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Exit interviews from #BigBrother 24 state that the finale results were predetermined before the final Head of Household took place; the deciding juror’s were HEAVILY influenced in their decision making process by Production and Media members! Let me explain:

Readers: Reality TV is different then a #GameShow. #BB24 is #RealityTV and therefore Production has NO legal obligation to keep things ‘fair’ by not influencing house-guests & competitions. (Game Shows by comparison are LEGALLY required to maintain a standard of ‘fairness.’)
Taylor’s eloquent finale speech was IRRELEVANT to the final jury vote! The jury vote was PREDETERMINED before the final HoH was even done! Turner revealed that the jury members told him that their vote was already decided at the earlier round-table discussion!
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A noite de formação de Paredão movimentou muitas conversas e desabafos durante toda a madrugada do #BBB22 💬

Vem conferir tudo o que rolou ⬇️ #RedeBBB
A indicação de Paulo André e a formação do Paredão deixaram o clima tenso no Quarto Grunge 🤯
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Another Business Friday is here!
Here are accounting tips for small businesses:
This is a thread 🧵
Tip 1: Separate business and
personal expenses
Tip 2: Open a business bank account
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Regarding my alliance charts, a thread. #BB22 #BBLF

I started doing these charts for myself, because I wanted to see the alliances overlapped on top of each other, to get a better sense of where loyalties lie. 1/11
I used to make messy pencil drawings, but last year I decided to get fancy, use some color and share them. Happily, other fans seemed to appreciate them, so I did them again this year.

I’d like to share the few rules that I try to adhere to when making the charts. 2/11
Getting the layout to work is *always* king, especially in the early weeks when there are so many people to fit in. Therefore, I will break any rule to get the layout to work. That being said, here are the rules I try to stick to:
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Whatever. Here is Chart #15.

#BB22 #BBLF #BB22AllianceChart Image
@lotusshan is absolutely right. I made another mistake, which I try so hard not to do. Wise Guys v.1 should have CODY, not Tyler. I apologize. #BB22 #BBLF
CORRECTED: Whatever. Here is Chart #15.

#BB22 #BBLF #BB22AllianceChart Image
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So David told Day & Bay that Cody & Tyler told him last week that Day was part of the campaign against him (this was true information at the time, but David didn't believe it). #BB22
There are some potentially big ramifications from this. If Bay no longer feels like she can trust Tyler, he'll be forced to rely more on Cody, and the potential Tyler insurrection will be cut off at the knees as he's forced to contend with Bay & Day before he goes for Dani. #BB22
Ideally, Bay can take in this information and stay the current course with Tyler while changing up the overall game plan surrounding the Slick Six. It's time to start running counter plays. They should have some time while Kaysar is still the target. #BB22
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I'm seeing a lot of people confused about the timeline of Tyler & Kaysar. But we had Night One feeds, so we don't have to rely on hearsay or memory. So after double checking my notes and a few other sources, here's a thread of the timeline:
- Cody never told Tyler he was targeting Kaysar & Janelle before Safety
- Kaysar told Dani before Safety that he thought Tyler & Cody might be working together and that Tyler being nice is his strategy, so he's keeping his eye on him
- After Safety, Tyler talked to Cody about noms and Cody told him he was putting up Keesha & Kevin. He still didn't say he'd planned on putting up Kaysar or Janelle
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You get an alliance, and you get an alliance, and every body gets an alliance!

It is what it is.

Unless things change and Memphis pulls out some crazy move tomorrow morning (unlikely as of this moment), bye-bye Nicole A!

#BB22 #BB22AllianceChart @hamsterwatch Image
I knew there would be some mistakes or errors on my alliance chart and this was a stupid one: The Commission is Cody and Memphis, not Tyler and Memphis. Sorry about that! #BB22 #BBLF
CORRECTED: You get an alliance, and you get an alliance, and every body gets an alliance!

It is what it is.

Unless things change and Memphis pulls out some crazy move tomorrow morning (unlikely as of this moment), bye-bye Nicole A!

#BB22 #BB22AllianceChart #BBLF @hamsterwatch Image
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