Y’all can eye roll all y’all want about kids throwing the great parts of y’all’s history away….but y’all have a responsibility to see music AS crucial as food: by 7? Your kids show know all cultures/music genres/films/art & places in the world NOT their zip code
I guarantee you a majority of all the problematic adults in the world can be traced to the first 7 years treatment. Y’all let kids listen to anything in a way that would horrify you if it was food: sugar is awesome, but 4 year old me running to cabinet downing a pint of it? 🤔
& not everyone had to be mensa scholar with it. I write all the time until 15 I saw jazz as old people’s punishment so it’s not like they gonna write love letters “thanks for the Lionel Ritche lessons” but I guarantee you the difference between grad school tuition & bail money?
Example: then liking “Scenario” can lead to “hey check out this Brother Jack Mcduff record (organ) or peep this Hendrix lp (drums)—-there is no excuse. My Spotify is a free college education on beautiful cool music corporate radio doesn’t want you to know about.
I know aged Producers hate “who sampled” but this is ESPECIALLY needed to teach kids/adults too the beautiful way on how the sausage is made. Ok class over & take this with you: 60 hours of songs that made hip hop awesome…

• • •

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14 Sep
I love the science of comedy. Comedy nerds know that the one step beyond #TheAristcrats was the time Norm Macdonald decided to commit to doing a kitschy mediocre roast for Bob Saget. It was beyond trolling.
all of his jokes came from the 50’s punchline standup era of comedians you’d see in the Catskills in Dirty Dancing. Any other craftsman woulda instantly *WINK*d or gave some sort of “in on the joke/I’m bombing on purpose” signal.
But the GENIUS of it all was he didn’t BOMB per se (in my world bad albums are just as awesome as classic: it’s the mediocre boring stuff that makes you wanna pull hair out)——the genius is he committed to mediocre
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7 May
I get the sentiment of the story but it’s also slanted:… it’s making it like Daft Punk just robbed a homeless musician for naught. It also reinforces the stereotype that sampling isn’t an art or this pillage act in which acts don’t pay to sample
The real culprit in the sampling controversy always lies with the invisible middlemen who acquire (sometimes legally) dormant catalogues that are up for grabs. Those who operate this way are also super litigious—-they will cop a grip of songs (all those local mom & pop labels)
Sometimes make compilations & charging crazy prices for use (one is so notorious he once tried to sue me for calling him out on acquiring black publishing songs that get sampled & suing for millions in an interview)
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17 Feb
Watching #TheWiz currently—-what house in NYC could host a family of 24?!——-asking fo—-yo just answer
& that ENTIRE family of 26 just so happens to know how to belt gospel tunes & knew an unreleased Nick & Val composition?
Back to the kitchen, how did they hook up all that food in such little time?
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8 Nov 20
Walked in my brand new house & not even 60 secs Karen’d #NotTodaySatan.
today man. sheeeesh. I been living out of Kippling bags, room service, bus bunks, airplane lounges, studios, my 30rock HQs, & crash apts waiting for 28 years to get my 1st REAL "imma grow old here" crib. so this has been an exciting time for this chapter in my life
in my best relationship, gettin my act together (health/business/life goals)--the happiest I've ever been. figuring out where do I wanna "grow old" was a long process in the making especially in the light of covid (took a year for me to find and fall in love w this house)
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5 Nov 19
ok, let's settle this, all journalists pushing this "rappers (black people) & their lyrics" stops now.....
“I want you to slap me and call me naughty/Put a beltsander against my skin/I want to feel pain all over my body/Can't wait to be punished for my sins” - Dominated Love Slave – Green Day
“Let me put my love into you babe/Let me cut your cake with my knife” - Let Me Put My Love Into You – AC/DC
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12 Apr 19
@MikeSegalov I told this story in #MoMetaBlues but it belongs here for the peeps who don't know me. I get a call from Prince's people saying he is throwing a rollerskating jam in "2 hours or so" & "invite some cool people" its 2/14/06 at midnight. normal people are in bed
@MikeSegalov I happened to be at a concert in LA backstage & was surrounded by notable celebs. entire room scoffed at me like "how dare you invite me to a midnight rollerskating party w Prince you peon!" all except one.....
@MikeSegalov "uh yall are appreciating the rare opportunity here.....Prince will be WEARING ROLLERSKATES...gimme address!"
-Eddie Murphy.

my gf & I arrive to an empty rink. 5 employees who'd rather be ANYWHERE but there are just---well....bored. @DJRASHIDA is spinning for a crowd of none
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