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Greg Abbott knows them.

to Heritage Foundation
from Texas Public Policy Foundation TPPF Image
Ted Cruz Image
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Working on some crazy shit rn.

Now I have clearer view of “dominionist.” Turns out they can have all sorts of conflicting beliefs but work together toward theocracy anyway.

They all think their flavor of god will prove them right. They can’t wait for “toldya.” (Rev. Moon) Image
I’m going to tie a few things together in this thread. Bear with me.

Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos’ father Edgar Prince was an ardent supporter of dominionist causes. James Dobson was close to the Princes. He will come up again.… Image
Edgar Prince was also a longtime member of the dominionist Council for National Policy #CNP

The CNP, along with all dominionists, exists to turn America into a theocracy. The founder Tim LaHaye was an antisemitic doomsday cultist who wrote fan fiction about “The Rapture.”
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This explains a lot. I’ve been looking into Tim LaHaye, founder of the Council for National Policy #CNP.

He was allied with the Moonies in the 80s, led a protest of Rev. Moon’s jailing, and received financial assistance in return.……
Thread on the #CNP.
Also follow @anelsona and @davetroy for more.

The CNP was designed from the beginning to push us toward the Rapture — a relatively new invention of Christian doomsday cultists — where everyone “saved” by Jesus will rise up to meet him.
Tim LaHaye was a master propagandist and wrote a series of books to promote his ideas of the Christian apocalypse.

The books detail LaHaye’s specific fantasies about the Rapture and the End Times.

It is fundamentally white supremacist accelerationism.
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Ali Alexander Akbar has been subpoenaed by the @January6thCmte which is great. 🇺🇸

But, he did all of it in the open. He organized the entire thing. He *rehearsed it at State Capitols.* Why has he been walking free for nine fucking months @TheJusticeDept?
Here’s Ali naming a number of Congresspeople as his co-conspirators in December. What is it again… October?
Newly relevant considering the AZ GOP is run by QAnon now.
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Feeling sideways reading this @guardian piece on the #CNP members. On the one hand, I feel relief that the conversation is happening, and on the other I'm concerned it will be brushed to the side like so much of the truly critical information is these days. /1
Our flow of information is so intensely rapid that the ability for the vast majority of Americans to appreciate the significance of certain threats and actually visualize their potential consequences is unsettling. /2
I know that it can feel safer to not know, but it would actually just be safer to know & to act in response to prevent the very likely destructive outcome.

So I ask the twitter-sphere; please do not let this go quietly. We have an opportunity here, let's not let it slip away. /3
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@RepRaskin "How the #CouncilForNationalPolicy, a #GOP Powerhouse, Helped Spawn Trumpism, Disrupted the Transfer of Power, & Stoked the Assault on the Capitol"- Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson.
@RepRaskin "Behind the secretive network that convinced Americans they cannot trust East Coast “elites.” An
interview with Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson. 👉…

#ShadowNetwork excerpt: 👉…
@RepRaskin @/davetroy : “The Entire "Big History" Behind #Jan6Insurrection with a new introduction & foreword. Synthesizing rigorous historical research w/ primary sources & disinformation studies, this framework helps explain what's happened & what may be next.”…
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This thread is about the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, its organization & membership, extremist ideology, promotion of "election fraud" claims & anti-public health stances, etc. /1
Republican Liberty Caucus, w/ HQ in Washington DC, was founded at the national level in 1991 as a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization. They pledge to shrink government, abolish programs, etc. Ron Paul was chair once & Rand endorsed for prez in 2016. /2
The head of the national Republican Liberty Caucus is Matt Nye of Melbourne, Florida. He ran unsuccessfully for #FL52 Florida State House in GOP primary against incumbent Thad Altman in 2018 & 2020. /3
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A #ShadowNetwork that must be brought into the light & aggressively countered
Family Research Council & their "action" offshoot--FRCAction are working in tandem w/Heritage, TPUSA, CNP & other right-wing Christian Nationalist orgs to dismantle public education systems & democracy.
A brief clip from the "Reporting for Duty: Intro to Boot Camp" session run by FRCAction.

Presentations incl: Heritage Foundation, Ethics & Public Policy Center, AEI, Leadership Institute, 1776 Project PAC & more
A REMINDER who was part of the leadership years ago.
Josh Duggar served as executive director tor the FRC.

"We are grieved by Josh’s conduct & the devastating impact of his pornography addiction & marital unfaithfulness,” FRC's Tony Perkins.…
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This piece of shit puts Steve King (Nazi-IA) to shame, and that is saying something.

“They want to replace the American electorate with a third-world electorate who will be on welfare” is what a nazi says when he wears a suit. Pure great replacement theory.
Not to be outdone is Most Punchable Face contestant Charlie Kirk. He runs TPUSA which is just a weird acronym for Hitler Youth. Charlie is a member of the dominionist terrorist operation Council for National Policy. #CNP
And here is #FishstickNazi @TuckerCarlson really jumping in with both feet. There are no fig leaves left with this guy. Praises Orban, snuggles with Erik Prince, does nazi shit.

Maybe because the feds already know about his Russia connections? No fucks left?
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I needed this good news.
Extremely interesting selection here. 👀🇺🇸
Bannon covers the Willard and co.
Meadows covers the White House.
Kash Patel covers the Pentagon.
Dan Scavino knows all about QAnon.

Solid start.
OK, look. The only way this works is if they make arrests when all of these people commit Contempt of Congress.

Bannon knows he’s caught. So does everyone else. He will do ANYTHING to stay out of prison. You must make arrests @January6thCmte.
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Yep. Guess who’s in the Federalist Society? The Director of the FBI. #FireWray
He here is right out there as a member of a theocratic operation to take over the Judiciary — which they have succeeded at, wildly.

Fuck this guy.…
While we’re at it fuck this guy too.
What the fuck?…
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The Council for National Policy (CNP) is an umbrella group. The right-wing leaders of most other prominent right-wing groups (ALEC, Bradley, Federalist Society, TPUSA, Leadership Institute, etc) are in the CNP. The fascist assault is coordinated. #Christofascism #CNP 1/
2/ Thread w/ sources. (I made a typo in post 1. I meant @FedSoc, not @fedsec.)…
3/ Current or recent CNP members include Cleta Mitchell (Bradley), Ali Alexander (Jan 6), Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon (fmr Cambridge Analytica), KellyAnne (fmr Cambridge Analytica), Ginni Thomas, Leonard Leo (Federalist Society), Lisa Nelson (ALEC), Blackwell (Leadership Institute).
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Whoopsie 👀
TFW I can email Erik Prince’s mom.

#DDoSecrets just published the full directory of the #CNP 😍
This should be fun.
Holy shit. Corsi? You mean Mike Flynn employee Tracy Beanz’ partner in running “Q” in 2018? lmfao
Unsurprisingly, basically every person in here is doing very sketchy shit.

What is this? Turns out that not only do the dominionists think they are prophesized to occupy Jerusalem, they think they get Iran too.
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Many fascist psyops are coming together to form an enormous doomsday cult.
I’m a barrel of laughs aren’t I?
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You only “stand firmly with Israel” because you are controlled by antisemitic apocalyptic ideologues who believe that Jerusalem must be occupied by Christians in order for Jesus to come down and rescue them on his magic carpet.

Fuck off.
ICYMI, the “Left Behind” series is doomsday fiction that portrays what happens to the Jews and the other heretics that have not been “saved” and therefore deserve eternal damnation.

It was written by the antisemitic dominionist founder of the #CNP Tim LaHaye.
The entire attempted fascist takeover we are experiencing is driven by accelerationism — the desire to hurry up and burn down the world so that the elites will rise. Dominionist doomsday theology is one of the primary examples.
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This tragedy was avoidable too you piece of shit.
The fact that @EzraACohen, Kash Patel, Chris Miller, Anthony Tata, Charles Flynn and the seditionists in Congress are still walking free is infuriating.

How many smoking guns do you need?
This weekend Kash Patel will get a #CNP award through Schlafly’s Eagle Council from theocratic fascist Mike Flynn who won it himself in 2018.

Kash Patel and @EzraACohen were partners in fuckery throughout the Trump administration.
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1/ The Council for National Policy has spent 40 years destroying the country. Its members organized the Jan. 6 coup. They are responsible for a mass Covid disinformation campaign. They created the Tea Party and anti-maskers.…
2/ So how come you don't know about them? Corporate media refuses to expose them. There's so little coverage that the first page of Google news results includes info on an unrelated play written by @anelsona, who wrote a book about the #CNP. Most coverage originates from her book
3/ Time and The Guardian just did pieces on #CNP Covid disinfo, which has led to countless deaths. Thanks @VeraMBergen, @peterhstone1. But this is simply not enough. Where's the "her emails" level coverage? After all Trump = CNP.……
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Unless you #VoteNoOnTheRecall you are going to get a theocratic fascist as your governor who will spend his term attempting to kill Californians like @GovRonDeSantis and @GovAbbott have murdered their constituents.

Is that what you want?…
California, whaddaya say? Chachi for Lieutenant Governor?
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On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Trump is speaking at a conference put on by Hak Ja Han Moon, the billionaire widow of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

She is seen as a literal deity by the Unification Church aka “the Moonies” — a 50+ year old violent christofascist cult. ImageImageImage
It’s hard to overstate how deeply harmful and deceptive this is. This is being pitched by a who’s who of establishment extremists as some sort of peace mission to unify Korea.

In reality it’s dangerous propaganda whitewashing a dangerous cult.

Dan Quayle, btw. Drink. 😑
The Moonies and many other cults use organizing for “peace” as a front for violent incitement.

Note that the World Anti-Communist League can be seen as the predecessor of the #CNP.… Image
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DeVos MLM cult Amway brings many threads together.

Here’s a 2014 Amway deal with Alfa, a sanctioned Russian bank that communicated with Trump Tower in 2016 through another DeVos company, Spectrum Health.

Ofc Betsy DeVos is sister of Erik Prince. #EFP…
Amway has been described by many of its members as a cult — specifically a dominionist prosperity cult doing business as multi-level marketing.

Here’s a first hand account:…
Here’s a fascinating comparison to the Moonies.…
This is a very thorough analysis of Amway using the BITE (Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotion control) Model by former Moonie @CultExpert Dr. Steven Hassan

TL;DR: It is indeed an authoritarian cult.…
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Wow. How did this escape notice?! Gaetz and Boebert introduced a bill to eliminate the Department of Education, a long term goal of Christian nationalists and thus the CNP. #CNP #AmericanTaliban
I’m not implying it will pass. Not yet anyway. But it proves they have no interest in improving public education. They want to take over school boards so that they can destroy public education.
Related thread about the CNP & its intent to destroy public education. Several of the key leaders pushing to ban mask mandates & CRT, etc are in the CNP (Flynn, Kirk, Morton Blackwell). They don’t want to improve public education. They want to destroy it.…
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Let’s review the 6-3 Court:
-They stole a seat from Obama and put on ultra-wingnut Gorsuch
-They cheated to get the White House in 2016
-They put a whiny rapist who perjured himself on the bench
-They stole ANOTHER seat and gave it to a dominionist cultist
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Mike Flynn continues escalating his rhetoric with very specific, dangerous signals appealing to white nationalists, apocalyptic dominionists and violent conspiracy cultists.

His latest messages constitute a call to various forms of holy war. #ArrestMikeFlynn

Every single thing that Mike Flynn posts is a dangerous lie designed to incite his audience to greater forms of frenzied anger, dissociation and violence.

He has 282,770 subscribers on @telegram and he is reposted in a significant part of the 400+ channels I follow.
But of everything he posted tonight it’s this that’s must dangerous and harmful. I watched this horrific garbage because I’m used to this shit but this filled me with a great deal of rage.

@DougBillings is a violent white nationalist dominionist helping Flynn mindfuck America.
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Mike Flynn’s employee and formerly part of “Q,” Tracy Diaz aka tracybeanz, screwed up and posted a letter from Chase canceling all of Flynn’s credit cards. 😬

They cited “reputational risk.”
Despite Mike Flynn’s efforts, it’s still a free country. 🇺🇸
Tracy says there was a “miscommunication” about whether to make it Flynn’s credit card cancellation public. I think she’s hoping that no one noticed.

Well, oops.
Oh what a glorious clusterfuck this is. It’s good to know Mike Flynn runs his current organization as well as he did the DIA and the office of the NSA. 😂

In all seriousness though #ArrestMikeFlynn.
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