i have reentered medica mundi. everything is fine, some “nurses” (covenous, spelled with the “coven”) have convinced me to have nascent owen jr ‘scanned’, with varying explanations, of course i suspect this has something to do with monitoring his dreams, perhaps collecting them.
i suspect the “administration” (galactic, hospital, or state) is concerned he may be figuring things out at too rapid a pace. perhaps he already knows “too much”. he has REM cycles. full dreams. where does he go? of what does he dream? no one can tell me this. no explanation.
of course i am also entertaining more mundane explanations. for example, we have all observed the general dearth of creative media. some of these “nurses” may be failed writers, who, lacking inspiration, have resorted to scanning baby dreams. the perfect plagiaristic crime.
a baby cannot report such fraud, he cannot request the royalties that would be due to him, + he, having consumed no media, must have some of the only truly original ideas. it would be naive to think a billion dollar industry such as hollywood has not considered tapping into this
i own those thoughts. they are mine. i produced them. of my flesh. they are under my dominion. yet here i sit saying nothing as another 20-something lady of the night in ”scrubs” reads the next literary masterpiece directly out of my childs soft squishy new brain, saying nothing.

• • •

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13 Sep
odd book patrol is active once again
found a whole box of books from the 70s that someone apparently really into faith healing or something must have collected (theres a bunch more) may or may not obtain
as usual the 70s / early 80s american christian book cover aesthetic is just unstoppable

(also as usual weird place / weird lighting)
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12 Sep
little kids talk to me while im walking my dog (which is cool) but dont understand the concept of ending a conversation so i now often find myself saying “wow thats cool. k, i gotta go. bye!” for the 11th time to a kid who is telling me, literally, everything they know about dogs
(its been five minutes and ive genuinely enjoyed the talk but my dog is getting antsy). alright cool, thanks for talking to me, i gotta run, bye!

“my dog is... ...

wow cool. yeah my dog is white. haha alright bye!

“shE are a lollipop one time”

wow thats crazy. wow.
theres also the special detail in this anecdote that my dog is not really trying to be Around People, so we’ve been having this conversation from like 15 feet away, so a kid is now yelling at me, basically, about a time their dog ate a lollipop. this happens every 3 to 4 days.
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8 Sep
to flex all the qualities that come with high IQ / that make you a good mate (intelligence, creativity, dexterity, spatial awareness, ability to plan and execute those complex plans, foresight, ability to care for a small object over time, etc)
this isnt the total 100% explanation for all ancient objects like this but its the one youll never, in my experience, get from an academic source
you cant question darwinism in most academic circles but show an academic person an ancient rock carved into a woman with huge breasts and theyll literally never consider that a guy made it to impress a woman. theyll literally never even consider it.
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8 Sep
ive been telling local baby professionals about this whenever baby skull shape comes up in conversation btw
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7 Sep
the general on the ground wisdom is “freedom of speech isnt freedom from consequences”, but its hard to switch this formula out with any other right. “you have freedom of religion but if youre X religion there will be consequences”- would most people call that freedom of religion
in fact something like “i got fired for being [X religion]” seems like the exact thing someone would cite in attempting to prove that someone did not, in fact, have freedom of religion

btw (i see seamus is making the same point i am here), this particular response is an example of an extremely common error that happens in this discussion (as long as we’re dissecting this a little). freedom of speech isnt the same thing as the first amendment. [...]
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6 Sep
all the stuff ive learned about womens bodies with regards to having a kid and breastfeeding and everything has permanently changed the way i view women forever. gonna post some random details in this thread to encourage Women Respecting and Cherishing and for hyper-natalism
btw lol found this screenshot Image
source: some random women i talked to. im not a doctor (and im agnostic about many basic scientific principles)

- the fat vs water content of the milk a woman generates varies throughout the day, being more water when the kid needs to be more hydrated + more fat later in the day
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