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Essa semana me resolvi c o Pablo Villaça e o Let Dex -- ambos de lados bem opostos no espectro político, o que mostra que c alguma boa vontade dá pra dissolver antipatias c praticamente qlq pessoa

(não os marquei pra que as respostas a esse tweet nao encham o saco dos caras)
c um pouco de boa vontade eu realmente acho q dá pra se dar melhor c TODO MUNDO, ou praticamente todo mundo.

E Abraham Lincoln dizia q qnd vc disfaz uma inimizade, na pratica de "destruiu um inimigo". É uma forma extremamente positiva de se enxergar as coisas
é o que eu tentarei fazer daqui em diante. E na real qnt mais velho eu fico, menos eu guardo rancor. Literalmente qlq pessoa q se aproxime querendo resolver uma desavença eu aceito de boa e respondo na moral

Sim, até alguem q me atacou no passado.
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Deixa eu contar uma das histórias mais divertidas sobre subsídios. É bastante recente, vcs devem lembrar de qndo a Coca Cola tava ameaçando sair do Brasil por causa da mudança de IPI coordenada pra acomodar o subsídio ao frete, na época da greve dos caminhoneiros
Vcs devem imaginar q Temer subiu o IPI e a Coca Cola chiou. Mas aqui é BRASIL, glr, a coisa nunca é a óbvia. Pois não é q Temer BAIXOU O IPI dos refrigerantes?! Isso mesmo, baixou de 20% para 4%, e isso deixou a Coca Cola putassa
Segue o raciocínio: como o frete iria pesar, o Governo BAIXOU os impostos de alguns produtos pra não ter aumento do preço ao consumidor (inflação). Só q a Coca Cola tá na Zona Franca de Manaus, q tem redução ou isenção de uma penca de tributos federais e estaduais pq é longe
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[THREAD] #KISSES vem aí!
(pre save em:
Faixa 1 é “ATENCÍON” que mostra uma Anitta cheia de atitude, super independente, que gosta de exaltar as outras mulheres! A @clarobrasil mostrou um pouco do making of do clipe ;) #KISSES #ad
Faixa 2 é "BANANA" ft @iambeckyg mostra uma Anitta que ama deboche, sarcasmo e bom humor! Esse é um dos quatro vídeos que tem a @ipanemaoficial, vejo making of em #KISSES #ad
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Access up to N5,000,000 loan with zero interest rate. Details tomorrow morning. RT & like😉
Turn on notifications so you don’t miss this very great news tomorrow morning.
Good morning friends, followers and all you great people of Nigeria. As I noted last night, I’ve got some fantastic news for you this morning☺️
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Good morning followers and friends; trust you had a great night rest☺️

"Get a new degree."
"Register for new professional course."
"Start a side hustle."

The reason we do these is so we can have a better life for ourselves, family and community, isn't it?
While we chase financial success, we must not forget that there are other important things in life like Family time, rest, impeccable health and most importantly a peaceful and happy family. 🤗
Talking of happy families, one of the leading causes of conflict among families in Nigeria is disagreement on how to share the property of deceased family member(s). #NotTooYoungToWill #Ad
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Let's talk about sexual health for a minute. Have You Ever Heard of HSDD? It stands for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, and it's a defined medical condition. But don’t confuse HYPO with HYPER...
Hyper means too much, and hypo means too little. We’re talking about hypo — Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder refers to women who have little to no sexual desire. Fun fact: HSDD is the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women.
I want to openly disclose that #righttodesire asked me to start this conversation about HSDD (which means: #ad). I think this topic is important to talk about, and I'm glad they asked. (But skip it if you're not in the #ad mood.)
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Last week I did a thread on the need to reduce unnecessary expenses by Entrepreneurs in other to maximise profit. I used Hubs vs renting an office space as an example of how an entrepreneur can reduce cost.
Today, I have just been informed that “Hub One” which was launched by @MyFCMB last week in Yaba is already occupied to full capacity. #HubOneByFCMB #Ad
It is interesting to see that many young techpreneurs seized that golden opportunity to work in a space filled with like-minds where loads of collaboration and mutual growth can take place. #HubOneByFCMB
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The Situation:
Ordering food online on a Sunday in Kingston, Jamaica at 7:00 pm.

A Jamaican Digital Marketer's rant.

By Adrian Anansi.

Step 1.

Called all the people I knew that were less likely to cook on a Sunday:

Solutions offered:
1: Order from the restaurant, get a taxi pick it up.
2. Use Cut di Line.

1. No Cash
2. I'm a 21st Digital Marketer that still doesn't trust online food delivery in JA
Step 2.
Logs on to Cut di Line:

- Not user-friendly (and I'm a digital marketer that can break down any site functionalities)
- I don't know where is open or closed
- I just don't trust spend my $$$ here and I'm uncomfortable in the first 15 secs of browsing the site
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Sorry to distract you from this important conversation started by #Falz. I've got some great news for you my followers and friends. Issa thread.
So many big organisations are looking to capitalise on data to improve their processes and save time. This is a very exciting time to start a career in Business Intelligence/Data Science.
Being able to look at various pieces of data and drawing a conclusion is probably the most valuable skill for any employee to have. Surprisingly, it's something that's too often missing.
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Do you have any 25k, 50k or 100k in your bank account that you are not using? Do you know you can earn extra income by investing that 25k, 50k or 100k? I’ll tell you how. #Thread 😊
In the last couple of years, I have tried to diversify my income stream. Besides earning salary as a Lecturer in one of the top UK Universities, I also try my hands on a few legit businesses, which we refer to side-hustles☺️
Beside these side hustles, I also have a few investments that yields very good interest at the end of every year. One of such is an investment in a Money Market Fund.
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Cada like um tuíte com um fato real que fundamentou a minha fanfic que DOCUMENTA a verdade de Messi e Suárez serem um casal vivendo um amor proibido.
Messi e Suarez moram no mesmo bairro em Barcelona, no município de Castelldelfes.
Por serem vizinhos, eles vão todos os dias juntos para o trabalho. O Luis é quem dirige, já que é quem passa para buscar o Messi.
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My latest Medium Post:

Crypto Shenanigans™️: A New Framework for Analyzing Scams

Below is a tweetstorm summary, but please check out the post and let me know what you think!…
1/ Words matter, & some words are so distorted from their original intent that they lack any meaning whatsoever.

In politics, it's "Fake News"

In Crypto, it's "Scam"

Let's look at why words matter, what "scam" even means, & a new framework to analyze these acts.
2/ Why do words matter?

Reputation 🗣️ and Asymmetry 📈📉.


A "scam" gets perpetrated by a "scammer"

When someone is associated with a scam, they suffer reputational harm.

In the Internet age, reputation may be our most valuable resource…
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Just to be clear - my Aldi post wasn't paid - I just asked for vouchers to give away to my readers. I spent my own money on the shopping and didn't ask for payment, because I thought the opportunity to feed 10 people was greater than the opportunity to earn a few quid. Thanks!
I choose my work carefully; I don't often work with big companies for nothing but I chose to effectively donate my fee for this one to do something better with it. I hope that clears up any queries! Also, er, the only person who can ask me to work for free is me. Thanks :)
I felt I had to clarify that as a few people asked why I hadn't put #ad or #spon on the post - and I hope that clears it up :) Collab stuff is new to me but I hope I'm doing okay :)
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Never ever invoke the ire of Gays™️ like this again, you messy rag of a publication.
I am by no means a Britney stan, in that I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of her work nor have I seen her perform live. HOWEVER, as a person whose entire adolescent soundtrack included Britney’s hits as they happened in real time, this take is hot festering trash.
First of all, Britney Spears is a world class dancer. Her choreography from her 2002-2004 shows/videos ALONE would leave Taylor Swift collapsed on the floor in rehearsal sobbing and suing everyone in the room.
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erm. being born into extreme wealth & instant fame is the exact opposite of “self made”
starting on 3rd base makes it real easy to get a home run. acknowledging that doesn't take away that person's success or wealth. i'll never understand why people on this app put on capes for folks who don't give a fuck about them. but go off i guess.
i apologize for saying Kylie Jenner was "born into wealth & fame" i totally ignored that she invested HER OWN 250k from modeling jobs she EARNED after using her reality tv checks to get plastic surgery to get modeling jobs & brand endorsements to start her company #SelfMadeWomen
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My dads first DnD group back in the 80s reached max level and had all of their own castles. I am currently his DM and am going to run a dungeon crawl through his old castle since I found his old map. Going to see how long it takes him to notice! Very excited 😃 #dnd #dnd5e #ad&d
Wow thanks for the love everyone! I will do my best to record the audio of this and definitely will update you all on the outcome 😃
I am absolutely floored by the outpouring of support from everyone! Thank you! Game day is this Sunday so I will be tweeting what happens for everyone during our game night 😊
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#McCain signs on to #Democrats' #Facebook #ad disclosure bill via @politico
2: "The proposed legislation, the Honest Ads Act, is an offshoot of the investigations into Russia's use of Facebook, Twitter and Google to
3: influence the 2016 election. It would create federal disclosure requirements for political ads sold online — including who paid for them
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