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13 Sep, 16 tweets, 4 min read
Weirdly, I actually know the answer to this. Knew it as soon as I heard it.

Pretty cert the Matrix version of White Rabbit is the same one that was on the soundtrack for The Game (1997), which was a very slightly up-mixed version from Jefferson's 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow.
I know this (or think I do) because I remember hearing it in an otherwise mediocre film as a 17 year old and it blew my mind so fucking much I bought the soundtrack on Cassette.

Good luck finding it today though.
Good news is that it really is only slightly different from the Surrealistic Pillow mono version. Which you can find on Spotify here, and is a critical part of my "Music for drunken night bus trips home from Central London" personal playlist.…
You do want the mono version though. It's the slightly dirtier, deadened sound that makes it.

The stereo cleaned up version is empirically better, but it loses the claustrophobia element.
(Also you then get the proper Eric Clapton-esque random guitar ending bit on the Spotify version which always makes me laugh)
This is because it's a dump-and-run of the original single tape.

Always keep an eye out for these on Spotify on the end of old albums as they're pretty glorious when you find them. Because they've not been through whatever process a remaster has decided will be good. Human or AI
RANDOM MUSIC HISTORY SIDEBAR: Always worth remembering that good bands then and now master for the medium they primarily care about.

Brothers in Arms was the first album properly mastered for CD (and thus arguably generic digital) for example.
And this is why a lot of stuff today that's "generic pop", or by a clever artist/studio that realises their primary audience is "school kid on a bus" will actually sort the levels so they bias towards shitty cheap iPhone headphones or phone speakers.
No point being sniffy about that. Fair play to them. It's what artists have always done. The tech and medium changes, the goal doesn't. I always find that utterly fascinating.
FINAL SIDEBAR: White Rabbit is doubly fascinating as a song because it's a rare example of a 'pre-trailerised' track. i.e. one that, in it's original recording, actually hits all the emotional beats the studios now try to artificially create in Trailer Covers.
And yes. Trailer Covers is both a genre and an actual industry now. It's about taking a familiar song and slowing it right down so people hook on the lyrics and pay attention as they're intrigued by the musical shifts - and thus focus on (and share) the trailer too.
Don't believe me?

Sony Music have a whole department dedicated to creating them.…!
Why yes, "why does music sound different across different platforms/devices I own?" was indeed one of those (white) rabbit holes I fell down at one point in my life.
UPDATE: Really good point from a former studio engineer here and with hindsight I completely agree.

It's likely the same idea producing (in audio terms) the same result, the same way (fiddling with the EQ compression):
Also apologies to any studio engineers if I've critically mangled my terminology up thread.

This was just a mind dump of things I know. And drinking is normally involved in the process of knowing things. This results in critical vocabulary not being retained. Just the fun bits.
This whole thread brought to you by every pissed convo I've had with a sound engineer in Bradleys or The Ship.

If you're a sound engineer in Soho who likes being pissed and telling stories, let's chat. If we don't already. Maybe we did and I don't remember. Sorry. I was pissed.

• • •

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More from @garius

13 Sep
🚨🚨 Breaking Little Stray Kitty news 🚨🚨
She's still super nervous in the house. She'll perch for a moment in the enticing boxes with soft things in, then she'll spring up and be all:

"NOPE NOPE can't risk. Mustn't stay. Bye thank you 4 fud."

If this was an anime she'd be sad nervous lonely girl.

It's heartbreaking.
But hopefully we get there before the real cold weather kicks in. And we still need to find a way to get her to a vet so she can be snipped and health checked.

But this is progress. Slow. But progress.
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13 Sep
Kids menu chicken nugget lunch and the latest issue of Modern Drunkard.

Adulthood is what you decide you want it to be. Magazine next go box containing nuggets and chips.
Really good article on EJ Gallo trying to go upmarket and quietly ditching Night Train/Thunderbird, in case you're trying to squint at what I'm reading.
Btw for those of you who thought Guns n Roses were singing about an actual night train... Bless.

The song was about EJ Gallo's dirty little bottles of power boozing.
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11 Sep
Love that Brenda is up at midnight on a Saturday, knocking back the Merlot and just watching random shit on Amazon Prime. letter from the queen congr...
I wonder if, once a week, some rando director of a terrible straight to video movie wakes up to a letter like this in their email.

Brenda's drunk watching is so much more awesome than mine.
I bet the rest of the royals wanted to watch it on Channel 4, but the queen was like:

Fuck offff. This is the first time I'll have used my Prime Sub for anything other than free Twitch subscriptions in MONTHS. Fire up the lappy.
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3 Sep
Right. It's Friday. So have a (relatively) short history thread!

Let's talk about the plan to use Lancasters, not B29s drop the first atomic bombs.

Because I've noticed this story popping up a fair bit again recently. And there's truth in it, but often surrounded by myth. /1 Lancaster flying alongside a hurricane
Let's get one thing out of the way first:

Lancaster bombers COULDN'T have done the Hiroshima/Nagasaki raids, as flown. This is the thing I've been seeing thrown around and it's just plane wrong. (😉)

Got that? Coolio.

But there's a nugget of truth here. Here's what happened:
Meet Norman Ramsey Jr. Ramsey headed up the E-7 Group within the Manhattan Project. He was the chap in charge of working out how to actually get the big explodey bombs (once built) to the target.

This was not easy. From the beginning, it was clear they'd be rather big. Ramsey signing the Fat Man bomb
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3 Sep

I'm stuck. Kitty curled up in my legs on the bed.
Have booked the day off work. It was the only option.
I blame @BecksBiochemist. She must have left the patio door open downstairs.
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2 Sep
Bergkamp was an absolute master. My favourite player of all time.

But one thing I will say: Unless you watched him play from the stands, you never saw one reason WHY he was so good:

He LOVED to shithouse defenders. /1
You'd see it from the stands at Highbury. He'd spend whole games leaning in on his marker, giving them a little shove occasionally, giving them a wink or smile whenever he made a pass, shouting to the ref about them.

Nothing nasty. Just constant, low-grade tactical shithousing😁
And then the moment would come. Someone would ping a ball to him and you could almost HEAR the defender's thoughts. Their footballing brain would turn off, just for a second, and emotion would kick in.

"RIGHT. Got him."

And they'd go in on him.
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