Thanks to @/diannaeanderson going down a rabbit hole A list of "Darren Agee...AHA, her 2003 conviction fo...
These are her court cases with ID # so anyone can look them up. I apologize but I am not able to add alt text descriptions to these. ImageImageImageImage
Per @diannaeanderson: "Doing a search from case number is completely free on the LASC site, so people can look up the charges for themselves and see that a lot of it is the criminalization of the intersections between houselessness, being trans and being a sex worker."
Tagging @TGirlTherapist because faer video started this
Tagging @transscribe this thread has information about the person charged with indecent exposure at Wi Spa in June, doesn't show a sexual predator. Rather it shows someone being criminalized for being unhoused, trans, and a sex worker.
Anyway, adding some stuff about the head sheriff dude at LASD and his tactics and attitudes

I've said before this whole thing has a project veritas feel about it and isn't it extremely convenient/weird that one or more evangelical Christians show up at an LGBT-friendly spa while an unhoused trans woman sex worker is at the spa.
Maybe, say, four evangelical christian women and one girl all to file a total of five complaints of indecent exposure under penal code 314 (1). Plus at least one dude to stand in the lobby and record the woman who posted the first video.
Like I guess the question is how these people would know to be at that time and place to catch a trans woman who could be falsely framed as a sexual predator and pedophile based on a distorted version of her criminal history?
Anyway, then we have the internal LASD document naming the trans woman as the suspect and just baldly declaring she falsely claims to be a trans woman to gain access to women's spaces, something not reflected in her "criminal history."
Anyway, that sheriff really is far right huh
Of course, another possibility is the fact that the Trans Wellness Center in that area is literally .4 mile away from Wi Spa. I'm told that this area has a lot of trans people, so she could have just been going there until she saw a trans woman.
google.com/maps/dir/Wi+Sp… ImageImage
They also help unhoused people with housing, so that's a thing.

Anyway, this video was my starting point which prompted D.E. to look deeper and here we are. Worth watching.

Cool cool definitely indicative of how this situation can be manipulated no sarcasm

Correction on this: It's 653K (possession of a switchblade) not 653 (tattooing a minor)

The terfs found it

So please report them and block. When I see replies I'll deal with them. If you want to debate them, untag me

Too bad I'm not wealthy so I can't hire a lawyer to threaten someone's free speech over falsely saying I tweet porn at kids
Anyway, would I imply that Andy Ngo, evangelical Christians, LASD, terfs, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, etc all cooperated in this? 😇 Don't need to. They don't need to organize together, all of their work simply has the same goal and they can easily piggyback off each other
Finally I have to apologize. I don't usually do this but I don't want to have to clear fash out of the replies themselves or let them sit and fester for hours so I'm turning off replies from non-followers. I'm grateful for everyone who's helping spread this, thank you.

• • •

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14 Sep
Ah cool SNAP got boosted but also the pandemic benefit was removed so now it's $100 less a month for food

I knew this was coming but it doesn't make me any happier
For some reason I now only need 2/3 as much food as I was eating before because the pandemic...isn't actually over?
I try to eat as cheaply as I can to begin with (not counting occasional delivery but I'm cutting back on that), but I also buy pre-prepared foods so I can just have a meal without doing more than nuking. Because I am tired all the time and have no energy.
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13 Sep
Well this is extremely interesting

This video does not dunk on Jessie Gender who is very cool and pinned this video in her comments on the original video.

The important thing here is that "Darren Agee Merager" may not exist and if she does her "sex offense" was being a woman in a women's space
I agree with @TGirlTherapist that a lot of people were really quick to give up ground to this narrative and condemn a possibly fictional person on the basis of an interview?? with Andy Ngo??? in the New York Post????
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13 Sep
It's wild watching callouts against trans women mutate over time into increasingly extreme accusations of things that didn't exactly happen that way.
And like no one even checks? Just, well, okay, a trans woman did it? She's the worst.
And I think aside from the blatant transmisogyny here, it actually makes it difficult to be critical of the actual stuff that actually happened if the trans woman/women in question did something actually bad
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12 Sep
It's amazing the things people get called out for on this website, and if it's framed just right some people just go right along with it even though it's bonkers as fuck
Like I can't say I've never had really bad call outs, but my experience with them tells me this is not justice it's often just harassment and sometimes defamation
Grist for the outrage mill, I guess
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6 Sep
The cool thing* about oppression is that they're systems, not individual people, so anyone can exploit existing systems to harm oppressed people (or often an oppressed person). And you can see people doing this on twitter dot com every day for free examples.
And it's not as if the stakes are low here. People get harassed until they have to leave, they get doxed, some die by suicide because of how relentless it can get and how much they can't escape it.
And you can see it work similarly offline. It's just often not quite so documented with so many easily available receipts.

So anyway, if someone tells me they can't oppress me I lose trust because it's not about their individual power, it's the systems they can use against me.
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6 Sep
So the thing I hate about Stevia being used as a sweetener is how you can't trust labels that say "no artificial sweeteners." You have to read the ingredients to make sure they're not slipping in nature's saccharine
I'm not eating a zero sugar diet or anything, that'd be ridiculous. But when I want something that doesn't have added sweeteners I mean I want no added sweeteners. None of them taste good to me, some cause migraines, and they all make the food inedible for me, at least eventually
While I'm here when they came up with Tab did anyone notice and say "Wait, this tastes like battery acid. Should we really sell this?"
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