I lived in Manhattan in the last half of the 1990s and left in 2001 before the twin towers fell. So downtown NYC seems early strange for me without seeing the towers. But where I hear the slogans of 911, "Never Forget" I am unable to understand what that even means.
Remembering history should mean that you don't repeat the mistakes of the past. But has the nation learned its mistakes? Did we go into war with false pretenses? Did we overextend our presence in Afghanistan?
What happened after 911 was a cascade of more mistakes compounded one after another. In my opinion, the swift victory against the Taliban via the CIA was one of the few things done right. But it was downhill since then.
The final resolution to 911 was achieved when Osama Bin Laden was killed. But everyone seems to forget that he was discovered inside Pakistan. Did we ever learn that some of our purported friends were in fact the enemy?
Everyone seems to have forgotten that the USA went into war with Iraq, a country that was the enemy of Al Queda. Everyone forgets that all the terrorists and their leader were from Saudi Arabia.
Everyone forgets that by the end of Bush's first term, the Iraq situation was a total mess. Everyone forgets that we had already won a war against Iraq during Bush seniors time. Everyone completely forgets the utter absurdity and senselessness of the 2nd Iraq war.
What I cannot forget is that Bush was elected for a 2nd term. I cannot forget that America's citizens could not swallow the bitter pill that is men in uniform were being maimed and dying for an entirely senseless war. Hence they double-downed on Bush.
Meanwhile in Bush 2nd term, the entire financial system came crumbling down. Many people have PTSD of what happened then. People forget that oil was at an all-time high just prior to the financial collapse.
So they were spending trillions to stabilize the middle east and oil rises to $175 a barrel? What's that all about? Wait, why are they in the middle-east in the first place? Was this an infrastructure program? A jobs program? A jobs program for whom?
So this year after 20 years of war, they finally time box the project. $6.4T and countless lives destroyed. To achieve what exactly? It's like we totally forgot everything! So I honestly don't know if there's any meaning in 'Never Forget'.
It's like I'm the very few who remember. Everyone else got amnesia.
With the pandemic, we also have yet another 'never forget' situation. 20 years from now will we also forget all the ridiculous policies that got to where we are now?

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15 Sep
What I find very weird is that people are surprised with the notion that someone taught himself a skill. As if a teacher was absolutely necessary to learn anything. As if you can't learn anything by reading and experimenting by yourself.
"Wow, he's self-taught, he must be extremely gifted!" Are people, in general, incapable of learning anything without a teacher?
But to be perfectly fair, I'm in awe with kids who self teach themselves how to play music. I don't think I have the passion to do that! So I suspect this self-taught thing has everything to do with passion and talent.
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15 Sep
I'm coming to the realization that the GOP isn't a conservative party but rather an incoherent group of disenfranchised parties. Any group that has trouble pushing its agenda sees an opening by joining the GOP. It's also a business model to milk the disenfranchised.
Trump perhaps saw this so he reached out to any and every fringe group for their support. Any group, no matter how abhorrent their views are welcome in the GOP. But how do they handle conflicts between parties in the group?
They actually don't need to be because incoherence is the mode of operation. Trump has consistently been logically inconsistent. It is the same for parties within the GOP. They band together not because of commonality but rather because of shared disenfranchisement.
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14 Sep
Sometimes you just never know who reads your blogs/tweets. One of the most innovative developers I followed was James Strachan @jstrachan . I was in complete surprise when the one time we met that he said he read my blog that was about software engineering.
In my former life, I used to really enjoy writing about software development. Things like extreme programming, agile development, refactoring etc. So I actually know something about this stuff and am quite opinionated about them. Of course, it's different when stuff is new.
The commonality however with software development and artificial intelligence is that both areas deal with extreme complexity. The agile stuff that was invented two decades ago was motivated by the need to control the complexity.
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6 Sep
My totally wild prediction is that deep learning will save the planet by making sustainable nuclear fusion possible. (saved here for posterity)
My second but less wild prediction is that deep learning will make quantum computing useful for real-world problems.
The only viable solution to avoiding the great extinction filter is to innovate ourselves around the filter. noahpinion.substack.com/p/people-are-r…
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6 Sep
Science is being eaten up by deep learning. A fact that nobody can ignore.
But what's unfortunate is that nobody understands deep learning well enough to set up the experiments and interpretations correctly! It's damn good at making predictions but damn terrible at explaining anything!!
The uncertainty principle of deep learning is that the more generalized one's network, the least likely it's interpretable! medium.com/intuitionmachi…
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5 Sep
Neuroscientists don't understand cognition, rather they understand how parts of the biological brain function. These are subjects that only partially overlap.
Is there any siloed field that can claim an understanding of general intelligence? I highly doubt it. It's an interdisciplinary problem where most of its practitioners are without an academic home.
Do deep learning practitioners understand general cognition? I doubt it. They may partially understand their connectionist architectures but these are just a sliver of capabilities of what's available to a general intelligence.
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