BREAKING: Psaki says vaccine mandates are for Americans, not illegal immigrants at the southern border

You could not make this up.…
Look so here's the plan. Institute the mandate, and then justify the mandate with the influx of illegal immigrants carrying the virus and other new variants. Then institute additional mandates to forcibly quarantine the disease vectors -- both illegal immigrants and rebels.
They don’t want the mandate to “work.”It isn’t designed to. They want it to fail. It’s designed to fail so they can justify even more restrictions.
And when it fails, because it inevitably does—it’s designed to fail—the public will blame conservatives and libertarians and minorities that resist the mandate.
It’s a classic Kafkatrap. A Kobayashi Maru Exercise for the Star Trek nerds among you.
Billions of dollars in Washington neoliberal think tanks whose sole purpose is to devise plans for long-term governance. It’s not a bad plan.

It’s either a brilliant plan or the administration is run by complete fuck-ups. Take your pick.
It’s hard to tell if Biden is nothing more than a slave to approval ratings or he’s doing this shit on purpose. Either way, these people are operating as if the United States exists in a vacuum. The rest of the world is watching—China is watching America tear itself apart.
You can’t predict individual behavior but you can predict group behavior. They ought to know that people will resist the mandate—they’re counting on it. It’s why I lean towards thinking it’s deliberate and out of malice, to strip Republican governors and the courts of their power
When you know what an organization wants—what its motivations are—you’ll know every action it takes is a step towards accomplishing those goals.

The Democrats want the Republicans and the courts out of power and to stop anyone from standing in their way. This is how they do it.

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Fucking Newsmax pussy yells “cut him off, cut him off now!” as soon as a veteran offers mild critique of Trump.
Don’t you dare say a word about the god emperor, heathen.
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A shrewd man would accept the deal and then freeze those funds immediately after. A strong man would bomb the hell out of them for having the audacity to make demands.
Here’s how Trump would’ve done it: propose a new deal in which the Taliban don’t get bombed if they extend the deadline indefinitely—on America’s terms. Anything less and he turns them into paste.
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Afghans gather in NYC to protest Biden.
Afghan protesters march through NYC
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Kathy McCollum, the mother of slain U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum calls into the Wilkow Report, blames Biden for her son's death. Calls Biden a "feckless, dementia ridden piece of crap."
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What the FUCK Australia?…
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You thought China was bad? At least China never murdered a bunch of rescues in cities where they did lockdowns (the dog meat festival notwithstanding).

Australia is like "hold my beer and put a shrimp on the barbie, I'm gonna slaughter every animal in the shelter."
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