1/ The Council for National Policy has spent 40 years destroying the country. Its members organized the Jan. 6 coup. They are responsible for a mass Covid disinformation campaign. They created the Tea Party and anti-maskers. exposedbycmd.org/2020/11/06/ope…
2/ So how come you don't know about them? Corporate media refuses to expose them. There's so little coverage that the first page of Google news results includes info on an unrelated play written by @anelsona, who wrote a book about the #CNP. Most coverage originates from her book
3/ Time and The Guardian just did pieces on #CNP Covid disinfo, which has led to countless deaths. Thanks @VeraMBergen, @peterhstone1. But this is simply not enough. Where's the "her emails" level coverage? After all Trump = CNP.
4/ CNP members who were also on Trump's team = Pence, Bannon, Cucinelli, Conway, Devos, Bossie, Blackwell, Bolton, Dunlop, Moore, Meadows, Sekulow, Starr, Teller, Giuliani, Pizella, Flynn. Essentially, the CNP was running the country during Trump's term.
5/ CNP members Robert and Rebekah Mercer picked his cabinet. wsj.com/articles/meet-…
6/ Here is an excellent thread by @jennycohn1 outlining their assault on public education:
7/ Here's our thread outlining how the religious extremist billionaires of the CNP are killing kids and paying front groups to scare parents into fleeing public schools. Again, as with the Tea Party, the anti-masker movement is a CNP creation.
8/ So, why must we rely solely on @truthout or @EXPOSEDbyCMD to inform us about the democracy ending activities of this cabal? truthout.org/articles/chris…
9/ Those in Trump's orbit who have given speeches to the CNP include: Nikki Haley, Alexander Acosta, Ben Carson, Chad Wolfe, Rick Perry, Reince Priebus, Chris Christie, Peter Navarro, Sam Brownback, Larry Kudlow, KT McFarland, Rand Paul, Bill Barr... exposedbycmd.org/2020/10/27/sec…
10/ It is highly likely that CNP is behind QAnon. nea.org/advocating-for…
11/ Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller was created with money from CNP member Foster Friess. Tucker called for "civil disobedience" over mask mandates. Sound familiar? substack.documented.net/p/tpusa-school…
12/ Infowars collaborator, Joel Skousen, is likely a CNP member. His father was: salon.com/2009/09/16/bec…
13/ This is all to say, we Americans must DEMAND from corporate media that they inform us extensively about this group and its members. It's the most sensational, scandalous story of our age, the fantasies of every conspiracy theorist realized. Would get clicks! Would sell ads!
15/ As we saw with Afghanistan, media can invent whatever form of coverage it would like. We must demand the whole scoop. We'll leave you with Anne Nelson's scoop from September of last year: washingtonspectator.org/anatomy-of-dec…


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23 Aug
1/ Corporate media put the blame for Afghanistan on Biden and his numbers are dropping. But the entire process was sabotaged by Trump et al. What factors made media avoid all context and report "Biden Chaos?"

1) An inherent RW bias
2) Media wed to military industrial complex.
2/ On RW bias: Though NOT ONE US person has died in the evacuation, media had Republicans who lied about the election on speed dial, ready to pass their propaganda onto the nation. Scalise and Scott are known public liars. Tapper assisted by making an absurd Saigon comparison.
3/ In its rush to pass on relentless RW messaging, few in corporate media provided Americans with any of the ESSENTIAL context that Trump, Pompeo, Miller, et al sabotaged the effort. Trump released the leader of the Taliban from prison!
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12 Aug
1/ Folks are perplexed as to why GOP governors like DeSantis would be as insane as they are in refusing to allow public schools to protect children. Why is the GOP waging a disinformation effort ON BEHALF of the virus? After all, it's terrible optics to the non-Q set. Image
2/ Most GOP pols are backed by tons of money from a billionaire funded web of far-right groups and think tanks, built over the last 40 years to return the United States to its pre-FDR roots. Big Oil Koch in league with wealthy Christo-fascists of the CNP. Image
3/ Current and former CNP members include Richard Devos, Mike Pence, Scott Walker, Tom Delay, Charlie Kirk, Wayne LaPierre, Leonard Leo, KellyAnne Conway, Grover Norquist, Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, Jay Sekulow. Massive overlap between CNP and all of GOP. Image
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