@canilor 1/ Labor Day 2021 and there is much to do yet before American workers can celebrate in earnest.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
2/ In spite of the fact that we are definitely living under a labor friendly administration and there is the PRO Labor Act, nothing is clear yet on the outcome of Labor’s future.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
3/ The Republican anti-labor machinery is working overtime to convince working class people that whatever comes from Biden and the Democrats should be considered to be against working class people interest.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
4/ Notice the almost universal attack by Republicans on the latest Labor Department report of 9/3/21 on the gain of just 235,000 jobs which was below what economists expected. [Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
5/ Of course, those numbers[Labor Department report of 9/3/21 on the gain of just 235,000 jobs] don’t take into consideration the effect of rampant Covid-19 and its Delta variant in the population.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
6/ These numbers [Labor Department report of 9/3/21just 235,000 jobs]don’t take into consideration the efforts by several Republican Governors in large states to keep the virus flourishing by pursuing policies that help to contaminate the unvaccinated.[Per@canilor]
7/ In the attacks directed at President Biden the fact is that it goes unmentioned that unemployment went down from 5.4% to 5.2%. It also goes unmentioned that average hourly earnings increased 4.3% from August of last year.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
8/ What is the Pro Act? This is how it is described in the AFL-CIO website “The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act restores the right of workers to freely and fairly form a union and bargain together for changes in the workplace.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
9/ It[the Pro Act] is a landmark worker empowerment, civil rights and economic stimulus legislation, and an essential part of any plan to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic and recession.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
10/ What will the PRO Act do? As the collective strength of workers to negotiate for better pay and benefits has eroded, the gap between rich and poor has reached levels not experienced since the Great Depression.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
11/ The result[the gap between rich and poor] is an economy that does not work, where the vast majority of the people lack the income or the economic security to consume or invest. More and more of America’s workers want to join a union.” [Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
12/ The passage of the PRO Act will not only be to the economic benefit of workers in the lower economic level looking forward to organize into a labor union so they can improve their lives. It will also be beneficial to taxpayers.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
13/ As per David Autor[@davidautor], a professorOf economicsAtM.I.T.,oneOf theReasons companiesCan getAway with low pay is because US the taxpayers fund the subsidies that low wage workers receive through refundable tax credits like the earned income tax credit.[Per @canilor]
14/ According to [David]Autor[@davidautor] members of the bottom fifth of U.S. households receive an average of $9,500 per person per year in means-tested government benefits like Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
15/ The PRO Act will help our workers be able to enter a Collective Bargaining Agreement that will work towards a livable wage income and benefits.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
16/ It[the Pro Act]will help to provide millions of unionized and non-unionized workers the dignity and respect they deserve.[Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]
17/ Let’s celebrate Labor Day demanding the passage of the PRO Act![Per Lorenzo Canizares @canilor]

• • •

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Newsom has talked of the contest in increasingly stark terms, depicting it as a focal point in the broader national fight over America’s political identity and direction in the post-Trump era.[Read more at bit.ly/2Vk6gJL by Jennifer McGraw via @KTLA]
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