@Newsweek⁩ You are a piece of trash to publish this hit piece on a woman who died today. #VeronicaWolski was my friend. I do not read etc Q posts. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I am a retired FBI Agent who befriended this kind heart in Chicago. newsweek.com/qanon-veronica…
You erroneously quote information put out about animal ivermectin in response to her request to be treated with HUMAN GRADE ivermectin, which WAS PRESCRIBED BY HER ICU PHYSICIAN! He was then forbidden by @AMITAhealth to administer it to her.
If the ICU DR prescribed it, he believed it would help. HUMAN GRADE ivermectin is used all the time, EXCEPT IN COVID PATIENTS BECAUSE OF DISINFORMATION PUT OUT WIDELY BY THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS, as well as those who PROFIT on the NOT THOROUGHTLY TESTED VACCINES & MEDS being used.
Instead of doing a nasty and ERRONEOUS hit piece on my friend, maybe use the time to research ivermectin! “Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug that is used to treat river blindness and intestinal roundworm infection in humans and to de-worm pets and livestock.”
“Lotions and creams containing ivermectin are also used to treat head lice and rosacea.” @WebMD . Your beloved @Google is a new & exciting resource, try it a-holes! @FoxNews @SaraCarterDC @laralogan @TuckerCarlson @barnes_law @glennbeck @JackPosobiec @kirstiealley @CBS_Herridge
@Chicago_Police you know exactly who Veronica was. She Backed The Blue always & never missed a moment to create a #PeoplesBridge banner with #BackTheBlue or the name of a fallen officer.
@Chicago_Police Shame on you for treating her friends so poorly & failing to recognize what Exigent Circumstances mean when @AMITAhealth refused to feed Veronica and refused to let her health Power Of Attorney to enter the hospital to check on her well being!
America, Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever you are, you need to WAKE UP! An ICU DOCTOR WAS FORBIDDEN TO ADMINISTER LIFE SAVING MEDICINE HE HIMSELF PRESCRIBED!!! Why? So a woman could die for political reasons?
Politicians, represent your constituents! I highly doubt @SenDuckworth @SenatorDurbin would have the balls to do this, but @SenTedCruz @RandPaul @SenRonJohnson @ChuckGrassley You can take a stand, SAVE LIVES & ensure we Americans have the right to participate in our care!
Politicians, push forth legislation to protect our Patients Bill of Rights, even listed on @AMITAhealth website! View it here: amitahealth.org/assets/documen…
I submitted the following to @AMITAhealth it’s two parent companies @AdventHealth @AscensionHealth and the CEO & COO of @AMITAhealth on 09/06/21, with no response:
“Taken from:
Amita Health

* Have a support person (as determined by you while following confidentiality rules and regulations) and/or physician notified of your admission
* Participate in decision‐making processes related to your plan of care
* Know about alternative methods of treatment, their risks and advantages.
* Know if treatment prescribed is experimental in nature and to have informed consent for your participation or to refuse participation in any treatment considered experimental. She can give consent.
* Voice your concerns about your care, physical environment or any of these rights in accordance with the grievance process.
I am requesting this:   -The hospital needs to put in writing why they are withholding ivermectin and/or HCQ.  Both are safe medicines used for decades.
-The hospital needs to put It in writing the withholding of possibly life saving medicines and/or procedures.”
I am not a QAnon follower. I am a retired FBI Agent who seeks the truth, seeks justice and protects the vulnerable. In this case, I was a friend and a freelance journalist providing information to numerous media organizations. @AMITAhealth and their partners provided nothing.
@AMITAhealth stopped feeding Veronica 24 hours before her death. I want to know who is the next of kin and/or Health POA holder who authorized this?
@Newsweek I want you to not only retract this erroneous, biased, & disrespectful article, but I also want you to provide your employees/so called journalists with @Google accounts with training on research methods. Y’all certainly stepped in some sh*t now.
@threadreaderapp unroll please
For the coward with no balls who responded but then blocked me: Why can’t I read the cowards response. Y’all a bunch of P*ussies posting responses then blocking me from reading them. Grow a pair and confront me without hiding in your safe place.

• • •

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14 Sep
@AllenWest @WatchChad @GovAbbott. Greg Abbott Allen West Chad Prather. I’m asking you, as Texas Governor, how will you protect Texans from becoming a victim of political homicide like my friend Veronica?
Best answer, gets my vote and support campaigning, no answer gets my proactive opposition to your campaign with help from tens of thousands of friends here in Texas. Just answer the question because this is something an American, a Texan should ever be subjected to!
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13 Sep
@ReportsDaNews Clint Watts served on a JTTF. I ran the JTTF in NK and then the Extraterritorial Counterterrorism Squad, a task force squad at Washington Field Office. I was a GS15, step 4 who also served at the NSC on the Hostage and Personnel Recovery WG, briefed regularly at the WH &
@ReportsDaNews Am a CERTIFIED Expert witness in CT. I was a Senior Liaison Detailee to the CIA, a joint detailee with NSA, worked on groundbreaking joint ops with JSOC, foreign partners etc. I’m a Senior Fellow at two major Institutes in DC. Just working on a JTTF doesn’t make you an expert.
@ReportsDaNews That word is so weakened by people throwing it around like a frisbee. Has he been certified as an expert in CT in court, a rigorous procedure??? If so, then he & I and a few other retired/former FBI agents and analysts need to meet as we have been actually certified as experts.
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11 Sep
This day, 9/11/2021. 20 years ago, the day started like any other day. I was pulling a surveillance on my top counterterrorism subject, but there was no movement at his house. Odd because this is when he usually started his “rounds” at area mosques, ending at his own.
My phone rang & I could see it was my mom. Also odd, because she knew I started work early during the week to get my AVP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) in. As @FBI Agents, we have to work 50 hour weeks, an average of 2 extra hours a day.
I answered the phone & my mom said a plane hit one of the Twin Towers. I thought, out loud, “what an asshole.” How can you miss those towers, thinking back years ago when a small plane hit the Empire State Building.
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10 Sep
@JoeBiden this is a political pandemic forcing an unknown & possibly dangerous substance into the bodies of Americans when we have other means to prevent & treat them instead. “Biden declares war on DeSantis and Abbott: 'Get them out of the way'”

How can a mandate be pushed on us when the critical timeline part of the clinical trials is ignored & while our country is being overrun by people at our borders? @GovAbbott @GovRonDeSantis We Support You! @WhiteHouse you can threaten all you want, we will not comply!
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7 Sep
Ivermectin studies. pbs.org/newshour/healt…
“Another existing drug, ivermectin, may also have potential against SARS-CoV-2. A May meta-analysis suggests it could speed recovery and reduce mortality from COVID-19.”
“The idea is controversial; some experts are unconvinced while proponents are eager to put it to use as a cheap, effective treatment. The anti-parasitic, developed by Merck in the 1980s, is no longer under patent.”
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6 Sep
State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say: 'Blood is on their hands'

This does not surprise me at all. When I worked hostage cases as an @FBI Supervisory Special Agent, the @StateDept was a huge obstacle. So much so, we had hostages stay in captivity way longer than they should have, if we even got them home.
State Dept leaked to the @WSJ details of a critical operation being done to rescue a hostage. They faxed a document to the White House saying I was a rogue Agent, even though everything was coordinated at the NSC Hostage & Personnel Recovery WG. That hostage never came home.
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