This question has still not been answered.

Followup posts on Telegram clarify that Veronica's husband is NOT the person with medical PoA. This detail of her story seems important: did she give PoA to someone because her husband is not a Q believer, or for some other reason?
News articles from the past few days don't really illuminate the matter. It was reported on NBC 5 Chicago that Lawrence, her husband, told their reporter that Veronica was requesting ivermectin, but no one asked Lawrence what he thought?…
Meanwhile, QAnon believers who followed Lin Wood's call to action and went to the hospital complained he was rude and had asked them to leave.

Again, is this because he was dealing with more than he could handle or because he doesn't like them?
Meanwhile the person with her medical PoA is demanding ivermectin and getting on the phone with Lin Wood.

That unnamed person caused the events last night where QAnon jammed up the phones, believers tried to force their way into the ER, and Lin Wood called for war.

Who is it?
More from the comments, one I knew, one I didn't.

1. Two weeks ago, her husband was her medical PoA
2. Last night, a woman claimed to be the medical PoA and hosted a Q&A on the livestream on Telegram

Whether any of this is the truth, or when and why it changed, I don't know.

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14 Sep
Noelle pointed me to the FB of one of the January 6th, defendants, Tammy Bronsburg, where she's been watching Ted Gunderson's old presentations about the "tunnels" under the McMartin School.

All of this is an ecosystem.
David Icke used to be best known for his theory that the Queen of England was a shapeshifting lizardperson

I could spend the next week going over her page post by post
Here she is sharing crime scene photos of the 2008 murder of Scarlett Keeling as 'Frazzledrip'
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14 Sep
It's not a dissimilar reason from why every right-wing media outlet is funded by companies selling gold
Crypto, like gold, isn't really so much a currency. It's a commodity. Its value is based less on what it can buy and more on how many people want to own it and stockpile it.
People in crypto are always shouting HODL (their meme version of 'hold') because if people sell, supply would go up, value would go down, and their own stockpile would be worth less.
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14 Sep
As the day has gone on, QAnon is doing what it always does: slowly rewriting events in a never-ending game of telephone.

Popular additions to the story today are "Lin Wood sent an ambulance to try to rescue her" and "she had ivermectin at home and was trying to get to it."
As soon as a new part of the story is accepted as true, someone else builds on it or changes it slightly to see whether this will also be accepted as true. QAnon has always done this, building their narrative by consensus.
Within three minutes, a different Anon "confirms" the new story that Veronica has been getting ivermectin at the hospital, and it was working, but then they stopped giving it to her because reasons.

Any Anon reading the thread will likely believe this forever.
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13 Sep
Also, I'd be interested to know who this "medical power of attorney" person is. Veronica is married. But no one is saying "her husband," they're all saying "her representative"

I swear if she signed over PoA to some QAnon friend I am going to scream
hey @daithaigilbert any chance you're on this? Who holds Veronica Wolski's medical PoA?
if he's telling the Ivermectin brigade to leave, this would suggest that her husband is not her PoA, which pretty much answers half my question
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12 Sep
For anyone who's curious, no, so far not a single QAnon account I follow has said a word about Trump heaping praise on the Moonies tonight Image
checking Telegram this morning, and there's still no mention whatsoever

the timeline of Trump's activities yesterday is the police precinct visit, followed by the recorded statement for the day of prayer, and concluding with the fight commentary Image
they may have to formulate some sort of response if the story gets bigger, though Image
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17 Jun
GhostEzra is a perfect example of how extremists infiltrate and co-opt a welcoming big-tent movement.

We've seen it before with other infiltration efforts, but QAnon made it particularly easy for them.

Since its inception, QAnon has pursued a growth strategy based on unity, summed up by their ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’ slogan, and has painted anyone who criticizes a fellow believer as someone sowing dangerous discord.

Q told their followers that ‘together we are strong, divided we are weak’ and Anons fully embraced that notion whenever a feud broke out among influencers.

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