1. Holocaust survivors support Prof. Bhakdi against false accusations, 13.9.21
Translated quote, 'After the shocking news reached us that the state-funded media has accused Professor Sucharit Bhakdi of being an anti-Semite, we decided to write this letter.'
2. 'We stand behind Professor Bhakdi because he speaks the truth.
You, the media, have lied to the people for years by preaching false lessons from the Holocaust.That is not the lesson of the Holocaust, that Jews must not be killed or questioned. No human being should be killed!'
3. 'The lesson of the Holocaust is that you must not stand by and participate when a minority is persecuted. They have instrumentalised the Holocaust for the opposite: to take away the will of people to resist injustice.'
4. 'And in this ungodly way you have prepared a new Holocaust and are in the process of implementing it.
We expressly warn that another holocaust is unfolding, only bigger and more sophisticated.'
5. 'The brutality with which you fight, deny, hurt and humiliate the opposition, both verbally and physically, serves to suppress the truth. Destroyed livelihoods, flat searches, occupational bans, forced detentions to psychiatric wards ..' ..
6. ..'and worse - this could be the story from our lives, but this is the reality we observe in Germany.
We will not be silenced.'

Auto-translated quote from report24.news/holocaust-uebe…

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16 Sep
“📓 Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee
Status 09/15/2021” from @CoronaAusschuss
“Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California (USA)..” ..
..”and co-founder of the ➥ Corona Investigative Committee, summarizes the Committee's findings to date and reviews the current status.
"If I had been told this a year ago, I would not have considered it to be possible.”
“Now, after questioning hundreds of experts, it is clear beyond doubt and provable: at no time was it about health."

RA Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to telegram channel here for the video update:
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15 Sep
'Medical nemesis is resistant to medical remedies. It can be reversed only through a recovery of the will to self-care among the laity, and through the legal, political, and institutional recognition of the right to care, which imposes limits ..' ..
..'upon the professional monopoly of physicians. My final chapter proposes guidelines for stemming medical nemesis and provides criteria by which the medical enterprise can be kept within healthy bounds. I do not suggest any specific forms of health care or sick-care, ..' ..
..'and I do not advocate any new medical philosophy any more than I recommend remedies for medical technique, doctrine, or organization.'
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15 Sep
Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis 1976. What clarity.
'Doctor-inflicted pain and infirmity have always been a part of medical practice. Professional callousness, negligence, and sheer incompetence are age-old forms of malpractice.'
'With the transformation of the doctor from an artisan exercising a skill on personally known individuals into a technician applying scientific rules to classes of patients, malpractice acquired an anonymous, almost respectable status.'
'What had formerly been considered an abuse of confidence and a moral fault can now be rationalized into the occasional breakdown of equipment and operators. In a complex technological hospital, negligence becomes "random human error" or "system breakdown," ..' ..
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15 Sep
Virusmutation - die Fehldeutung einer Fehldeutung 🇩🇪
"In der zweiten Folge unseres Sonderformats „Aus aktuellem Anlass“ beschäftigen wir uns ausführlich mit den angeblichen Varianten von SARS-CoV-2, mit denen sei Anfang 2021 nicht nur erneut Angst und Panik verbreitet wurde, .." ..
.."sondern die auch als Rechtfertigung für neue noch härtere Maßnahmen dienten.
Von „B.1.1.7“ bis zur „Delta-Variante“ werfen wir einen Blick auf die bekanntesten angeblichen Mutanten und beleuchten, wie die Ideen der SARS-CoV-2 Varianten entstanden ist .."
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15 Sep
1. 'The Cancel Culture - in the Rubikon exclusive interview, comedian and YouTuber Nikolai Binner explains how his industry has forgotten how to hold up a mirror to the power elite and why he is no longer invited anywhere.'
Auto-translated quote follows rubikon.news/artikel/die-ca…
2. 'Since the majority of the leading media have lacked the courage to criticise the ruling elite for quite some time, this task is increasingly being given to another profession: cabaret artists, satirists and comedians.'
3. 'Their daily bread is - or was - to hold up a mirror to the ruling elite & point out all the errors and absurd statements of those politicians who have been telling us for the past year and a half that we are currently experiencing the "worst pandemic since the black plague".'
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15 Sep
1. Another quote from the transcript of a speech delivered by Archbishop Viganò, 28.8.2021
"We should have understood – I wrote it some time ago – that the Great Reset plan was not the result of the ravings of some “conspiracy theorist” but the crude evidence of a criminal plan,"
2. .."conceived for decades and aimed at establishing a universal dictatorship in which a minority of immeasurably rich and powerful people intends to enslave and subjugate the whole of humanity to the globalist ideology."
3. "The accusation of “conspiracy theory” could perhaps have made sense when the conspiracy was not yet evident, but today denying what the elite has planned since the 1950s is unjustifiable."
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