Kyland’s strategy breakdown—what I think is happening (a thread)

Kyland’s ultimate target is Big D. Why?

1/16 #BB23
Because X would rather sit in F2 next to Big D. This is apparent. Ky has declared (altho we do not know if it is the truth) that he wants to sit next to “the best” at the end and he believes that is X.

What is his greatest threat to that? Big D.

2/16 #BB23
In this move, Ky ultimately brings X closer to him by removing Big D from the equation. I was surprised X did not push back to Ky re:Big D possibly going up, but since he has no power & could end up OTB himself, it’s best if he just goes along with whatever Ky wants.

3/16 #BB23
X is nothing if not pragmatic.

As for Tiff and Hannah, it appears he put them on the block just to offer them a lifeline to safety. He did this exact same move to Claire a few weeks ago, remember?

4/16 #BB23
Tiff right now is offering Ky THE MOON for keeping her. Hannah isn’t far behind. Are they lying to him? Maybe. But he can’t forget they both laid out a path to the end with him *before* he gained this ultimate power.

5/16 #BB23
That, I believe, holds a lot of weight with him. He may realize he will need to split the girls up next, but he may expect X to do that, as X’s target on Tiff will not abate and will likely only grow. Ky not sending Tiff to jury by his hand is good for him.

6/16 #BB23
His biggest concern in many of these recent discussions is: what will Az do? He has made a pact with Az that for staying off the block, she has pledged her vote to him. (They also have an overall safety deal until F4.)

7/16 #BB23
He can tell her who to vote for and she will. Even if it is Big D. But he isn’t sold on her truthworthiness just yet, so part of this for him is a trust exercise with Az. Will she do what she says she will do?

8/16 #BB23
Ky implied to X that is part of the reason he is doing this, saying he wished to test Az because if she flips (in this scenario, flipping the vote to send Big D out), he would rather have that happen when he is NOT on the block.

9/16 #BB23
In reality, Az is his guarantee that he has the votes to remove Big D (only 2 votes are needed this week so Az and whichever girl comes down is all that is needed). But if that went bad, he is screwed, thus all the questions to everyone about Az.

10/16 #BB23
Could X get mad, win HOH and target him in the double? He could. But in this scenario, Ky should be saved by the other 3 ladies (with Az’s pact and Tiff and Han’s moon shot). He skates by to F4.

11/16 #BB23
As for Big D, Ky knows he has done nothing to warrant getting to F2. We all see that. He is the goat. To let him get close to those finals chairs would be a smack in the face to the game they have all played together. He is not a winner they can all be proud of.

12/16 #BB23
Big D is the weakest link in the Cookout. I believe Ky sees that removing Big D is best not just for his personal game, but the overall game.

Now, which lady will he take off the block? That is the big question right now.

13/16 #BB23
Tiff’s presentation was much more thorough than Hannah’s was. He may be considering taking Tiff off instead of Hannah, altho I do not know how he will explain it to X. Removing Hannah is the path of least resistance right now so that is where I bet he will fall.

14/16 #BB23
Ultimately, he can accomplish his mission taking either route.

This could be Kyland’s game winning move. Still a lot of steps from here to there, of course, but he is setting himself up beautifully to get to the finals.

15/16 #BB23
We know he can win comps, so as long as he has the votes to stay next week (i.e. thru the double), he has an excellent shot at those F2 chairs. That is why Big D has to go.

16/16 #BB23
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