An article by a RSS-man publicly deriding his father 4 being a Marxist. The man has a certain following within RSS who see nothing wrong in this&happily share his thoughts on everything including Swami Vivekananda.Raises some troubling questions about RSS:…
This article adds to a body of evidence that RSS is antithetical to Sanatan Dharma. For what does Sanatan Dharma say about how a son should treat his father ? পিত স্বর্গ, পিতা ধৰ্ম
পিত পরমংক তপ
পিতৃ প্রীতিমাপন্নে প্রীয়ন্তে সর্ব দেবতা
Translation of the shloka in Sanatan Dharma on father:
My father is my Heaven
My father is my Dharma
He is the ultimate penance of life
If he is pleased, all deities are pleased
It is also a Sanatani sanskriti to pay homage to ancestors including father on Pitri paksha of Mahalaya, Not sure that exceptions are to be made if father becomes Marxist.
It is not only troubling that this man was publicly deriding his father, but also that his following within RSS have been cheering him on. To my knowledge in Stalinist Russia and Maoist China children were encouraged to turn on parents and publicly humiliate them.
What does RSS teach in its Shakhas ? To humiliate parents if their ideologies are antithetical to RSS’ ? This needs to be asked. How much damage are they inflicting on Indic civilization by importing such toxicity from who knows where ?
Let us now invoke some common human values. We don’t choose our parents, so in real life we do disagree with them in day to day affairs as also in socio political ideology. So, we are often unable to follow Sanatani principles in letter.But to diss them publicly is another level!
Then there is a thing called loyalty.Loyalty starts with ur family,but one hopes that it does not end there. It goes on 2 more abstract associates such as values,principles, ethnicity, religion, country. But if one is not loyal to family, one can’t be loyal to any other attribute
If you deride anything or anyone in public, you are not loyal to the same. Loyalty 101. No wonder then RSS men of lower ethnicities publicly deride their ethnicity, language etc. They can’t be loyal to these as they have been indoctrinated to be disloyal 2 everything.
Make no mistake, these people are not loyal to their religion or country either. They are publicly deriding their parents today to please their RSS bosses, tomorrow they will deride any other attribute RSS encourages them to.
Let us now contrast their choices to the best India has known in modern history - freedom fighting revolutionaries. Were they loyal to their parents? Depends upon the metric one uses.
The freedom fighting revolutionaries could not stay home to ensure the well-being of their parents. Nor could they abide by their wishes all the time. At times, they chose their path knowing that the imperialists wouid persecute their parents.
But having read many of their memoirs I haven’t come across any instance in which the freedom fighting revolutionaries have publicly derided their parents for being less than heroic or even serving the British Government.
For a concrete example, let us take the case of Subhas Chandra Bose. His father was a Rai Bahadur, and therefore served the British Government. His brothers would likely have taken the same path if not for him.
Reading his letters with your father and brother, one gets to know that they opposed his decision to turn down the civil service commission after he excelled in ICS exam. He did it anyway. His friends have written about frictions with his family early on in his political life.
Yet, read how affectionately he recalls his parents in his memoir, particularly after his father passed away. He recalls only the attributes he cherished him for. His cherished possession was a watch his father gifted him after clearing an exam.
Subhas Chandra Bose was devastated after his father passed away and braved British jail to return to India for his last rites and followed all the rituals dutifully. All this despite the fact that he ardently abhorred the British.
This is Indic, that is RSS.
BJP can be a political vehicle as a means towards a societal end,
like every other political party.For West Bengal it would be 2 get rid of religio-supremacist totalitarian thuggery of TMC.A political support for a political party needs to be de correlated from assessment of RSS
RSS is an ideologically perverted non-Indic organization in multiple dimensions: ethnic hatred, ethnic hierarchy, anti intellectualism, non Indic values (one example is in the thread above). Not every1 in RSS may be indoctrinated per its worse but many are.
So, its best to be wary of any one who has been associated with RSS for a considerable length of time, until the default assumption is negated through case specific knowledge.
Came across a good news lately - attendance in RSS Shakhas is plummeting due to its various perversions in many places. Let’s hope that the phenomenon strengthens. জয় মা দূর্গা!

• • •

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15 Sep
RSS is not a Hindu organization, and should never ever be mistaken as such. Consider the temple destruction spree in Karnataka under the nose of B. L. Santosh, all powerful RSS man. BJP is a political party, meaning, the choice is political & ought to be on state by state basis.
Loyalty to a political party is a false virtue. Loyalty should only be to causes.
Some of the values of RSS, latest that I noted is abusing and humiliating parents in public (refer to my thread on Rakesh Simha and some other RSS cadres), are quite antithetical to Sanatan Dharma.
Read 4 tweets
15 Sep
One of the most poignant movies that I watched have been “Coming Home”… on the horrors of Maoist cultural revolution, of minors pressurized to turn in their parents. Watch it, read the article below&the thread. The similarity in mindset of RSS is striking:
The parallels between Maoist China & Stalinist Russia & the mindset of RSS men publicly humiliating their parents, cheered on by fellow RSS men, in the name of Dharma has/will jar quite a few nerves. But it has to be said & pondered upon.
Neither any political party nor any mafia org will stop me from speaking out truth as I see it, that includes post poll violence in Bengal & the toxic culture of cheering on the depravity of turning on parents.
Read 7 tweets
14 Sep
A poignant Chinese movie showing impact of a minor daughter turning in her dad during Cultural Revolution. How it destroyed the entire family, including the daughter out of guilt.Seems RSS teaches this,looking at support 4 deriding father by Rakesh Simha.…
At least Dandan was a minor and heavily pressurized when she turned in her father.She suffered intense remorse all her life seeing how her family was destroyed by that act.RSS man Rakesh Simha humiliated his father as an adult & presumably for some incentives. No guilt whatsoever
And, scores of RSS fanboys are supporting deriding father for being a Marxist! The level of distortion of basic human values RSS accomplishes is mind boggling !
Read 4 tweets
14 Sep
To defend Rakesh Simha’s caricature of his parents, his fellow RSS men are bringing up Pandava’s fight against their family. So typical of RSS to equate Dharma Yuddha with caricaturing, throwing slurs etc. But that’s what most of them get by Yuddha,cowardice is rampant in the org
Equivalent of Dharma Yuddha in modern societal setting is to follow the politics of your choice, if necessary, in opposition to anyone including parents. Following a different politics in RSS mind invariably involves abusing, deriding, humiliating, throwing slurs etc.
Those who can’t distinguish between Dharna Yuddha and abusing, should remove themselves from my TL, if they have a habit of commenting. Commenting is fine provided value systems/intellect levels have a complete mismatch.
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14 Sep
One of the values I take seriously is loyalty, which includes, loyalty to family, other than other identities, religion, language, nation, etc. Blocked all those who defended RSS man Rakesh Simha’s caricaturing of his own father just because the father was a Marxist.
Don’t believe that loyalty involves obedience.1 should not unquestioningly obey parents,may be,not even when one is a kid (the latter is debatable,but personally I didn’t even at that stage). Loyalty however is defending them when under attack or at least never publicly humiliate
We don’t choose our parents. Its perfectly natural not to agree with their politics. One should most certainly practice one’s politics regardless of what parents think.But that doesn’t mean one should throw slurs at parents or humiliate them in public.Rakesh Simha is typical RSS!
Read 4 tweets
14 Sep
ভবানীপুরে কঠিন লড়াই মমতার জোর টক্কর দেবেন প্রিয়াঙ্কা টিব্রেওয়াল - অরুণাভ ঘোষ ওনার মুখে ফুল চন্দন পড়ুক! Arunava Ghosh predicts a tough fight between Mamata & Priyanka, says result unclear. May he turn right!
Arunava argues that in 2016 even in the Bengali areas Mamata had to face a tough fight. She won only because of the Muslim vote in Khiddirpore. She escaped to Nandigram because she no longer perceived Bhabanipur as a safe seat.
What he may be missing is that in each bypoll the ruling party starts with a huge advantage. TMC is still in its honeymoon period. So I disagree with his assessment, purely logically speaking, my heart of course agrees with him fully.
Read 5 tweets

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