We need to build mecha-volcanoes to blot the oceans with beautiful new islands. We all deserve private little paradises
the islands themselves need little volcanoes too because volcanoes are incredible
and rapidly evolved friendly human-loving jungle creatures to keep us company that we can climb our mini valcanoes with

(rapid directed-evolution for friendliness is surprisingly fast!)
each of our village children should get their own little island to build stuff on and learn agency and freedom and what it’s like to build a place to call their home from scratch, smart friendly drone lifeguards to make sure they’re okay
Oh yeah, communal slightly bigger islands near our individual ones for cute little villages, lots of village children everywhere playing with our friendly village animal ecosystems
Each island has an experiential school to build things, material printers to build things to make the village cooler, build new ways to play with and take care of the animal ecosystem, lab and island psychoalchemist to make new experiences to introspect and feel all we can feel
(International waters so all molecules are legal, but the village alchemists have medical, chemical, and psychology training and make sure everyone is safe!)
Every child will learn how to build, how to meditate, how to feel and work with their own parts to build a home out of a bodymind, how to love, how to manage and how to experiment, how to be self-sufficient, and how to rely on others
returning to the place we evolved for, what we were meant for. Just the best version of it using agency and every tool we know of to craft it, just as we were meant for

• • •

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13 Sep
I would take a hut and small garden with homey aesthetics and good lighting over most 3000sqft houses
I want a good shower, good stove, warm lighting at night, foresty incense, surround sound speakers, cozy desk, sun lit during the day, and a nice bed. I actually prefer the house to be small, as I like spending most of my time in nature. Luckily this lifestyle isn't expensive
Don't let yourself get psyoped into buying the house society tells you to want. Go try a ton of different houses for a month at a time on Airbnb and see what you actually enjoy living in. It could be one of the most cost-saving experiments of your life
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13 Sep
Most of my life I overvalued optionality and dramatically undervalued lineage

At least in meditation, startups / vc, and several fields of scientific research, it seems like the biggest predictor of speed of growth is who you choose as your closest teacher
Optionality helps insofar as it could give you more possible teachers, but it’s rarely the bottleneck

It’s usually one-off and relationshipy than scoring enough resume points. The front doors are often fake, so you have to be more agentic. It’s just people, networks, and trust
One reason optionality doesn’t help much is because you’re making as big of a bet on your teacher as you’re making on them. If you want to grow fast you need a teacher that isn’t already overwhelmed, you need to bet on them early, choose them before it requires optionality
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12 Sep
I think the word conscious may have been net-negative to the field of metaphysics
I prefer thinking about experience. It makes self-reference seem like nothing special, just another experience. If we took an experience-first view of things we wouldn’t have cared much about the mirror test for instance
Experience is sufficiently broad it forces us to think about the constraints of the system, to come up with thought-experiments to find flaws in our current intuitive model of how things work (I think there are many). It deprioritizes lab experiments, which have been lackluster
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12 Sep
in Miami for a little for a sun recharge lmk if you’re around
In particular I’d love to hang and chat with serious meditators if you know any here
Or if you have a friend with a jet ski I’d love to go with them 😍 one of my favorite things in the world
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11 Sep
Anyone who can half or full lotus is a god to me. I’ve been stretching religiously for weeks and I’m 0.5 inches on one knee from Burmese pose
Poast poase Image
Specifically I’m 0.5 inches from a sketchy bad Burmese. One step at a time!
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10 Sep
I think we’re likely in the exciting timeline
Which will be interesting to be part of, however it goes. I’m excited for us to see
I’m glad there’s other people and I’m not alone
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