously enslaved *and ate* members of the race of Discovery's current captain.
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24 Feb
If a liberal rich person wanted to recreate the messaging success of the right AND save journalism, they'd buy some papers and lose money on them at the rate the Falun Gong loses money on the Epoch Times, instead of introducing new Business Models and giving up after a year
they'd buy papers in bad straits and invest in them, send free print copies to every household in key regions, and also open the money hose for heavily promoted digital content. how the right does this is not a trade secret, they just consider it a different kind of investment
the thing is, rich donors don't want to do this! or else they'd be doing it!
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24 Feb
the donor model that fuels the liberal nonprofit world will never work to produce useful journalism…
but it will also never fail consultants whose primary skill is talking to donors…
i guess i need to write a third piece about how do-gooding rich people should just buy newspapers while the left figures out how to actually create proper left mass media again
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