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Lying in bed looking at the flood map of the UK and thinking about my parents' home in Hull which flooded for the first time in 2007, my relative's home in Cumbria, which flooded for the 1st time in 2015, my sister who had to be rescued from a flooded road during the same storm..
..their friends who had to be rescued out of first floor bedrooms, my ex whose workplace took in bedraggled villagers as the River Eamont swallowed the heart of the village, my brother's firefighter colleagues who could not save the man whose foot had become trapped..
.. in a storm drain, my retired neighbour who did the backbreaking work of building us both a wall at the end of our gardens so no more of it would be washed away by the worsening storms, the Horsforth residents I overheard yesterday by the bridge at Newlay nervously wondering..
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Let's call this ticket the "Lolita Express".

Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate…
No, this is not The Onion.

DNC are as openly corrupt as GOP because... DNC is a division of GOP. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Trump.

"Abrams to Host Bloomberg After Candidate Makes $5 Million Donation to Abrams' Organization"…
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@ginga_ninj @theJagmeetSingh @JustinTrudeau @NDP Maybe you shud get your research from other than O&G companies. Scientists are warning that LNG is as bad as coal and must be reined in b4 2030. Moreover, the market is about to be flooded w/ LNG making the BC operation uneconomical.…
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Pupils draft their own climate bill as anxiety grows over lack of guidance for schools…
Concerns are growing that UK children are not being taught adequately about the emergency.

Joe Brindle, 17, founded a campaign group, Teach the Future, which has spent the last few months formulating legislation entitled the climate emergency education bill.
The latest version has just arrived in his inbox: it has been written by a professional parliamentary draftsperson, paid for by crowdfunding.

On 26 February Brindle and his fellow campaigners will gather in parliament’s biggest committee room to launch their bill
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per UN Food & Agricultural Org: at the current rates of soil loss we've approx 60 years of harvests left. already lost 33% of arable land to soil erosion/pollution.

the 3 major rainforest regions; Africa, SE Asia & S/C America all gone beyond a fragmentation tipping point.
we're eroding the foundations of economies, food security, health & quality of life worldwide thru massive biodiversity loss & through the insistence of monocultures. apprx 1mil animal & plant species are now threatened w/extinction, many w/in decades
mega-slumps in the Arctic due to temp. rise are revealing the bones of Pleistocene animals & also releasing massive carbon and methane emissions, toxic mercury, & possibly ancient diseases.…
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Who is Anurag Thakur? What is going on with him⁉️

But, we have seen him during cricket matches.🤔 What has this bigot got to do with Indian Cricket Team then?⛔

Well.. read on..

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia .@bcci
.@imVkohli .@msdhoni .@SaketGokhale .@ravishndtv @thewire_in
Anurag Thakur was the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (.@BCCI) until "Supreme Court of India Sacked Anurag Thakur" as President on 02/01/2017. 😳

Wait, how did he even get there?? 😲🤷⁉️

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia
#IndiaAganstHate .@BCCIdomestic
Himachal Pradesh had a Cricket Association since 1960, but obsolete. 🚱

So, Anurag tried his luck in Punjab cricket team in 90's. And after failing, he shifted his focus to the cricketing business in Punjab.💸

But, in vain🤷

#IndianCricketTeam #TeamIndia
#IndiaAganstHate @BCCI
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Congrats on recycling. Your mom was doing that 20 years ago. It's WAY PAST TIME you stepped up. You're the one with kids, for #$@%*! sakes. Haven't lifted a finger so far & have no idea how to start? I *KNOW*. It's why I wrote you this THREAD. So get off your lazy, reckless ass
Not a good time right now? I get it. It's NEVER been a "good time" to switch humanity off the enormous economic/energy system it built itself on. Just ask President LBJ who knew the #ClimateCrisis was coming since 1965 & did literally nothing about it /2…
So yeah, that filthy buck got passed since at least 1965, before you & I were even born all the way to NOW. 2020. Is it fair? No. But what would you've done 10, 20 or 50 years ago if even right now you're opting to lift not even a finger on the #ClimateCrisis? Nothing /3
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🌎The Week In Climate 27th Jan - 2nd Feb🌍

A huge announcement by The Guardian, the divestment movement showing its effects on fossil fuel stocks & interesting new research surrounding social tipping points.

Let's dive deep below 👇

1/ In absolutely huge news, The @guardian announced it's going to ban advertising from fossil fuel companies. They're following up their excellent reporting by putting their money where their writing is.

Who's next?…
2/ And here's @emorwee interviewing The @guardian's interim chief executive Anna Bateson on the ban of fossil fuel ads. It's a free edition of her newsletter that you should definitely subscribe to if you're looking for excellent climate journalism…
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Climate XChange is a 501c3 I chair with a mission to pass smart, science-based emissions reduction policy in US states. We‘re raffling a #Tesla to raise funds – here’s why you should support us and buy your raffle tickets today! Thread /1
It’s beyond dispute that increased atmospheric CO2 is warming the planet, causing negative climate and human impacts. The 2016 UN Paris Agreement was intended to cap this warming at 1.5°C globally by 2100. But the US pulled out, and others aren't taking sufficient action. /2
A recent UN report shows we must cut carbon pollution 7.6% annually through 2030 to keep within the 1.5°C target. We need strong action at all government levels - especially local - to reduce carbon. /3…
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Denialists are a steadily shrinking pool and will in time only have each other to bounce around their non-science, anti-factual arguments with. Conversion from Denialism to the #GlobalClimateConsensus is a one-way street and we gain surprising new allies every single day. THREAD
If at this *very* late stage in the game you *still* find yourself asking the same easily Google-able questions while engaged in your latest in a string of climate denial arguments it's unlikely you care what teenager Greta Thunberg thinks about it /1
What you don't know (as you haven't listened to even one of her speeches & so be it) is she doesn't *want* you to listen to her. Her constant refrain is Listen To The Scientists & refers to the IPCC's 2016 Special Report on Climate each & every time /2…
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I’ve been thinking abt allyship lately & wyte ppl who genuinely want to be/do better. It can sometimes be hard to ask questions. I recently reread Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard to Talk to White People About Racism” & it got me thinking. 1/38
Linked here: Very often I hear that this person/that person are “good” people. It didn’t click until a few years ago that some wyte ppl think being liberal/democrat or being generally “good” people means you are an ally. That’s not how it works. 2/
MLK critiqued the “good” racism of his liberal allies. These types police our words & tactics like you know better what works. Believe me, we have tried all the polite ways & they don’t work.
Another point is, you don’t get to tell me as a POC (or other BIPOC) how we should 3/
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The aim of Tory govt in the 80s was to smash the postwar consensus of unionised work & the welfare state & place the “market” as the cornerstone of UK governance.Blair & Brown took this & added a layer of income redistribution to blunt its harshest effects…
I don’t agree with the above simply to ‘trash’ the @UKLabour brand. We did much good between 1997-2010. But till you understand what we got right and along with what we got wrong, our analysis will never be complete... cont
As such we’ll make the same mistakes again... something I touched here in 2015. Cont...…
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By now you've seen the news: BlackRock made a major climate announcement this week.

But what does it mean?

What's the good, the meh, and the missing for #ClimateAction and our work to #StopTheMoneyPipeline?

We lay out out here ->…

& in this🧵1/
tl;dr: It's a major shift for BlackRock, which previously had failed to take meaningful action on climate, and is a very important step in the right direction as the world faces increasing risk from climate change.

And BLK still has to do more cuz we're in a #climatecrisis! 2/
On to the details.

First announcement: Coal divestment.

BlackRock will move companies with 25% or higher revenue from thermal coal production out of all actively managed funds and all ESG funds.

What we like about this: Coal is dead! It's time BLK got with the program. 3/
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I have said this now and I will say it 100000 x over - the people who will be affected the worst by climate change will be the poor and the vulnerable.

Rich people will be able to fly their kids to places (like Europe) - where the air is cleaner.
What will the impact be on the economy of people having to take time off for respiratory problems? #Climatecrisis

How many people will have to die from asthma attacks before someone makes #ScoMo look in the faces of parents of dead kids and ask him why?
I can barely breathe. I woke up at 2 am - drowning in my own phlegm. I knew to go and get on the nebuliser (cause I have one at home and steroids - cause I have them at home too) - how many people don't.
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Climate Change is a Hoax so Anon updated the UN SDG Sustainable Development goals graphic to unmask their true intentions.
Several climate change accounts retweeted Anon’s MEME without realizing the update, therefore sending to their followers.
Leftists are retweeting without seeing the changes because the branding is identical and the lefties don’t actually read things.
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A scary story in three acts, plus a coda.

Act 1 - “That’s ridiculous, they can’t be serious”

🤪 #resist #ToriesOut #StopTheCoup
@ExtinctionR #ClimateCrisis 🇪🇺🌳🐺…
Act 2 - “Oh cripes, I get it now...”

😦 #resist #ToriesOut #StopTheCoup #RuleOfLaw #LiarJohnson 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺…
Act 3 - “Erm, guys... everyone can see where this is going, right..?!”

😳 #resist #ToriesOut #RuleOfLaw #StopTheCoup @GeorgeMonbiot 🇪🇺…
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Out today! Our paper in @NatureMedicine linking rising temperatures with increases in suicides, assaults, drownings and transport accidents. Summary below. @ImperialCollege @Grantham_IC @Columbia @EarthInstitute @Harvard @HarvardChanSPH @nature:…
@NatureMedicine @imperialcollege @Grantham_IC @Columbia @earthinstitute @Harvard @HarvardChanSPH @nature @Revkin @francescadomin8 @ColumbiaMSPH @DrMariaNeira @WHO @DiarmidCL @joygmt @ImperialSPH @greenimperial Temperatures that deviate from the long-term local norm affect human health, and are projected to become more frequent as the global climate changes. There are limited data on how such anomalies affect deaths from injuries.
@NatureMedicine @imperialcollege @Grantham_IC @Columbia @earthinstitute @Harvard @HarvardChanSPH @nature @Revkin @francescadomin8 @ColumbiaMSPH @DrMariaNeira @WHO @DiarmidCL @joygmt @ImperialSPH @greenimperial We found that a 2°C anomalously warm year, as envisioned under the Paris Climate Agreement, would be associated with an estimated 2,135 (95% credible interval 1,906–2,368) additional injury deaths (1% increase of total injury deaths)
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THREAD: 🐨💚🐨💚🐨#KoalasNotCoal 🐨💚🐨💚🐨

Glad to see concerted effort to ensure wildlife that have survived #AustralianBushfires also survive in the aftermath. I❤️#OperationRockWallaby…

cc: @GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself
@GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself @luckytran @bethsawin @leahstokes @buiviethien @KribBKK @martinfredras @schipper_lisa @AlexandriaV2005 @ap4ca At home, and abroad, people have been moved by the plight of our gorgeous Australian wildlife and are reaching out to help. Because … hello… what could be more adorable than this??

(Sadly, all these joeys are orphans from the #AustralianBushfiresDisaster.)
@GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself @luckytran @bethsawin @leahstokes @buiviethien @KribBKK @martinfredras @schipper_lisa @AlexandriaV2005 @ap4ca @ExtinctionR @XRebellionAus @MikeHudema @EricHolthaus @chandlerpowell9 @ClimateReality @AlongsideWild @Law4ClimateAus @DocsEnvAus @SameeraSavarala Make no mistake: this is a massive ecological disaster that may push many species to extinction. In Victoria, one of the states most ravaged by #AustralianBushfiresDisaster, look at the cases reported to @wildlife_vic in December. Yes – that’s for ONE MONTH!
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@alextomo @seasonalight @AmiesPhilip @aubreygci @GeorgeMonbiot @drvox Thanks for the response. I think we are largely on same page here. I do agree that there are big issues w papal history/messaging (fell out w Catholic church myself for similar reasons as a teen), & the IPCC does state that popn growth is a contributing factor to cc.

At the
@alextomo @seasonalight @AmiesPhilip @aubreygci @GeorgeMonbiot @drvox same time I agree w Ginny that it is a wise to be prudent when discussing the population issue bc:

1. there is an established history of issues going waaay back of ppl w racist / nativist agendas looking to use overpopulation as leverage for implementing amoral control measures
@alextomo @seasonalight @AmiesPhilip @aubreygci @GeorgeMonbiot @drvox that range fm impinging on civil liberties to draconian eco fascist strategies:
* an example fm 60s is Garrett Hardin (who was also partially wrong about much of his famed tragedy of the commons ideas (as shown by Elinor Ostrom))…
* I’m not sure
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The Daily Mail have systematically hunted Meghan and Harry down like Diana over a number of years. Now they claim H&M to be "traitors" for being hunted and choosing a different path for themselves ... cont'd

@DailyMailUK @MailOnline @AlisonKMurray @carolJhedges @RachelAshleyVox
Cont'd ...

The Mail's treatment of Meghan and Harry is the same behaviours that tabloids apply to Remainers, Judges etc.

They invested 17 pages of hate in their pursuit of H&M today because they chose a different pathway for their exit instead of a tunnel of love ...

Sorry seems to be the hardest word for Mail readers. It seems to me that they live their lives like candles in the wind ...

Meanwhile, #WWIII, #ClimateCrisis, #BrexitShambles get no coverage due to the #gaslighting of our gutter press ...

@EUflagmafia @velvetsilk
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.@Mar_Ex & .@BoycottHegemony what my analysis says that the expanding footprint of #CCPChina has progressively made inroads into a maritime area which is beyond not only #Chinese territorial waters but also its EEZ, largely for the two reasons Below :-

.@IndoPac_Info First, the country's rising energy requirements demand that it diversifies its source & the water of #SouthChinaSea are rich in hydrocarbons, oil n gases and much of this is still unexplored along with a sea bed in natural resources. (2/6)
.@Mar_Ex @BoycottHegemony
A greater political reach over this area would enable #CCPChina to draw on the reserves it requires. Second, one of the world's busiest shipping routes, the east-west route, passes through this area. Trade being essential for an economy like #Chinazi #China (3/6)
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#BushfireCrisis #AustraliaOnFire

Approx. 2/3 of gorgeous #KangarooIsland in #SouthAustralia has been devastated after two weeks of #bushfires. Blustery weather is creating difficult conditions. w. 22 firefighters injured to date. Look at this 👇👇👇!
The before and after photos emerging from #kangarooislandfire are horrifying. Let's start big picture with @NASA's aerial shots of Australia's third biggest island on Dec 16 (left) and then Jan 7 (right).
@NASA @ScheuerJo @SameeraSavarala @martinfredras @AlanaCraigen @luckytran @BecSusanGill @GretaThunberg @MikeHudema @EricHolthaus @ap4ca This is an ecological tragedy for #Australia. #KangarooIsland is renowned for its nature reserves and vast numbers of wildlife including sea lions, koalas and many endangered bird species. @nzherald posted the photo below from #FlindersChaseNationalPark.
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When I “officially” endorsed #Bernie2020, the campaign asked for a “short” statement for a graphic.

I'm wordy; wrote a whole page. Oops.🤓

It’s hard to distill why I believe so strongly in this #BigUS movement & @BernieSanders, but I’d like to share my attempt.

A thread...
@BernieSanders The part of my statement that made it on the #BernieSanders graphic boils down to one word:


Bernie’s stances are grounded in principled judgment, proven to be right & just for decades. His policies prove to be successful when enacted. I know who he'll be once elected.
@BernieSanders My passion & purpose is #PublicEducation, so my endorsement is also rooted in that.

#Bernie’s full platform - from #MedicareForAll to #CriminalJusticeReform - will have profound positive impacts on students, communities, and the ed profession, in both direct & indirect ways.
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Australian Police have arrested 183 people for lighting bushfires in the past few months

In Nov a volunteer firefighter was charged w/ setting 7 bushfires in the region, and then returning with his brigade to fight them. Apparently, he set 17 fires.…
103 of the destructive fires that had lashed Queensland since September were deliberately lit. Figures obtained by AAP revealed police had dealt with 98 people – 31 adults and 67 juveniles – for deliberately setting fires.…
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