A prominent conservative litigator brought a challenge to IU’s vaccine mandate and after it was rejected by an all-Republican panel noted Trotskyist Amy Coney Barrett considered it so frivolous that she didn’t even refer it to the Court of ask IU for a response
I have spent most of my professional career in institutions with vaccine mandates for students and employees, and nobody has ever suggested that they are incompatible with the Constitution of human rights treaties because this would be extremely silly
These challenges are going nowhere because vaccine mandates are a completely banal practice that don’t violate anybody’s rights, and even conservative judges don’t seem interested in their kids getting whooping cough to own the libs prospect.org/justice/even-c…
It is certainly possible that the Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s mandate, but if they do I guarantee that it will be some bullshit nondelegation or federalism argument that applies to this vaccine mandate only without disturbing any of the countless others

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15 Sep
LOL Glenn wanted California to have an anti-vaxx MAGA governor so desperately, and now he's lashing out at people for pointing out how badly his side got crushed Image
This is particularly devastating for Glenn because the recall vote became a referendum on the DeSantisian anti-anti COVID policies he strongly prefers, and it has to sting how much better CA is doing than Texas and Florida
Tune into Tucker tonight to see Glenn talk about how it's extremely bad for cable news hosts to have a preference for one political party over another
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14 Sep
Which one’s the birthday boy? I ain’t got all night
This kills me each and every time
Cooley’s gift is to bring a consistent sense of justice and compassion to Zevonian sardonicism and wit, and it’s a remarkable one even if he makes it seem inevitable
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14 Sep
Will Republicans and their fellow travelers make whooping cough great again? lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2021/09/will-r…
This piece by @SherylNYT does a really good job of explaining how banal are and how previously uncontroversial vaccine mandates they were: nytimes.com/2021/09/12/us/…
The optimistic scenario is that Republicans forget about the new “principle” that you ha verge right to expose other people to a deadly virus when it can longer be used to undermine Joe Biden
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13 Sep
The one endlessly recycled "safe space" anecdote at least did seem to involve something called "safe spaces." The Oberlin "campus workers were attacked over fake banh mi" story is just 100% pure made-up bullshit but these Campus PC anecdotes never, ever die
Packer inventing specific emotional reactions for workers who didn't exist is a nice touch, though
Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me with bemusement, or sullen rage
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13 Sep
The new Texas Gilead law succeeded where the previous one failed 1)Anthony Kennedy retired strategically and 2)Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not, shifting the median vote of the Court from (tepidly) pro-Roe to (extremely) anti-Roe. That’s it. lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2021/09/inspir…
Thinking the Texas law is in force because of clever legislative language rather than because the Court swung decisively is the same pathology that caused Ginsburg and Breyer's world-historic screw-ups in the first place
Do the dissenters sound more like they're "flummoxed" about what Texas was trying to do or like "they don't have a fifth vote to stop some transparently obvious legal nullification" to you?
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10 Sep
The man proved that content mills with no standards and a two-week “peer review” process will publish shitty articles! How is this not the lead story on every network
Can't believe cable networks are covering trivial stuff like "a historic pandemic" and "abortion rights" and "war" when someone would be willing to come on and raise these important and original questions you definitely haven't heard a million times before lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2021/09/come-b…
I did appreciate that Boghossian's flounce ShakeShack had the perfect Intellectual Horse Paste Web ratio of "complaining about kids today with their safe spaces and trigger warnings" and "complaining that people criticizing your publicly expressed views is unacceptable"
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