I will not hear lectures on American unity from people who explicitly cheer destruction of our system of government in favor of bureaucratic dictatorship, who foment class and racial tribalism, and who treat dissent as the cause of polarization.
Joe Biden does not get tout "unity" after abandoning Americans in Afghanistan and labeling all of his opponents warmongers, then attacking the unvaccinated for his own policy failures.
There is great irony to watching Democrats who spent eight years labeling George W. Bush a war criminal, a fool, and a racist now cheering him on as he issues calls for unity. The fact that Bush never saw that is how we got Trump.
I voted for George W. Bush. I believe he is a good man. I also believe he is delusional about the political situation of the United States, and was during his tenure as president -- and that delusion probably cost him the success of his presidency.

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10 Sep
Quick poll on vaccine status and Biden's mandates. You are:
I'm vaxxed, anti-mandates, obviously.
My prediction: the two smallest groups will be (1) vaxxed, anti-mandates and (2) unvaxxed, pro-mandates.
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24 Aug
Zero covid will never be reality. It is a fantasy. Yet it is the unstated assumption behind mask and vaccine mandates and travel bans. Which means we are now living in a forever pandemic.
There is literally no metric that can be used by which we will gain back our freedoms. Is it high percentage vaccinated? Israel is over 80% and locked down. Is it single digit deaths? Australia is having 3 deaths a day and is locked down.
And if case rate declines to low levels, the argument is that masking and travel bans and lockdowns must remain lest a dreaded variant emerge which "puts us back to square one." So, here's the question: do you want to live the way you are living now forever?
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17 Aug
President Biden touts his own heroism in abandoning tens of thousands of American allies to be slaughtered for no purpose other than his own sad self-aggrandizement. We had 2,500 troops in theater in non-combat positions, and had suffered no combat deaths since February 2020.
We have radically increased both the terror threat from Afghanistan and the geopolitical risk of our enemies seeing us as weak and mewling, which our political leadership certainly is. Foreign policy abhors vacuums, and the US is creating a massive vacuum our enemies will fill.
All so Joe Biden can feel good about himself. He said today that the buck stops with him. All right, then. So do the corpses of those who helped us, counted on us, and will now die because they trusted us.
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16 Aug
The Biden Administration and the Democrats supporting them are completely delusional. Their statements are totally disconnected from all possible reality.
Nancy Pelosi just said this: "The U.S., the international community and the Afghan government must do everything we can to protect women and girls from inhumane treatment by the Taliban." WE ARE ABANDONING THEM IN REAL TIME.
Or the State Department stating, "The Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security and dignity. We in the international community stand ready to assist them." STAND READY TO ASSIST THEM? YOU JUST ABANDONED THEM. state.gov/joint-statemen…
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30 Jul
Rational policy based on CDC data would encourage the vaccinated NOT to mask. The vaccines are prevent nearly all death via covid, as Biden acknowledges. Masking the vaxxed to protect the unvaxxed -- who are also more likely to unmask -- incentivizes the unvaxxed NOT to vax.
It is also worth noting that the masking and natural immunity assumptions made by the CDC lack any real-world evidentiary basis. They label them "assumptions." washingtonpost.com/context/cdc-br…
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26 Jul
If you want to de-polarize American society, begin with a simple task: say publicly that someone you totally disagree with about politics, someone who voted for the other guy, is a nice human being and people should give them a read or listen.
It's not hard. Watch.
Give @jonlovett a listen.
Check out @larrywilmore's work.
Peruse @mattyglesias.
Give @seanilling a read.
Now here's the irony: people I list above will be hit with a wave of s*** because I said this.
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