Tonight's FLCCC donation campaign is in the honor our latest reading resistant variant, @Semple521. As usual, when I get roped in and waste my time on a dishonest actor, I donate to the @Covid19Critical and invite everyone else to, to make some good come of it regardless.
If you feel like making trolling a bit less attractive by supporting a good cause, you can make your donation here:…
Here's mine: Image
I must say I was beginning to worry that these were a bit too effective, because I hadn't seen an outright troll in days. But as with all institutions that work, the key is consistency, alertness, and vigilance.
No, but I'm about to block you. Every ceremony must have its climax! Bai bai. Image
What I don't know is how @PerpetualCzech continues to find these within minutes every time 🤣. Thanks mate!
Because, dear @meowatthesun, if you can't beat clownworld, might as well outclown it.

• • •

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15 Sep
Wait till they hear Darwin write the "Origin of the Species" without getting a PhD first.
I even heard he did his own research. Why did he hate science?
It didn't even get peer reviewed. Basically a preprint.
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15 Sep
The paper in the Lancet by the ex-FDA official had a fascinating figure in it. The reason it's fascinating is that it showed how vicious Gamma really is (chart B). Image
The reason this is of interest is that the TOGETHER trial took place in Brazil, during a period of very high prevalence of the Gamma variant.… Image
As such, attempting to compare results from that trial, with other studies elsewhere is bound to show worse results. Vaccines show 10-20% worse performance against gamma than alpha.
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14 Sep
Did Robert Malone invent mRNA vaccines?

This🧵will answer from first principles, a question that comes up surprisingly often in pandemic-related conversations.

As always, I'll give you the primary sources and my reasoning so you can take my answer apart and put yours together.
First, a caveat: You may have noticed that me and Dr. Malone have shared good words for each other. All that was *after* my original investigation thread that this one will polish and complete. Regardless, the case made should not require you to trust me.
We'll be focusing on the claim as seen on Dr Malone's Twitter profile: "Inventor of mRNA vaccines". To get there, first we need to define what it means to invent something. After all, battles over who the "real" inventor of something is have some times carried on for decades.
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13 Sep
This reads far fetched but I've come to believe it points to an uncomfortable truth. There are two mindsets for the future of humanity: one where we rely on control systems to keep things "stable", and one where we rely on enablement systems to do what life does: grow and grow.
The "control" mindset is not just in communism, and it's not just in sustainability circles. Many of the world's top capitalists espouse it as well. It starts from a lack of faith in humanity. The problem? It creates zero-sum games, which bring out the worst in humanity.
When Eric Weinstein talks about the "embedded growth obligation" baked into "the system", I think he misunderstands where it comes from. The obligation to grow is fundamental to life. No species has fought it and remained alive. Chesterton's fence suggests we shouldn't either.
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13 Sep
This sounds.. like a big deal. Any native speakers who can confirm context and translation?
Content is in doubt as per the response below. Probably best to get an uncut recording before further conclusions.
See whole translation from @NoSpoon11 below. Also gives further insight into possible rationale.
Read 4 tweets
12 Sep
The responsibility for the expert conversation being had in public is solely with the godfather figures of "The Science" who have shut down any opposing voice within academia. We trusted them, they failed us, it's over. Public conversation is the only trustworthy conversation.
No discussion of responsibility of any expert having public conversation can begin before total condemnation of those who shat on the hard won commons, forged fake consensus, and then have the gall to lecture about appropriate messaging.
And it's not like their curated, top down, fully taxpayer funded, expert seal of approval sensemaking is much better.
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