@kunstderfuge1 made a really neat find in our archive!

On 3/28/2018, Q made a post claiming, depending how you read it, that either Q themselves or CodemonkeyZ -- Ron Watkins, the administrator of 8chan -- had been locked out of the Great Awakening board.

Turns out Ron replied! Image
In fact, it was a somewhat *testy* response: "I did not lock you out. I can see from the logs that you have logged into the... board owner account in the past 24 hours.... your account is unlikely to be compromised. If you need a password reset..."

Truly, an aggrieved IT nerd. Image
Then, to FURTHER address the claim, Ron provided a screenshot of the board log. (Not visible in our archive because we don't have images, but I was ALSO unable to get it to load from the source, because 8chan/8kun is held together by gum and baling wire). Image
So... what does this MEAN? Why does it MATTER?

Well, a leading hypothesis about QAnon holds that Ron is either the sole author of the Q posts (extremely unlikely IMO), or a key figure in a team that wrote the Q posts from at least January 2018 forward (maybe! Not sold on it tho)
Here we have the two figures interacting somewhat tetchily, which suggests -- but does not at all prove -- they're separate people.

As always, life is full of little mysteries and ambiguities. 🤷‍♂️
P.S. I should also note the *reason* this catch is so impressive: Ron's reply to Q's post was in a completely different thread. We probably wouldn't have seen this if it weren't for the archive. As always, @kunstderfuge1 is a rock star.

• • •

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13 Sep
I've mentioned that I'm doing manuscript review for a QUITE GOOD book about QAnon.

Now I can reveal that it's @vanbadham's "QAnon and On," available for pre-order below.

I recommend it wholeheartedly as VERY STRONG companion to @rothschildmd's book.

It covers, so to speak, the deep background of QAnon -- it goes into depth about some of the trends in Internet culture and 4chan culture that drove QAnon into prominence.

It also talks movingly (and with some incredible anecdotes) about the personal cost of QAnon.
And while it has some light overlap with Mike's book, Mike's is -- for me -- the book I would give someone who goes "What's the deal with this QAnon thing?"

But Van's is the book I would give someone who asked "Where does this QAnon thing come from?"

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13 Sep
This is in reference to a critically ill woman.

“Patriots” are flooding the hospital with calls demanding that they release her — also they’ve called the cops. So far on Telegram, I’ve seen calls to:

* Pull the fire alarm
* Storm in and take her
* Hang hospital staff

And more!
Iiiiiiiit’s not fuckin’ great, people!

Oh, and a smug motherfucker with a Ron Paul sticker in his broadcast booth is doing some kind of audio livestream and pausing to say things like, “I guess that’s 111 subscribers in the past hour or so ago.”
Now, there’s some good news: it appears there are only a handful of people actually on the scene, so hopefully they WON’T try to barge in.

OTOH, imagine you’re working in the hospital emergency department, or a patient waiting there. The phone keeps ringing off the hook…
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12 Sep
We -- meaning the Project -- are keeping tabs on a small "medical freedom" rally happening in the Midwest rn.

It opened with a Hebrew Roots pastor blowing a shofar. Here's a rundown of what the last speaker had to say, courtesy @kunstderfuge1 (who's giving us the play by play):
That last line does not, in any way, make me despair. 🙃

Anyway, the current speaker is of the "I'm not antivaxx, but..." AND ALSO "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but..." varieties (though fun twist: he claims to be vaccinated!).
Also it should be obvious that we're not, you know, ENDORSING his claims by reproducing them.

It's just interesting to see the same claims and rhetoric going around. Also, I keep wanting to ask: if the vaccine is killing people, why AREN'T you anti-vaxx?
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12 Sep
Some highlights from a Calm Before the Storm thread on November 2, 2017. This is CBTS thread #3, one of the earliest spaces for discussion of Q's claims.

Thread is linked below but, as always, the content is vile. Screenshots may be gross, too.


What we see in the screenshots above is that, as I have noted many many times, the anons were pickin' up what Q was puttin' down RIGHT away, with little or no clarification needed from Q.

In fact, let's zoom and enhance on that Canada-flag anon:

This is, indeed, the direction in which Q took the Uranium 1 narrative.

U1 is a deeeeeeeeep cut of QAnon lore. In brief, it comes from a Definitely Real Scandal™ thrown into the conservative mainstream by a journalist at The Hill, John Solomon, in mid-October 2017.
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12 Sep
Lin Wood’s plans to boycott the libs into submission are 300% going to fail, and he will: 1) blame the Cabal and 2) probably turn to even more violent rhetoric than the usual “the tree of liberty must, from time to time, be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”
At no point will he engage in any sort of introspection or even just… the briefest review of his many failed strategies.
And maybe that’s because he IS mentally ill.

Certainly his erratic and occasionally violent behavior has alarmed his friends and family for well over a year now, and, of course, there ABSOLUTELY was a time when he just…

was not like this.
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9 Sep

I'm thrilled to announce that ***OUR DATABASE PROJECT IS FINALLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC***.

This is a searchable archive of 14,000,000+ (and counting!) posts from 4chan, 8chan, and 8kun.

BIG praise to @kunstderfuge1, who built it.

@kunstderfuge1 "But Origins," you say, "what would I do with this?"


1) if you've ever wondered what anons thought about X, I PROMISE the anons have discussed X. Probably several times.

2) do you need quotes by or about QAnon people for a research paper? An article? Then
3) what if you want to trace how anons treated a particular subject over time? Again, that's what archives are for.

HOWEVER, the *best* use of it is...

4) search for something that interests you, click in to view that post in context, and then just start reading the thread.
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