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A masterclass on AD SIMPLICITY by the one and only @Apple 🍎👩‍💻.

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Like many of you, I spent Monday watching Apple’s #WWDC2020 keynote.

This presentation made me wonder, among the many ads APPLE has produced, which one is the best #ad example we can learn from and apply it to our social ads world?
After some research, this one is the one I picked. The ad for the 👩‍💻Macbook Air 2008.


You can learn two very important things from this ads:



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Uma das coisas mais fantásticas e emblemáticas das culturas do continente Africano são as máscaras ritualísticas. Por vezes, representando leões, gorilas e outros animais em festas ou funerais, as máscaras carregam um verdadeiro poder para os povos originários e seus descendentes
Apesar do Brasil ter uma ligação cultural enorme com vários povos africanos, o significado dessas máscaras são um verdadeiro enigma para a maior parte de nós. Elas são muito mais do que enfeites, o culto das máscaras é responsável pela manutenção da harmonia na sociedade
Em muitas regiões, como Burkina Faso, Nigéria ou Congo elas são sagradas. Suas formas geométricas e cores são dispostas para fazer sentido em conjunto com os passos do ritual e a celebração da audiência. O conjunto é a chave, cada indivíduo tem seu papel que não pode ser rompido
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#ICYMI Ep. 1231 Fireworks at the White House - The Dan Bongino Show® Disingenuous Press Asks Q’s to Entrap President NOT to Get Truth to Americans, Dissecting Steele Dossier VS FBI Files, Bill of Rights & Constitution NOT a Suggestion, & More!
Order your copy of the #1 Best Seller “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino @dbongino #MAGA #DanBongino #BestSeller #DrainTheSwamp #MuellerReport #Phase4 #RT #Ad
Grassley And Johnson Request FBI Director Wray Turn Over All FBI Records On Crossfire Hurricane

#FBI #CrossfireHurricane #CrossfireTyphoon #FISC #FISAabuse…
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Today, I wanted to share nine ways to succeed online! A lot of you are creators and many have asked for advice so I’d thought I’d share some general lessons I’ve learned over the years that will help you succeed. Here’s a thread on some ways to stand out online:
1) READ A LOT! Read what experts have to say, learn what works, & apply their tips.


Start With Why by @simonsinek
Deep Work by @CalNewport2
Big Magic by @GilbertLiz
On Writing by @StephenKing
Influence by @RobertCialdini
The Obstacle is the Way by @RyanHoliday
2) Focus on the community. There’s plenty of creators out there but the ones that succeed the most never lose touch with their readers. Community is everything. Make the time for your readers, answer their comments, and try to host events.
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Arielle Charnas and her dangerous and bizarre behavior surrounding her COVID-19 diagnosis: A THREAD
Let’s start from the beginning: ~2 weeks ago (3/15) Arielle posted about feeling sick (full disclosure - anyone who follows her knows she’s a hypochondriac) so of course, all of us immediately knew where this was going.
Right away she “called up a doctor friend” to get flu & COVID tests in her car—literally the nurse came outside so Arielle wouldn’t have to walk in—and Arielle filmed it all for IG while plugging the doctor and his office. (Then she went silent for extra drama awaiting results.)
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resumo do que aconteceu durante a festa da @americanascom na casa do #bbb20 a thread;
a festa da @americanascom teve como tema a “black night” e todos eles estavam de roupa preta para o clima da festa
eles ficarem bastante animados com a decoração da festa da @americanascom e felipe foi direto para o simulador de elevador
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Michael Gove opens his Brexit Committee appearance with a line he might regret when it comes to appearing before parliament in between EU negotiation rounds: "I’m at parliament’s disposal."
Gove refuses to say whether the draft FTA the UK will put to the EU will be made public.
Gove says the UK will not produce an impact assessment of a proposed deal with the EU - the way the govt did for the US. He says other organisations will have the opportunity to give their sense of the impact.
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They are literally trying to apply credit to the Steele Dossier, a discredited pile of garbage that was being peddled to the United States with ZERO fact checking. It completely discredits Steele and his security company, which is why they’re lacquering gold paint to this BM.
Pre-Order your copy of “The Spider: Stefan A. Halper and the Dark Web of a Coup”, a Cambridge historian’s eyewitness account of rogue spy, Stefan A. Halper, and his formative role in America’s first presidential coup. @RealSLokhova #MAGA #Spygate #RT #Ad
It was completely dissected in 2017 in Forbes by an analyst, which baffles the mind how (at the same time) the DOJ and CIA fell so hard for the garbage in its pages. “The Trump Dossier Is Fake -- And Here Are The Reasons Why” -…
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#Story of my journey from #Housewife to #SareeDraper
I started my career as a fashion stylist for ad-shoots. After I got married wore saree on regular basis as I love wearing saree and I respect the attire brought down by my grandmothers and mothers.
I took #career break because of random #shoot timings, got busy with my family and kids. I was a housewife and used to get many compliments for the way I wore #sarees .
I used to help people #drape saree and so they started recommending me to others, this is how I realized To change this passion into profession. Saree is classic Indian attire and has perennial and eminent history and I want to popularize the art of perfect saree draping.
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#ICYMI #Interview #CPAC Ep. 1193 The Spygate Interviews - The Dan Bongino Show® Carter Page, Svetlana Lokhova, David J. Harris JR, Congressman Doug Collins, & More! #Spygate #UkraineHoax #UkraineGate #ImpeachmentHoax
Pre-Order your copy of “Abuse and Power: How an Innocent American Was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President” by @carterspage The chickens are coming home to roost for the corrupt officials, mainstream media, and Democratic operatives. #Spygate #RT #Ad
Pre-Order your copy of “The Spider: Stefan A. Halper and the Dark Web of a Coup”, a Cambridge historian’s eyewitness account of rogue spy, Stefan A. Halper, and his formative role in America’s first presidential coup. @RealSLokhova #MAGA #Spygate #RT #Ad
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How to fight stress

We all know that many of us come under one form of stress or the other

There are two types:

Good stress
Bad stress

Good stress happens when you're excited, bought a new car, your hormones surge, but you're not threatened, usually happy

Bad stress usually starts as acute stress,

Something happens that you need to take care of immediately, you're not usually happy. Your heart rate increases, muscles tighten

If you find a way to relax from this kind of stress immediately, you're usually fine.

The problem is when it becomes chronic. In other words, you're faced with something that you cannot easily escape from immediately

Might be a stressful job or an unhappy home, even Lagos traffic
Being exposed to this kind over and over again damages your body

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Nasrdin Dchar schreef een brief op feestboek, naar aanleiding van de '4 Marokkanen tweet" van Baudet.

Hij vraagt of Baudet weet in wat voor land hij leeft. Nasrdin legt uit dat hij niet kinderlijk naïef is, omdat hij weet dat Baudet hem nooit als een Nederlander zal zien.
En guess what? #Ad noemt Nasrdin Dchar in hun bericht "de Mocro Maffia-acteur"

U vraagt of er in Nederland een probleem met racisme? U vraagt of landgenoten met Marokkaanse wortels gediscrimineerd worden?

#AD heeft het antwoord: JA, en niet alleen door mr. dr. Baudet
Oftewel, #ad waarom schreven jullie niet "Gouden Kalf winnaar, voor beste acteur Nasrdin Dchar"?
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ICONIC AND CHARACTERISTIC CREATURE TYPES AND THE PLANES THEY LIVE (AND DON'T LIVE) ON MEGATHREAD: I'm too sick to do anything useful, so you all must endure my ramblings. #WOTCstaff 1/X
Each color has one iconic creature type. These are generally big, powerful creatures that exemplify the color in some way. Some of these have been with their color from the beginning of Magic; some were picked up along the way. 2/X
Angels in Magic are holy, martial protectors. They are, as a rule, female, in contrast to the male demons. Angels first appeared in Alpha and have been a staple of the game ever since. 3/X
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#Update #Antisemitic Incident!

#Germany #Gießen #Buchenwald

It was an incident that made headlines far beyond the borders of the 14,000-inhabitant city of #Grünberg (#Gießen).
At the beginning of November, it became known that several students from Theo-Koch School had #played and #sung #Antisemitic songs on their way back from a visit to the memorial in the former #Buchenwald #concentrationcamp near #Weimar.
Even then, the school announced the #consequences. Now school #community has turned to the public - with an #advertisement in a regional #newspapers. In the #ad, which appeared under the heading "Zero #Tolerance with #AntiSemitism",
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Deixa eu contar uma coisa que vai rolar aqui em casa daqui a pouco e eu vou mostrar nos Stories (aliás, se você me segue no @rosana no Insta já deve ter visto, porque postei a INTRO)
- Seguinte:
Minha mãe tem 87 anos. Tem celular, mas não sabe 'mexer' direito. O que ela consegue
é ver as coisas que a familia posta, nas contas que eu configurei pra ela. Então ela acompanha, mas não consegue postar, nem pesquisar, nada.
A Internet pra ela são os feeds dessas redes sociais da familia.
e QUANTA coisa ela poderia desfrutar em TODA a Internet? Coisas
que fizessem parte da VIDA dela?
Então eu, há um tempo, pensei num Projeto Coletivo Pra Pessoas que não sabem usar a Internet:
_ a gente que sabe, faz pra eles, como..
Então eu fui falar com uma grande marca,
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Thread - Como aumentar o score ou mais conhecida como pontuação do CPF?

Hoje eu vou te dar dicas de como consultar a sua pontuação do CPF gratuitamente e desmentir alguns mitos sobre o pq vc tem pontuação baixa 💰


É uma forma de verificar se uma pessoa tem risco alto, médio ou baixo de deixar de fazer um pagamento.

Um exemplo é o Serasa, é nele que fica registrado como você paga suas contas.
Sempre que tem atrasos ou você não pagar a conta, seu nome pode ir para o Serasa e com isso sua pontuação cai.

O objetivo do score é ajudar as empresas a determinar qual risco você oferece para elas ao te fornecerem um cartão de crédito, um empréstimo ou um financiamento.
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Comparação das capas entre a libertação e a prisão do Lula: a thread. Mais recomendável de conferir no Twitter web. Formulem suas conclusões... Aliás, acho que rende artigos acadêmicos, hein
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Nigeria really needs to catch up with other progressive Nations. I've read many articles & a few hands who tried to ridiculed this land during #NigeriaAt59 independence.
I was even referred to some articles.
One of those comments that triggered me on that day #NigeriaAt59 was my response to the tweet by @osasuigbinedion where I tried to have a conversation with her Columbia Taxi driver. I have no personal issue with her, I was only dealing with ISSUES AT HAND.
A friend in a whatsapp group referred me to this article by @MobilePunch & I think it's a good article even if I don't agree with some funny lines there...

As far as I'm concerned all we are doing is #WrongDiagnosis, Treating ringworm instead of leprosy.…
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Follow @dbongino on Twitter, Facebook , and YouTube for daily updates on #News & #Truth through #Investigation - Author of #Spygate & #Exonerated
#ICYMI - Ep. 1077 This is a Dogfight Now. The Dan Bongino Show 9/30/2019. @dbongino #WhistleblowerHoax , Actual Collusion by Dems, Dems lie about when they knew about Ukraine call, Ukraine Whistleblower Pre-Planned Hit & More!
#ICYMI - Ep. 1078 Panic is Breaking Out at The NY Times. The Dan Bongino Show 10/01/2019 @dbongino #SpyGate #ObamaHoldover strikes again, Biden & Biden, Deep State & Media collusion fallout, & More!
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plebtangle next

removed that pesky aw yellow line

also, white line protecc

imajin thinking that white line won't protecc

head hit concrete? opened paid group? good, good
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Want to earn essentially $300-500 per hour to just do the right thing and advocate for women’s reproductive freedom? We’re hiring influencers to work from home part-time. It should not interfere with your normal day-to-day work schedule. DM or reply if you’re interested!
Some of you asked if the compensation can be directed to a charity of your choice or to a person in financial need of your choice and the answer is yes. We can certainly do that and thank you for being such awesome human beings.
Just to be clear that everyone understands the rules, the FTC requires that all sponsored content be marked with #ad or #sponsored and we will be strictly adhering to these rules. All advocacy for other non-sponsored content is of your own choice if you truly believe in it.
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#InfluencerMarketing #influencer the regulations of the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) have been doing the rounds for quite sometime now, but if you are not aware here is what (brand) influencers need to know:
Ordinarily the brand which approaches you should approach you with an influencer agreement which will clearly state your obligations as an influencer and should naturally include the advertising regulations of the ARB. Please read your agreement to make sure it’s all there.
In the event that you do not have an agreement 🚩 you can still just carry on with this thread and ensure that you protect yourself as brand YOU! As we were taught in law school “ignorance of the law is no excuse” so you can’t avoid liability just because you were unaware.
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#Apollo50 science x fashion choice:

@SvahaUSA’s Apollo dress they sent me to try out. It’s a 100% cotton swirly T-shirt dress (with pockets!!) where spacecraft schematics are stylish.
Code MIKA20 is 20% (on anything) Mika in her Apollo dress leaning on a tree
Disclosure: I’m not getting paid or a sales commission — they sent me the dress to review (& yeah, I’m keeping it!), but that’s it. #ad-ish?

Pro: It’s a swirly science dress that’s more casual than my full performance gowns & crinolines. Mika dramatically posing off a lightpost in her Apollo dress at sunset
Pro: Pockets!!

Con: T-shirts are clingy & unforgiving. So are T-shirt dresses. If I stash rocks in my pockets, even wee pebbles break the line.

Pro: Cotton is exceptionally friendly in hot weather. Breathable, lightweight, wicks sweat...

Con: ...& wrinkles. Yay ironing? Mika with her hands in the dress pockets, which are now lumpy
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As usual, I bring you good news😁

Few months ago, a trusted friend in Lagos asked me what I did with my idle money. I told him I leave it in my bank account and just spend whenever I need to.
This friend introduced me to a company that created Africa’s first treasury bills investment app which has generated about 2 Billion Naira worth of investments from its active users in less than 6 months. This immediately caught my attention.
My friend assured me that using the app created by this company guarantees a risk-free secure investment. Of course, I was a little sceptical, but since I trusted him and I had about N2.5 million I wasn’t using at the time, I decided to invest with this company using the app.
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