Okay everyone.

"Moonies," the authoritarian CULT I was a part of, later escaped and have been speaking out against for the last 45+ years is trending.

If you want a crash course on this cult & their ties to the modern GOP, read these blogs of mine. They will catch you up. 👍
This is a HUGE list of entities (business & otherwise) AFFILIATED with the Moonie cult. They are everywhere. freedomofmind.com/exclusive-list…

These should all help. Knowledge is power. ✊

• • •

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14 Sep
If you are a Christian Trump supporter, I want to ask you a question (and I PROMISE this won't be snarky or mean 🙏).

In Christianity, isn't Jesus the one TRUE messiah? Didn't the Bible WARN us against false prophets?

Well, have you heard about the Moonies & what THEY claim?
The Moonies are a Korean cult. I was a leader for 2+ years, left the cult in 1976 and have been speaking out against them & other destructive cults ever since.

Its leader Sun Myung Moon (now deceased) claimed HE was the Messiah.
Moon said:
"Out of all the Saints sent by God, I think I am the most successful one already as it now stands." (MASTER SPEAKS 5/17/73)

Moon also claimed Jesus didn't really "get the job done" which thus required a NEW Messiah (Moon) to come along and fix things. Another quote:
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11 Sep
This is pretty outrageous, even for Trump.....

Today, Donald Trump is co-headlining a CULT EVENT. The crimes of the Moonies are well documented. There is no ambiguity here.

For more on the Moonies and the modern GOP connection, read my threads below:
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11 Sep
I could’ve flown a plane into the World Trade Center.

When I was in a cult, I was SO brainwashed I could’ve done this.

And that’s the part of 9/11 that gets left out.

The “terrorists” who flew planes into the World Trade Center, in my opinion, were brainwashed cult members.
We get so lost in "political" discussions we forget that these problems are PSYCHOLOGICAL. The "terrorists" on 9/11 weren't recruited from prisons...they were middle-class and educated. They were manipulated by a charismatic leader then committed an unthinkable atrocity.
There are Jewish terrorists…and Buddhist terrorists...and Christian terrorists. It's not about the particular religion (there are HEALTHY versions of all of these religions), it's about belief systems that are black or white, all or nothing or 'the ends justify the means."
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8 Sep
The NXIVM cult is once again in the news as the group’s second-in-command Nancy Salzman begins her sentencing hearing today.

The web of undue influence runs very DEEP in this cult.
Nancy Salzman was trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) by Todd Epstein, disciple of Richard Bandler. (For a quick explanation of NLP, here's a video I made years ago: ).
Salzman “developed a pseudo-therapeutic technique called ‘Explorations of Meaning’ (“EM”) that was sometimes used as a means of manipulation and control,” prosecutors wrote.

In other words, mind control.
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1 Sep
When people hear about "brainwashing" and "mind control," they sometimes (incorrectly) assume that destructive influence like this ONLY OCCURS in outrageous large cults with fringe leaders.

Not true.

Just look at the case of R. Kelly.
R. Kelly is JUST as much of a cult leader as Ron Hubbard or David Koresh. Kelly's psychological profile fits the cult leader profile and if you study what he's done to his victims, you quickly see how similar HIS conduct is to well-known cult leaders.
Let me first say that I DON'T have any first-hand contact with any of his victims. I'm only going off of mainstream reporting, but it seems VERY evident to me from everything reported, this is a classic case of undue influence.

Let's first EXPLAIN how mind control works:
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31 Aug
One of the most FRUSTRATING parts of doing what I've been doing for the last 45+ years is seeing the media ask the SAME non-researched questions about cults and mind control.

"Why did you believe the leader?"

"Why did you STAY at the compound for so long?"

Mind control!!!
Media friends, we need YOU to EDUCATE the public. THIS IS THE STORY! Mind control is the NUCLEUS of SO MANY problems.

Simply throwing up your arms in confusion about WHY people do things against their will ISN'T sufficient! The public needs to understand HOW mind control works!
After a cult tragedy like Jonestown or Heaven's Gate or Waco, there's suddenly RENEWED interest in HOW people can be forced into abusive situations AGAINST their will, but we needn't wait until the next one.

We need this reporting NOW! People are being harmed.
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