The three faces of Brexit

🔻Sincere phantasmagorism

🔻Cruel cynicism

🔻Failed rationalism

How they’re affecting the United Kingdom. Why. And what’s to be done.

A short 🧵 /1. Image
🔻Sincere phantasmagorism

To be sincere is neither to be right nor, necessarily, admirable.

So it is with Brexiters seized by a phantasm of 21st C global British ‘greatness’.

A cocktail of supposed unique British virtue, 1870s Empire & 16th C piracy. Purest, toxic fantasy. /2. Image
🔻Cruel cynicism

You’ve got to laugh at the 0.01%, angry a ‘Brexit dividend’ of slashed taxes & regulations could now end up as more of both.

But it’s far from funny. Greedy, cruel, wealthy ‘libertarians’ are attempting to shatter government & society. They’re still at it. /3. Image
🔻Failed rationalism

Internal, logical consistency is no more correct, in the real world, if assumptions are faulty, than is logical inconsistency.

Brexiter rationalists see part of an important truth: the world is changing. But they make false assumptions … /4. Image
… about the extent & nature of UK agency in confronting those changes.

They fail (or refuse) to appreciate that the US is indispensable to all its allies’ prosperity & security for any foreseeable future, while the EU, similarly, remains an indispensable pillar … /5. Image
… of that very US global system on which we all rely. And that, given the UK’s significant economic size & geographic location, no one is going to give it the merest hint of a free ride.

Even were ‘rationalist’ Brexiters’ logic not so often faulty (‘cakeism’ is … /6. Image
… at root as much a logical as a political fallacy, for example) their ponderously assembled visions of Westphalian-style sovereign beasts roaming free on the 21st C geopolitical savannah, would remain no less divorced from reality than … /7. Image
… the lizard-infested, Rothschilld-manipulated Buckingham Palace of David Icke’s fevered imagination. /8. Image
Still, Brexit ‘rationalists’ (vanishingly few, in truth) make an effort. They’re just really bad at it.

The phantasmagorists are … well, no one’s quite sure, least of all them.

And the cynics are exactly what you’d expect, but 100x more dangerous. If let off the leash. /9. Image
So, what’s to be done? In the UK. Also elsewhere: the influence of the cynics & the failed rationalists is to be found in many countries. Even the phantasmagorists, in some places, although without the peculiar British flavour (others are available). /10. Image
It’s a most dangerous time.

Whoever you are, whatever your occupation, you either …

FIGHT & organise for what’s right

REFUSE to accept what’s wrong

EXPOSE corruption & lies

EXPLAIN the truth whenever & wherever you have the chance

… or you’re part of the problem. /11. End Image
P.S. ‘Lexit’ is a flavour of failed rationalism. Some supporters make a fair case that greater competition & budget (a bit) freedoms could allow better domestic economic & social policies. But: in truth, benefits only accrue if the elephants (EU etc.) allow. Why would they?
P.P.S. These ‘faces of Brexit’ are those of the ‘thinkers’ & ‘leaders’.

The millions of Leave voters’ fundamental motivations are well documented. There’s only slight, & for the most part accidental, overlap with the ‘leaders’’ agendas. Whichever ‘face of Brexit’ you choose.

• • •

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12 Sep
The problem.

A short 🧵.

Dedicated to @DavidGHFrost. /1.
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🇬🇧Winning. Case study 1.

A young sporting genius of Chinese & Romanian immigrant background is about to become the first British citizen in over 40 years to play in a women’s tennis Grand Slam final. /1.
Meanwhile, back in Britain, due to an insane policy no one wants any longer to admit being responsible for, all the Romanian and other truck drivers from the 500 million population continent which used to be the UK’s domestic market, … /2.
… for goods, services, people and capital, have quite understandably decided they’d rather stay as far away as possible from the 67 million population mess which badly needs them. Permanent food shortages now predicted.

Still, you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you? /3.
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The politics & geopolitics of Mary Jane - a tweeted treatise

A.A. Milne knew a thing or two about children & adult failings. And was the creator of political metaphors. Here, Mary Jane & her dinner.

If you have ten minutes & a hot brew (or rice pudding), settle in.

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How uncomfortable we (or some of us, at least) feel, recognising the description of inadequacies we share. /3.
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3 Sep
Brexit Britain on the brink.

You’ve heard of the Irish Trilemma. Solution? Ditch the Johnson Brexit.

Now it’s the Great British Trilemma:

A Johnson Brexit

B Spending

C Low inflation

A+B = rocketing inflation

A+C = austerity & recession

B+C = ditch the Johnson Brexit /1.
The Johnson Brexit (A), dislocates the UK from a major portion of its supply chains, labour force, goods & services market, research collaboration & more, shredding UK productive resources & capacity. /2.
As a result, scope for the government spending (B) required for the country to prosper & recover, without inflation running out of control, is constrained. Potentially severely. /3.
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2 Sep
In case you haven’t noticed, it’s official.

The Johnson Brexit (aka ‘freedom’) comes at a price.

So, you have a choice:

🔻go with the flow & face impoverishment

🔻enrich yourself while those around you are made poorer & less secure

🔻ditch the Johnson Brexit

Tricky. Image
Just for reference & as a reminder, here’s the complete catalogue of Brexit benefits Lord Frost presented to MPs👇
Whatever the price of the Johnson Brexit, it’s a price worth paying. Because, as Lord Frost revealed to Anand Menon, there’s one super-convincing benefit … 👇
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13 Aug
.@TomTugendhat makes powerful points on the consequences of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

For people in Afghanistan itself, of course.

And for the world, if the power & reliability of the US & its allies is thrown into doubt.

It mustn’t be. So what’s the plan?

A 🧵/1.
.@TomTugendhat’s concerns are easy to understand & widely shared

But, President Biden & his team have the unenviable, existentially vital task (for the US, all its allies & the world at large) of leading a global order confronted by unprecedented challenges: /2.
▪️world environmental & health crisis;

▪️political, economic & security destabilisation, arising from systemic geopolitical rivalry with Xi’s CCP-led China, & serious disruptive potential from Putin’s KGB-captured Russia; /3.
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