Max Blumenthal on Washington DC ruling class.

Their “personality is suggestible, submissive, has advanced degrees but is actually extremely uneducated. Washington DC — this entire area — we call it the DMV”
Gives example of Thomas Friedman, who married an heiress, hides in his multiple DC mansions while he writes about how the world works, & gets laughed at by normal people.

“These people culturally are not accountable to any real people. They’re in their own little Elysium bubble”
On Thomas Friedman’s “conversations with taxi drivers”

“That’s the joke about him, because it perfectly encapsulates the parachute mentality of these people. The only real people they meet are those who give them rides”
Describes White House press conferences as insular meetings of pathetic sycophant strivers.

Jen Psaki is an “alpha female who goes to SoulCycle”, who the “frumpy reporters” want approval from. Peter Doocy is the failson of a conservative shock jock, & the token adversary.
On booster shots: “there’s no critical questions like ‘what does this say about vakseen efficacy’ or ‘will this be the last booster shot?’.”

It’s all about “how quickly can you get out the booster shots? Will the booster shots be the boostiest shots that we ever shot?”
On January 6, Blumenthal was in DC thinking “where the f*ck are the police?… they obviously stood down to lead the Trumpians into this political trap, & lead the American public into the current era we’re in. The post January 6 era has been layered atop The New Normal”
On The New Normal’s censorship:

“This is the hardest censorship we’ve ever experienced…. YouTube is removing congressional hearings… [and] press conferences with governors… Twitter is putting warning labels on people who make factually accurate statements”
Describes censorship push as starting with Hillary Clinton’s “fake news” speech.

“Fake news, I thought, was the seedy websites where false clickbait stories were written in order to generate ad revenue.”
“But what she was talking about was anything that contravenes the establishment’s narrative & interferes with our ability to gain the compliance of the American public, & specifically the educated middle class”
Describes how the coordinated censorship started with Alex Jones, who was even removed from Pinterest.

Blumenthal spoke out about this “dangerous precedent”, while he “saw the red rose DSA types acting like it was Victory Day after WW2”
“It’s so obvious that lockdowns hurt workers… that we’re being lied to given the hard censorship… that the biomedical security regime being ushered in is going to be a massive boon to the global capitalist predator class… but it’s been so hard to convince people on the left”
“Everything’s hiding right there in plain sight in front of us, but it’s so hard to say it… Everyone’s just sleepwalking through this era.”

“You need the constant fear of mortality. It not only shuts down debate. It forces the media consumer to reckon with their own mortality”
“The virus, as in classical fascist rhetoric, has been merged or rendered indistinguishable from a segment of the public that is supposed to instill fear in those of us who are supposed to be enlightened & progressive.”
“In the US it’s the QAnon MAGA-chuds, the Trump troglodytes who are the anti-maskers and who are spreading the virus & threatening our children”
“It becomes fused into the culture war. You’re not on the left, & you’re not progressive if you’re taking this position, because it inevitably lines you up with our ideological foes who are threatening [us]… the barbarians inside the gates”
“Anytime I question (am I going crazy here?) I look at the arguments on the other side and it makes it very clear that they don’t actually have arguments. It’s just deception.”
Says anti-lockdown left wingers need to start organizing.

However, “it is not possible to argue w/ the Branch Covidians… you cannot reason them out of something they did not reason themselves into… they become afraid of you if you even try. It just breeds resentment.”
“instead focus on highlighting the contradictions… continuing to look for the buried news, and talking to people who are experiencing the pain of the New Normal regime.”
“To highlight the protests. To continue to show French stormtroopers beating someone for entering a shopping mall. Forcing our leftist colleagues to look at what’s being done in the name of policies that they supported”

“It’s already… causing confusion among many of them”
Max Blumenthal on the media’s choice to ignore inconvenient stories.

“It speaks to the repulsive, bootlicking culture that prevails. I have trouble even calling them ‘the media’. They’re stenographers for various imperial & financial institutions, & they’re information warriors”

• • •

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11 Sep
Fascinating discussion (Part 1)

A black lawyer suggests she has empathy for the “white supremacists” that Talia Levin profiles. Floats constructive ways to engage with them.

Talia Levin freaks out over her “sympathy for the devil” & wants antifa violence against them.
"What are you even advocating for!?"

Talia Levin cannot emotionally handle the idea of engaging with the Americans she profiled, & lashes out at the host.
"If I had known this was going to be an extended conversation about the utility of deradicalization vs. antifascism, I absolutely would not have agreed to be on this podcast"

Takes a literal deep breath bc she's so horrified by the idea of "intimacy" over pure violence.
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10 Sep
When you consume or post misinformation, you destabilize the network
This guy has good videos

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10 Sep
Wow very thought provoking content coming from the “Intellectual Dark Web”.
It’s like that annoying utilitarian trolley diagram in undergrad philosophy class, but even more inane & ignoring how these events were both pretexts for the ruling class to consolidate power & push insane policies that we would never otherwise accept. Image
Reading old authors, one can’t help but be blown away by their insight.

This total mediocrity giving “trolley argument but even dumber” should not be a leading pundit.
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10 Sep
The ruling class gets high off restructuring society in insane ways that hurt you.

They impose taboos that it make it impossible for you to criticize what they’re doing.

When the taboos break down, they resort to vulgar “biomedical” security measures.
They’re constantly “testing the waters” to see what they can get away with.

Every time they get away with some transgression, they up the ante.

It’s pure risk-taking Machiavellianism. There is no morality or common affinity to appeal to.
Many of these people are financial speculators who reached their position by taking massive risks & beating the market.

Vulture capitalists who gutted companies to accumulate unprecedented wealth.

They’re making leveraged bets on actions that increase their wealth & power.
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10 Sep
Underrated tactic: the next GOP candidate should fully align himself with the pro-cryptocurrency lobby.

The crypto community feels very alienated by Gensler’s SEC. They’re well-capitalized, competent, & have mass support, especially among young.

Many are “single issue” voters.
I’ve been watching crypto YouTubers. All of these people are freedom-loving and populist, opposed to IMF & central banking cartel.

They make arguments that supporting crypto will keep talent in the US, supporting our dominant global position.

You want these people on your side.
They’re freedom-loving but not unrealistically libertarian. Most welcome some kind of nationalist regulatory framework.

They’re not getting it at all from Gensler’s SEC, and they’re pissed off.

They have tons of money & talent, and crypto tech is exploding.
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31 Aug
“Open Society” = controlled by billionaires
A bridge too far
The ruling class had no problem with China until they focused on:

+making billionaires contribute to society
+expanding the middle class
+expanding the social safety net
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