And, now, the horrifying comments by @CobbSchools board chair Scamihorn.
@CobbSchools 'Nicole, a pediatric nurse, said she spoke on the phone with him after the first week of school. She asked him what CCSD was doing to protect children under 12 who can’t be vaccinated. She said he told her that children don’t get it.'
@CobbSchools 'He also cited a study that claimed masks were detrimental to children. When she looked it up, she discovered it had already been retracted for numerous scientific issues regarding the study methodology.'
@CobbSchools 'Another parent described the phone conversation starting with “If you believe in masks, why don’t you mask your son and he’ll be fine.”'
@CobbSchools 'She requested layers of mitigation in the schools like the district implemented last year. Scamihorn responded by telling her he didn’t trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, the department of health, or the CDC – that they are all lying.'
@CobbSchools “He said the department of health is saying one thing behind closed doors and telling the public something else. Mitigation will not work. Masks don’t work is what apparently the department of health is telling Ragsdale behind closed doors.”'
@CobbSchools 'A third parent spoke extensively with the Courier about her conversation with Scamihorn which took place Aug. 6. She took the next step of recording the conversation, which is legal under Georgia’s one-party consent law. She asked not to be identified for safety reasons.'
@CobbSchools '“Mr. Scamihorn is uninformed about the latest information on a highly contagious virus; uninformed about changing public directives that impact CCSD schools; and should not be in charge of the Board overseeing the superintendent of the state’s second largest school district''
@CobbSchools 'Scamihorn told the parent, “I wouldn’t give you 3 cents for Fauci, Collins, Toomey, Memark because they’ve left me and other districts out to dry. They always say, ‘we can’t tell people what to do. '
@CobbSchools 'We just tell everybody what’s the recommendation or what we think.’ They never take a stand on anything. Like right now, sure this variant is more contagious but it’s less [unintelligible due to background noise].'
@CobbSchools 'Probably it’s more like a head cold that I’m hearing on the national news and local news.”'
@CobbSchools 'Scamihorn replied, “And I can tell you. I don’t have that decision to make. You can call the superintendent, if he’ll talk to you. And I’m not bashful about this – I told the superintendent today, ‘You don’t want me to meet Dr. Memark.'
@CobbSchools 'She doesn’t know, she doesn’t want to know what I think of her and let alone Toomey, and Collins, the head of the NIH, Fauci — those, they change with the wind.”'
@CobbSchools 'Scamihorn said, “And even now, I can show you my emails, where they start off with ‘it’s your responsibility if somebody dies.’ Like God has sent me down here with a magic wand.”'
@CobbSchools '“Well I don’t think he sent you with a magic wand, but he did put you in a position of authority to enforce what the public health people are saying,” the parent responded.'
@CobbSchools '“The problem is that we don’t have definitive answers to do or not do. And the other thing is that we have a responsibility to our students to try and give them the best education'
@CobbSchools 'I feel so bad for these kids in these blue states that are missing two years of school. And they’re gonna suffer for the next 40 years…we’re giving parents so many choices that they don’t even realize how good they have it here,” Scamihorn said.'
@CobbSchools 'Scamihorn referenced Tufts University Dr. H. Cody Meissner, who co-authored an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal which stated that masks on children are abusive.

Sixty pediatric pulmonologists signed a letter, also published in the WSJ, in response to Meissner.'
@CobbSchools '“If you come in close contact you’re required to wear a mask for 10 days unequivocally. I keep my fingers crossed that teachers can keep track of who is and who isn’t,” he said.'
@CobbSchools '“Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone were masked?” the parent asked.

“They won’t wear them!” Scamihorn replied, though the district had a mask mandate last year.'
@CobbSchools '“Oh, come on now. Let’s don’t go off the deep end,” Scamihorn replied, adding that the student didn’t catch COVID at school, but “somewhere else.” He goes on to say, “people last year called me a murderer because of our three teachers we lost and all three had other med issues'
@CobbSchools 'He also said policy could change if “something happens like we get an influx of, you know, undocumented migrants, to be politically correct, they’re still illegal aliens as far as this old guy is concerned, but….'
@CobbSchools 'Well what I’m saying is anything can make the numbers spike that we don’t anticipate…. Illegal immigrants who are COVID positive, they’re coming in over the border daily by the hundreds.”'
@CobbSchools So, first he spreads misinformation, then he blames immigrants for COVID. This is not behavior befitting any elected official, let alone a school board member. @CogniaOrg, thoughts?

• • •

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@MariettaCitySch 'The eligible student or staff member will be required to have an MCS-administered rapid antigen test on each school day of their 7-day quarantine. Upon receipt of a negative test result, the school will be immediately notified the student/staff member can attend school'
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Vaccine uptake might be higher if people had to actually pay for this experimental treatment. Of course, we taxpayers really are paying…
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Correct link for @AJC community conversation with school leaders re:#COVID19:
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@ajc @ajc, since chat is disabled, here is what I want to know from the @CobbSchools super Ragsdale---The evidence is in. Masks are reducing transmission. Just compare 14-day per 100K for 5-17 for Gwinnett (415) and Cobb (918). Will you mandate masks, even temporarily? If not, why?
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