Attempting to live tweet the @CDPHga emergency meeting re:COVID and schools. Quinones, Vahey, and Ragsdale are logged in. Chat appears disabled and I cannot see a list of participants.
@CDPHga Memark is logged in
@CDPHga A Ms. Taylor is logged in. Waiting for all members to log in.
@CDPHga Ragsdale is joining via Zoom, is not at meeting f2f, as far as I can tell.
@CDPHga @wabenews did a piece on @CobbSchools and COVID today. Announced that Lisa Cupid with @cobbcountygovt is calling for #maskmandate for the schools.
@CDPHga Meeting is being called to order: Cupid, Quinones, Ragsdale, Memark, and ??? are all present or logged in. Mayor Tumlin is having issues logging in.
@CDPHga Apologies if I misspell any names.
@CDPHga Mayor is still having trouble. Meeting has yet to start. No idea how many members needed for quorum.
@CDPHga I cannot tell if Rivera is logged in.
@CDPHga Meeting called to order by board chairwoman. Meeting has quorum.
@CDPHga No open comments. Speaking limited to Board of Health members.
@CDPHga Over 800 viewers, including media, per chairwoman.
@CDPHga Memark, Branswetter (sp?) present. Memark summarizes COVID situation.
@CDPHga Substantial community transmission. Extremely high, per Memark. Notes it is an undercount, due to home tests.
@CDPHga Positivity rate is 13.3%. PCR only. Over 20% some days.
@CDPHga Deaths are lagging indicator.
@CDPHga Deaths have increased 8x since 8/1 in GA, per Memark.
@CDPHga 51% vax rate
@CDPHga ~50% population is vulnerable
@CDPHga Branswetter (sp?) now, representing @WellstarHealth
@CDPHga Delta variant is driving this surge, per Branswetter (sp?)
@CDPHga Highest cases for 0-17 since beginning of pandemic
@CDPHga @WellstarHealth is at highest point ever.
@CDPHga 90-93% hospitalized are unvaxxed
@CDPHga Higher # of vaxxed patients at Kennestone and Windy Hill
@CDPHga 462% increase since August for pediatric testing
@CDPHga @CDPHga is performing a larger share of tests
@CDPHga Concerning # of cases in school-aged children
@CDPHga Exponential rise in pediatric cases
@CDPHga School-aged are most increasing
@CDPHga Highest ever for school-aged, surpassed all prior peaks
@CDPHga Delta and # of children in school driving
@CDPHga School-aged children 14 day rate is 1434, twice community rate. College-aged increasing
@CDPHga School-aged cases are outpacing community
@CDPHga Pediatric cases are >25% of all cases in state. 4 deaths reported in August for GA
@CDPHga Emergency room visits is increasing for children
@CDPHga Memark reviews CDC guidelines. County is at extremely high, vax rate is 51%, much less for students
@CDPHga Strain on healthcare system is high
@CDPHga @CobbSchools does not have a screening program. @MariettaCitySch does
@CDPHga School outbreaks are high
@CDPHga @MariettaCitySch has a mask mandate. @CobbSchools does not. 3' is now used as distancing measure in schools. @CobbSchools has not improved ventilation
@CDPHga Parents are sending children to school sick, per Memark
@CDPHga Contact tracing is delayed
@CDPHga Deep cleaning is not occuring in all schools
@CDPHga Memark is now speaking on masking. Reviewing known facts. Can't capture all, sorry
@CDPHga Effectiveness of masking is irrefutable
@CDPHga "Irrefutable"
@CDPHga Studies showing impact of masking
@CDPHga Holtz now.
@CDPHga Branstetter, I think, not Branswetter
@CDPHga Holtz: situation is extremely high in county and state, hospitals are overwhelmed, cases for children higher than ever before. Here today to review position statement re:COVID and Delta
@CDPHga Holtz opens floor to questions from members. Cupid first to ask, thanks Holtz
@CDPHga Cupid: Asks @CDPHga to state for the record the position statement
@CDPHga Holtz: Summarizes the position request---Requesting that @CDPHga endorses CDC and AAP guidelines for reducing COVID spread in schools. All policy considerations should start with keeping students safe. All eligible individuals should receive vax. All students over 2 should mask
@CDPHga Holtz (cont.): School staff must mask, multilayered mitigation should be implemented, universal masking, ventilation upgrades. @CDPHga is committed to reducing transmission and contact tracing
@CDPHga Holtz (cont.): Reviews history of COVID. Reviews current state of COVID in Cobb and GA.
@CDPHga Holtz (cont.): Reviews CDC guidance.
@CDPHga Holtz (cont): Reviews AAP guidance
@CDPHga Holtz (cont): Notes that @CDPHga respects authority of school districts.
@CDPHga Holtz (cont): @CobbSchools has no mask mandate and no vax requirement. Notes danger to children and community
@CDPHga Holtz (cont): Concludes summary, calling for comments.
@CDPHga Graves: Impact on children ineligible for vax must be considered. Same for parents and community, too. Impacts economy and vulnerable populations, particularly mentioning Students with Disabilities. Agrees 100% with the position statement.
@CDPHga Ragsdale: Did you distribute the statement? Claims he did not receive. Point of clarification---Just a position statement for Cobb or all K12 in Cobb?
@CDPHga Ragsdale: Daycares, too?
@CDPHga Taylor: Statement will be sent out. Will be for ALL schools K-12 in Cobb, public, private, charter
@CDPHga Pilcher: Thanks board for hard work. 1 child's death is not worth not having masks in our schools. In 100% support.
@CDPHga Cupid: In support of statement and sentiments, including comments by Graves and Pilcher. One of the most trying issues of our times. "Our inaction could be resulting in great harm to our children, our community". "Sending a strong statement" "protecting our most vulnerable"
@CDPHga Mayor Tumlin: comments are largely unintelligible, I think he's speaking about vaccination?
@CDPHga Quinones: As emergency services provider, the unscheduled staff call outs, over 50% is due to sick kids. Hampers ability to deliver emergency care, fire, EMS, ambulance, all first responders. In full support of some mitigation.
@CDPHga Ragsdale: Just received statement via email. Not totally comfortable voting on something he hasn't read. So, we saw in graph about mask mandate? Why does it not pertain to KSU? Data seems to show increase in college-age?
@CDPHga Ragsdale: Attention called to masks singularly. Early email listed 8 items. (Despite Ragsdale's claim, all were reviewed by Memark. And he is incorrectly stating @CobbSchools is doing 7 out of 8)
@CDPHga Ragsdale: There is a cost to having elementary school children having masks mandated during the entire day. BS. No valid data supports this.
@CDPHga Ragsdale: We are doing all 7 things. (No, @CobbSchools is not consistently doing them)
@CDPHga Ragsdale: Claims what @CobbSchools is doing is working. (A Cobb student is in the hospital on a ECMO, Ragsdale. It is not working. @CDPHga @insideCDPHga)
@CDPHga @CobbSchools changes air filters (not HEPA, same they've always used) every 3 months. Does not have adequate handwashing supplies at all times for all staff and students. Is not deep cleaning in all schools. Is not requiring masks. Is allowing close contacts to attend school
@CDPHga @CobbSchools is not requiring COVID vax. Is not consistently enforcing masking for quarantine-at-school students
@CDPHga Mayor Tumlin: uninteligible, something about Cobb and Marietta sports?
@CDPHga As far as I can tell, Rivera is not present/logged in.
@CDPHga Holtz asks for a motion to move. Cupid moves to motion. Seconded by Tumlin. Ragsdale asks for a roll call vote after a voice vote that appeared unanimous
@CDPHga Ragsdale: abstains
@CDPHga Tumlin: Yes
@CDPHga Graves: Yes
@CDPHga Cupid: Yes
@CDPHga Pilcher: Yes
@CDPHga Quinones: Yes
@CDPHga No no votes. Quorum was met. Position statement passes.
@CDPHga Holtz apologizes for not being able to have open comment.
@CDPHga Holtz expresses belief that even 1 life saved was worth this meeting.
@CDPHga Holtz moves to adjourn. Pilcher moves, Tumlin seconds. No nays. Meeting adjourned.
@CDPHga @threadreaderapp unroll, please

• • •

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Correct link for @AJC community conversation with school leaders re:#COVID19:
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