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I'm astounded that more don't realize Trump is merely symptomatic of what the GOP has become. He's a figurehead, important to understand!

Image 1: GOP path to extremism
Image 2: Koch influence
Image 3: Koch-connected Council for National Policy, the "genuine leaders" of the GOP
They're behind the extremist judges like Kavanaugh. Have you heard of The Federalist Society? the Judicial Crisis Network? Judicial Watch? Those are Koch and #CNP organizations.
The Mercers - with major ties to #CNP - backed Cruz for President, then Trump. They also have stakes in Cambridge Analytica and apparently Breitbart per chart. Rebekah Mercer connected Bannon with Trump.
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Some who claim to be Democrats have stated pretty definitively that @AOC is backed, favored, influenced, or funded by Russia. Well, that was worrisome, so I just went and took a look for myself.

I Googled "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Russia," and the results were disturbing.
Three top results confirmed the rumors.

The only problem with that is, ALL THREE are conservatively-biased, at least two propagate both misinformation and disinformation, and one was used by the 🇷🇺Russians as a weapon in the cyber attack on the United States.
Fox News is an 👀entertainment channel. More than half of its content is false/misleading. Its bias is far right.

The article confirming the rumor that Putin favors @AOC is an 👀opinion piece:…
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"Steve King. Ted Cruz. Marsha Blackburn. They're just 3 of a number of candidates with open white supremacist, nativist, anti-LGBTQ+ or antigovernment ties who won seats in the U.S. House and Senate during the 2018 midterms." #YearInHate
"Matt Gaetz
Florida | House

Won with 67.1%

Matt Gaetz was elected to his second term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He previously served in the Florida state House of Representatives."
"Gaetz invited Chuck Johnson, a white nationalist “Trump Troll,” to Trump’s State of the Union address in January 2018. Johnson is a Holocaust denier who developed WeSearchr, a payment platform for racist “alt-right” crowdfunding."
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"Former Blackwater Boss Hacked Election For Teflon Don" and attorney @SethAbramson's diligent observations resulted in post "a few more dots" of the following together, per @LibAmericaOrg's Darrell Lucas:
Erik Prince (of Blackwater fame), in an interview with Breitbart, "revealed that he had 'insider knowledge' of why Comey dropped his bombshell" regarding Hillary Clinton's email when he did.
Prince claimed that there was evidence of criminal activity among Clinton's emails, and "that the NYPD turned their findings over to the FBI and gave Comey an ultimatum–reopen the investigation, or we will hold a press conference of our own to announce a pile of arrests."
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This administration DOES NOT CARE about human rights. For Dominionists like Pence, it's part of their ideology not to be concerned about "global warming, over-population and large-scale species loss [as they] are 'unfounded or undue concerns.'"
See or #CNP
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When you see mention of the House Freedom Caucus and its hardcore conservatives like Meadows, remember their obstructionism:

"U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows helped engineer a federal government shutdown in 2013 in hopes of stopping the Affordable Care Act.."…
Meadows, a Transylvania County Republican who represents most of Western North Carolina, has played an important role in bringing about the current partial shutdown over a border wall with Mexico." (via @asheville)

So. Much. "Freedom." 😠

The HFC's founding members are Rep. Scott Garrett, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. John Fleming, Rep. Matt Salmon, Rep. Justin Amash, Rep. Raúl Labrador, Rep. Mick Mulvaney, Rep. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Mark Meadows.…
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Excerpt: "Brian Brown, who heads the International Organization for the Family [#IOF is the parent of #WCF, which is associated with both #CNP and Russia], cheered, 'The world is changing and we’re helping change it,'

claiming that “special interest agendas like the LGBT agenda are being rejected.” From a celebratory email Brown sent IOF supporters last week:

President Bolsonaro used his inaugural address to echo his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises:
'Let’s unite the people, value families, respect Judeo-Christian traditions, fight gender ideologies (and preserve) our values,' he said to a cheering crowd. Bolsonaro acted immediately to begin implementing his agenda upon being sworn into office this week,
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1/ #CNP Members and Organizations
"The Council for National Policy (CNP) is a body that mixes large numbers of ostensibly mainstream conservatives with far-right and extremist ideologues, mostly from the far fringes of the religious right...…
2/ "What follows is a list of 18 of the hardest-line #CNP members and links to information about them and their groups, when available, published in the past by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Groups designated by the SPLC as hate groups are marked with an asterisk (*).."
Tony Perkins
*Family Research Council
Washington, D.C.
CNP Vice President

* Designated as hate group
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1/"Earlier this week, it was reported that Karen Pence has been teaching art courses at the Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia. The school’s employment application asks applicants to sign a pledge to “live a personal life of moral purity.”…
2/"The application defines moral misconduct as “heterosexual activity outside of marriage (e.g., premarital sex, cohabitation, extramarital sex), homosexual or lesbian sexual activity, polygamy, transgender identity, any other..."
3/"...violation of the unique roles of male and female, sexual harassment, use or viewing of pornographic material or websites, and sexual abuse or improprieties toward minors as defined by Scripture and federal or state law."
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1/"According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the CNP mixes 'ostensibly mainstream conservatives with far-right and extremist ideologues,' including hate groups like the League of the South."…
2/"Many Koch network figures have been active members and officers in the Council for National Policy, several of whom served on CNP's Board of Governors alongside the League of the South’s Michael Peroutka (such as Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips..."
3/"From the top-down, Koch’s political operation is full of ties to white supremacy and hate groups. As evidenced by Marshall DeRosa, these ties also exist from the bottom-up."
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This is the Council for National Policy organization - the group behind Trump/Pence, etc. - re Trump's first 100 days: U.S. border, cyber, & military policies starting with the US/Mex border (4:30)."…
Source: @IndiePressWatch
The Council for National Policy (#CNP) is an umbrella organization & networking group for social conservative activists in the United States.The Nation has called it a secretive organization. It connects wealthy right-wing donors w/ top conservatives.…
Here's what the #CNP has planned for education in the United States. With the Heritage Foundation's support, of course.

Compare this to what DeVos has done as Secretary of Education:…

In. Plain. Sight.

Source… (near the bottom).
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On a cover sheet for the Council for National Policy’s foreign policy arm - the International Policy Forum...

TOM FITTON of Judicial Watch is attempting to perfect the forging of Paul Weyrichs signature.

#CNP #Resist #Trump
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1. My heart breaks for our country. What's worse is I knew this was coming for my entire life. How? I was forced to become one of them for 3 yrs.
I was a "Soldier of God" to take down the civil rights of the 50s & liberal rights of the 60s. -- Ask me anything about that plan.
2. I'll start off:
Q. What are the basic teachings in a far-right fundamentalist school (cult)?
A. Rich white healthy straight men are blessed by God to lead this nation. Everyone else must serve God by serving these leaders. Laws are created to support the leaders & empires.
3. Q. What is the basic fight? Why do they not help those who are suffering?
A. To them suffering on Earth is only temporary. If they hurt others to fulfill the plan, then it's God's will. The only way a person can stop hurting is to turn to God to go to heaven & suffer no more.
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@neeratanden Neera please look at the attached graphic. None of this happening is a coincidence. Trump was part of a long-term plan of the GOP to seize power. People like me have been trying to get anyone to listen to us. People don't understand the dangers we truly face. 1/
@neeratanden This is the group behind this coup. Almost everyone in this regime is a member. Their goal is christofascist theocracy by 2020. Why do you think there's been a push to rewrite the Constitution? 2/
@neeratanden Please look at these documents from #CNP for Betsy DeVos for the department of education. They are Dominionists not Christians. There's a huge difference. 3/
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Twitter, THIS is what @grantstern and I have been working on for A YEAR Republicans WROTE a BOOK on how to make 2016 happen. In 2004. In Russian. Published by the Russian Foreign Ministry. #TrumpRussia #Resist #BreakingNews…
Thread: @grantstern and I have spent a year uncovering a decades long Russian Intelligence operation being waged on a half dozen fronts. This is the story of the #GrandOldPutinParty
3. In Our first #GrandOldPutinParty story, from last year - We wrote about how Ed Lozansky emigrated here in 1977 posing as a Soviet dissident and was welcomed with open arms into the GOP. He then spent 40 years corrupting the party. #TrumpRussia…
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Why oh why would Leonard Leo, who runs the Federalist Society, want to hide a million dollar donation to Trump's inauguration?

Probably because the #CNP was still pretending they weren't all in on a coup back then. Oops.
Donors Capital Fund, DonorsTrust get money from the Koch Brothers and the DeVos (Prince) family. Money moves from there to the Federalist Society.

Koch Brothers (separately) and the Sarah Scaife Foundation are also big donors to the Federalist Society.…
Right-wing media has gone full Trump because they know Robert Mueller's investigation is FOLLOWING THEIR MONEY TOO.

There is no difference between the Trump line & the RW media line because the big players, the Koch Brothers included, have been in on this coup FROM. THE. START.
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1/ Rebekah Mercer is on the board of The Heritage Foundation. Top donors:

Sarah Scaife Foundation/Allegheny Foundation (same family)

Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (so, Erik Prince)

Howard Charitable Foundation…
2/ Howard Charitable Foundation is run by Alan Howard, who also heads Brevan Howard Asset Management.

Brevan Howard has performed poorly lately. Maybe some friends in China can help them out? Erik Prince's company is owned by the Chinese gov't after all.…
3/ January 2015:

Alan Howard spent $33 million on a penthouse at Trump International Hotel & Tower on Central Park West.

He paid nearly $12 million more than the pad's former owners forked out at the height of the real estate bubble in 2007.

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Ben Domenech took $36k to write PR for the Malaysian government and call it journalism. Same Malaysian PM caught up in the 1mdb scandal recently. No cause for concern here?

↕️↕️🚩🚩 Because this certainly looks concerning to me.

Elliott Broidy👆👆

Elliott Broidy ⬇️⬇️

"Donald Trump’s personal lawyer arranged for a $1.6m payment to a Playboy playmate in 2017 to keep secret her sexual relationship with a top Republican fundraiser and ally of Trump."

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"We have to replace Judge Scalia with justices of the Supreme Court like him. If Hillary Clinton gets in, she is now so far left, that we're never gonna have a country again. We're gonna end up being Venezuela. We're gonna end up being Venezuela." -DJT on July 27, 2016

cc @emlas
2/ We're trying to piece the GOP primary & campaign together. As I've said, there's intentional disinfo given to MSM.

January 8, 2016:

The Koch brothers' "concern over the policies of Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was especially clear."…
3/ So, Trump being the anti-establishment candidate, this either doesn't hurt him or helps him, right? The "establishment" wins by pumping money to Cruz and shoving out Trump, but they chose not to.

Then the stakes were raised in mid-February 2016 when Justice Scalia died.
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1/ From 2014:

"Red Sea LLC, Lerner’s firm, was paid $3.2 million working for the Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Action, the super PAC arm of Senate Conservatives Fund, in three of those races." cc @emlas…
2/ Friends of Pat Toomey PAC from 2016:

Red Sea LLC is Jon Lerner, protege of Arthur Finkelstein.

Harris Media is Vincent Harris, who worked for Rand Paul, Netanyahu, AfD etc.

Target Enterprises is Nick Ayers, who is now Mike Pence's chief of staff.…
3/ Two days ago, Pence chose Jon Lerner to be his new national security adviser. Lerner will continue as deputy to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, but he will also lead Pence’s foreign policy team and advise him on all national security issues.…
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Why would the founder and publisher of The Federalist want to nothingburger Mercer-owned Cambridge Analytica? Perhaps because Mercer and/or his #CNP friends fund The Federalist? Worth looking into, imo.…
The same guy, Ben Domenech, used to write for Mercer-funded Breitbart.…
So it's interesting to remember this point:
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1. The #KochBrothers & the #CNP plan to privatize education, just like Chile. This analysis of the Chilean education system shows that "privatization creates or deepens inequalities between socio-eco-nomic groups and creates a strongly segregated society."…
2. During the 1980s, under Pinochet, Chile saw:
* The introduction of a voucher system whereby schools are funded by the State on the basis of the number of students attending daily;
* The deregulation of school curriculum.…
3. Chile privatized its school system "in the name of efficiency and school ‘choice’. The theory was that commercializing the relationship between schools and families would thereby incentivize increased quality." Sound familiar?…
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1. Thread. Screenshots at end.
Here are some of the education goals of the Council for National Policy ("CNP") to which KA, Bannon, Pence, the Mercers, Wayne LaPierre, & DeVos's mom and father-in-law belong:

* "Restore Ten Commandments posters for all k-12 public schools,"
2. #CNP education goals continued:

* "Eliminate federal funding of state-operated schooling..."

* "Have DOE clearly state its intention to return complete sovereignty of k-12 education, development, and operation, to the states"
3. #CNP education goals continued:
* "Mobilize CNP Action and CNP individual members to fully support the dismantling of DOE..."
* "Implement select Bible classes..."
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THREAD on #ConstitutionalConvention
The Actors.

One of the key promulgators of the #CNP radical beliefs is Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan territory

An article proving that Scott Walker & #CNP want to call #ConstitutionalConvention…
Although Walker is not in the 2014 #CNP directory, he is the recipient of the "Paul Weyrich award" in 2012 just before his recall election.

Paul Weyrich is a #Koch network shill who founded the #CNP
What did Weyrich believe in ...?
Here’s a video of Paul Weyrich, the founder of #CNP , where he says "I don't want everybody to vote”

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