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India 🇮🇳 's chance at FIFA World Cup 2026 and the decisive JUNE international window in the light of #HeroIntercontinentalCup & #SaffChampionship

- A comprehensive thread

#IndianFootball #BlueTigers #BackTheBlue @BluePilgrims Image
The 3rd edition of #HeroIntercontinentalCup (9-18 th Jun) will converge 4 uniquely diverse nations:

Lebanon 🇱🇧 (99) [Asia - WAFF]
India 🇮🇳 (101) [Asia - SAFF]
Vanuatu 🇻🇺 (164) [Oceania]
Mongolia 🇲🇳 (183) [Asia - EAFF]

Except 🇱🇧, India has no previous encounter with other two.
This will be followed by another exciting tournament #SaffChampionship . The challenge and competition is doubled this year as strong Lebanon 🇱🇧 & Kuwait 🇰🇼 will join as invitee with other six SAFF nations.

India 🇮🇳 is drawn in Gr-A with Kuwait 🇰🇼, Nepal 🇳🇵 and Pakistan 🇵🇰.
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A thread for the #left

If we choose to change, just imagine what we can do. What makes America great has never been its perfection, but the belief that it can be made better. And that people who love this country can change it.
In hearings around the country, Americans reaffirmed our belief that this great nation can compete–and succeed–in the 21st Century but only if we take a new approach. One that is both innovative and faithful to the basic economic principles that made this country great.
We believe that it is essential to take immediate steps to stem the loss of manufacturing jobs. Taking these immediate measures will provide good jobs and will help the economy today. #FJB
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Reading through Looney @LauraLoomer’s ridiculous Substack on J6 prisoners so you don’t have to.

TLDR she’s blaming Desantis for not cleaning up Trump’s mess. The common theme nothing is EVER Dear Leader’s fault. #ItsACult

Follow the 🧵 as I update…
First, the irony of her calling out people making”boatloads of money” off Trump’s name…which is what she is attempting to do now.

It is also inconceivable to #TrumpGriftInc that people who supported Trump could genuinely grow tired of his constant buffoonery and losing.
@LauraLoomer is@doing Trump damage control. He knows the fact that he didn’t pardon is going to bite him in the primary. This is an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Things to note- Trump could have pardoned the J6ers BEFORE they were charged. See Ford’s pardon to Nixon…
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After the brutal beating, Tyre Nichols wasn't given aid by paramedics for 20 MINUTES, as the cops and paramedics stood around cracking jokes. Later arriving officers did nothing as well. They failed in their duty to render aid to an unresponsive person.
Tyre Nichols was stopped by an unmarked police unit called the SCORPION squad. This 50 officer undercover unit, that uses undercover vehicles, is tasked with targeting major felonies and homicides. Tyre was stopped for supposed Reckless Driving.
Tyre Nichols was an upstanding FedEx worker with a young child that had a passion for skateboarding and making skateboarding videos. He has NO criminal record and no drugs or weapons were found on him or in his car from the traffic stop.
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@WhitlockJason While you technically have a point the FACT that the police are system pigs who will blindly throw your ass into a cage at gunpoint if you refuse to wear a face diaper became apparent when the lockdowns started. The cops can go fuck themselves. They sided with tyrants in 2020
@WhitlockJason WHEN not IF but WHEN they attempt another round of lockdowns expect the system pigs to blindly follow absolutely tyrannical orders all over again. This country is speeding towards #NationalDivorce in large part due to worthless thugs with guns and badges “following muh orders”
@WhitlockJason The classic BoomerCon, TradCon etc. view that cops are there to protect you should’ve been rendered 100% vaporized in 2020 when they threatened to throw 100,000’s of busienss owners into a cage at gunpoint while allowing #GloboHomo Big Box stores to remain open because….
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October is #DomesticViolence Awareness Month & neither @leezeldin & @EspositoforNY have yet to even acknowledge it

It makes sense I guess since @RepLeeZeldin voted against the Violence Against Women Act


#NoSurrenderNY ImageImage
Zeldin & Esposito’s silence is deafening - made even more so given that they claim to be running on a #BackTheBlue #ToughOnCrime platform

Given the increased danger LEO’s face in responding to DV calls & the extremely high rate of Officer Involved Domestic Violence

2/ ImageImage
& the Zeldin/Esposito campaign making distorted violent crime statistics first/ foremost, I think it’s time they faced questions regarding a real crime epidemic w/in #NewYork’s law enforcement community -

Officer Involved Domestic Violence (#OIDV)


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This thread will get a little crazy, but I do hope you enjoy the ride:

#ThugLife #SocietalDecay #gore #SocietalCollapse
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See You Soon ImageImageImage
Ezekiel protects, like wearing an armored Jacket.

Right Hand R
Left Hand J

Genes —3030150 Remembers.

[They Mock the Trinity within EVERYTHING, In the same picture l/video of [them] mocking, [they’ll] talk about God or hold up A cross.
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Raphael Warnock and the Georgia Democrats’ Anti-Police Agenda Puts Georgians in Danger

VOTE @HerschelWalker!… #GASen
Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock blames "pandemic of racism" for his brother's life sentence, while conveniently leaving out details that his brother was a corrupt police officer convicted of facilitating a cross-country drug trafficking operation.…
Senator Raphael Warnock opposed several amendments to prevent over a billion taxpayer $$$ from going toward this
VOTE @HerschelWalker!
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Thread: The most patriotic, professional, and honorable statement made by an AG of the US in my lifetime.

What an absolute blessing Merrick Garland is to the country and everyone else in the world relying on a democratic and therefore peaceful USA.

I genuinely #BackTheBlue, having served in a civilian role within my own country's police department and justice system.

In 2016 I believed the lie that the Republican party supported the rule of law and all those who lawfully enforce it.

By 1/6/21 I had reversed that belief.
I believe Merrick Garland made this statement in an effort to dial down the temperature of the heat source the criminally reckless Republican party has been inflaming since the moment their cult leader went public after his property was lawfully searched.

It is to save lives.
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After night one of the televised #January6thCommitteeHearings, the reality of what happened on that day has been brought into sharper, more terrifying focus.

We already knew what happened. But there were some new reveals. 🧵
We saw clips of Bill Barr saying Trump’s election fraud claims were “bullshit,” Ivanka Trump saying she was influenced by Barr because he’s always so trustworthy, and Jared saying all he really cared about was getting as many of his criminal associates pardoned as possible. (2/x)
Even for those who already knew Trump was a frantic psychopath, it was shocking to hear Liz Cheney say: "Aware of the rioters’ chants to ‘hang Mike Pence,’ the president responded with this sentiment: ‘Maybe our supporters have the right idea.’ Mike Pence ‘deserves it.’" (3/x)
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I will be live tweeting during the #jan6th #Jan6thCommittee hearing. Calling out bullshit and making comments on what I know about the events that I wss paying special #chudwatch attention during #blacklivesmatter #portland #pdx and beyond. The chuds attacked blm with police!
12 mins in it is declared that #jan6th was an attempted coup spearheaded by trump! #chudwatch
@LizCheney is roasting her own seditious party right now.... shocker for a Cheney.
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A #Uvalde 🧵

The steel doors designed to keep killers out were used by the shooter to keep police out. w/o a key to open them, police would've had to use infantry techniques (explosives) to breech the outer walls. The kids and teachers were not the enemy. Blowing holes /1
in walls, police indiscriminately spraying the room with bullets, or engaging a full body armored shooter using kids as human shields were NOT good options. (Imagine THAT forensic pathology report it would have generated, proof police killed X number of the innocent during /3
entry). 7 police entered Robb Elementary hallway (inverted T-shaped) 2-3 minutes after the shooter. The shooter had locked the doors and was slaughtering. From doorway, shooter sprayed police (who lacked cover) with bullets, wounding 2. Shooter wore full body armor. Police /4
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They are right: Uvalde could have been so much worse. At Beslan, 333 were killed, incl 185 children. Those marauders also planned, hit a soft target, shot the protectors, baited a trap with the screams of the innocent, barricaded to ambush responders, and wanted to die in place.
COL @KurtSchlichter is right: We need to *know* [e/a] a lot more from officials about how this 18-year-old grew to become the shooter, acquired upwards of 5K for guns and gear, and why he targeted Robb Elementary. We need to *know* how and why the police responded as they did.
First reports -- because much is always initially unknown -- are almost always wrong. Police now say no police confronted the shooter before he entered. They hope to speak to his grandmother as they have information this attack was "premeditated."

He had gone to school in
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Update - K-9 Killed in the Line of Duty
🇺🇸RIP, Jinx. You'll be missed. Our condolences to Deputy Hancock, family, and El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Colorado💙…
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD ImageImage
Post in El Paso CSO in Facebook…
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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office K-9 killed in shootout with armed robbery suspect
😢No names provided. This is Franklin Co. North Carolina. K9s Oli and Ace in the photo…
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD Image
Waiting for updates in the Facebook page. Sheriff said names were going to be released today.
"Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead told CBS 17 Sunday night that the name of the K-9 who died would be released Monday"…
This picture is being circulated. Nothing official yet.
🇺🇸Hero dog is K-9 Major
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD Image
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There are many issues that Republicans use as slogans when they run for office because they are too complicated for a Republican voter to understand. Donald Trump is proving every day the average GOP voter cannot handle complex issues. He made everything color by numbers. Like:
1) Donald Trump says you either love the police of hate the police.
Republicans come out in droves with the #BackTheBlue hashtag and amplify the #DefundThePolice hashtag. The issue? Not that simple. You CAN support police officers and demand an end to police corruption and abuse.
2) Donald Trump says the borders are wide open!
Forgetting the ludicrous "Mexico will pay for it" thing, the border is supported by BOTH parties. Trump wants areas that are already patrolled by the Border Patrol, covered by natural barriers, and owned by private citizens taken
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Falsifying public records(lying/ omitting/ inserting) = Forgery 1: ORS 165.013

You can't change what you've done/ said that's already recorded and in violation of #DomesticTerrorism and #ORICO/#RICO laws.

Intentional/negligent/reckless unlawful charges after "notice" = Forgery. Image
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Never forget!
#Sheriff's stood by like pu$$ie$ for the last 7 years of #riots and #DomesticTerrorism.
The #blue never backed you.
They helped shut down businesses.
They helped governors kill the young and old.
They helped kidnap and extort you for not wearing a mask.
The #DomesticTerrorists would actually be completely powerless, if "#LawEnforcement" wasn't aiding and abetting, hindering prosecution, and failing and refusing to do their duties as the law dictates.
Interesting to think about... who's the real #EnemyOfThePeople here? 🤔
I wouldn't be facing false charges or be maliciously prosecuted to attempt to hide their embarrassing criminal conduct(already exposed for all to see), if #LawEnforcement did their duty.
I wouldn't have even been able to expose the widespread corruption, had they done their job.
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They’re back….crafty devils left the bullhorns at home and brought COWBELLS. @MayorWu maybe you stop being a dictator, talk to @EdforBoston and call a City Council meeting for #NoVaxMandates
No quit. “Who is the Mayor? @MayorWu or @JoeBiden, #Soros ” Wu is devoted to DC narrative. Bright side w/ these moms you’ll never have a chance to be called “SleepyMichelle”
“Warriors come out and playyyy” er sorry they just wanna talk. Why don’t you just talk to ‘em @MayorWu ? They seem nice.
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Live thread: 🐓 cockadoodle Wu! Rise and shine! @MayorWu planned to slip into rollcall to lecture, I mean visit the #Boston cops in area B-3. 100 protesters got up earlier #novaxpassports #novaxmandates @BostonFRU @mafamass @michellemalkin Image
@LOCAL_718 @BostonPatrolmen @mafamass Nice chilly crowd of protesters gathering to greet @MayorWu Image
Much of the #Boston media still wearing footie pajamas @TheKuhnerReport @WBZNightside @G_CURLEY @HowieCarrShow They choose health not @MayorWu CONTROL
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