I have thought about @GovBillLee’s foot-washing event all weekend. It’s important to get the details accurate, because we need to be specific about the toxicity of this stunt. (Of course it’s a 🧵)
1. The obvious place to start is the fact that nobody is masked—not the Gov or 1st Lady, not volunteers or school staff, not the kids.

The calculated defiance of this cannot be overstated, esp w/ a @usedgov investigation, multiple class action lawsuits, & sky-high Covid rates.
2. How did Lee arrive at this caricature of Scripture? Jesus washed the feet of some men...his *disciples*, already in relationship w/ him.
What does this have to do w/ the Governor touching public school kids? What does it imply about consent?
3. Governor Lee & the 1st Lady partnered with Charlotte, NC-based NPO Samaritan’s Feet for the shoe distribution. They do have foot washings with some of their shoe giveaways...but I can’t find them doing it in other schools.
It’s worth noting that the publicity Samaritan’s Feet posted about the event celebrated the partnership w/ Governor Lee as “historic” but didn’t include pictures of the foot-washing.
5. It’s also worth noting that Samaritan’s feet posts expectations for volunteers & staff at events to minimize the potential for spreading Covid.
6. So far:
*blatant disregard for children’s safety amid COVID & ongoing federal investigations/lawsuits
*appropriation of Christian traditions in a public school, regardless of students’ faith/non-faith background
*consent & healthy touch

One more issue that can’t be ignored.
7. Perry County is one of the poorest counties in the nation. Compare its stats with nearby Williamson County, where Governor Lee lives. (Source: tn.gov/transparenttn/…)
Out of 3,113 counties in the US, 261 are poorer than Perry County.

Of those same 3,113 counties, only *4*—in the entire US—are richer than Williamson County.

In his inaugural speech, Governor Lee promised to make a change for TN’s poorest counties.

9. Take a look at FaceBook, & you’ll find school teachers expressing gratitude for the shoes their students were given. Parents, too. It seems a small thing, but a new pair of shoes is out of reach for many living at the poverty level in a right-to-work state.
10. It’s difficult to overestimate the currency of this tangible gift that directly impacts a family’s everyday lives. They won’t remember Governor Lee modeling reckless disregard for public health. If anything, they’ll remember he risked his own health to give their kids shoes.
11. Every time those parents see their kids’ shoes (ie every day) they will remember the Governor gave their kids those shoes. It’s not far-fetched to imagine them handed down w/ care. The next time Lee disparages unemployment wages or federal “handouts”, they’ll overlook it.
12. Having grown up poor, I know this to be true. I couldn’t try out for school sports b/c my parents couldn’t afford another new pair of shoes.
And the shame of being poor makes you disassociate it—you look for anyone in worse straits, and *they* are the poor ones, not you.
13. This is a complex moment, & unless we’re clear-eyed about what’s happening & more ready to help our neighbors than call them stupid, we’re not going to see change.
14. But at *no time* should any child have to be subjected to a life-threatening virus without basic healthcare protection to access shoes & socks for a Governor’s political messiah tour.

When you’re so poor your Governor has to show the world how he washed your feet, it hurts.

• • •

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That time an atheist tried to theobro me. 🤣🤣🤣
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Relieved to get a vaccine booster today at the Williamson Co. Dept of Health, esp since my high-risk 16yo’s school has no virtual option & no mask mandate this year. His school starts tomorrow.🧵
It is nothing short of miraculous that our son is alive. He was born in 2005 w/ what his specialist calls “the most severe birth disorder compatible with life”-a 1 in 400,000 condition. Within that, his variables place him in the 5th percentile. 2/
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In this sliver of air time, Rufo confirms this is a battle of pedagogy. The meaning of CRT is whatever negative responses he can cause it to trigger. The dude railing against German Crit Theory finds language identity not in nations or religions, but in audience response.
Another thing about Reid’s clip here is Ibram’s statement he doesn’t “identify as a critical race theorist”. Last month when Carl Trueman brought his traveling hate-show to our presbytery, a pastor told my husband Kendi would call us racist for adopting internationally. 2/
Kendi may well do just that, but first-why would a pastor ever need to deflect our valid concerns over White nationalism wing amplified in our faith community by shifting our anger to a Black man? It’s not the 1st time I’ve seen this management technique in the PCA. It’s 🐓💩. 3/
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@DavidDark @lisasharper @jon_mathieu @timkellernyc I have benefited from Keller’s work, but mercy. If we can’t be honest about this, how many well-meaning white pastors keep piling onto the racist tradition, thinking they’re defending Jesus when they hedge protection around Keller or Saddleback or SBC or whatever other brand? 1/
@DavidDark @lisasharper @jon_mathieu @timkellernyc I know it’s not enough to be well-meaning, but I’m reminded of @greg_thornbury & @DavidDark’s *excellent* kayfabe writing, & all I can think is that my alums leaving capital-m Ministry now are crushed in spirit from sustaining a system they aren’t free enough to be honest about.
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9 Feb
Is it really that hard to just let Black people talk about the injustice they face every damn day & hear what change they think needs to happen? (Spoiler: it’s going to be easier for you to focus on my potty mouth word & my being a woman than it is to be honest.) 🧵
1. “Intersectionality teaches rightly that it is possible for people to be discriminated against on the basis of more than one personal characteristic. That is an absolutely true ‘insight’, but I don’t need CRT to arrive at that insight. All I need is a biblical doctrine of sin.”
2. “A biblical doctrine of sin” isn’t a universally agreed upon standard in Christianity-hence denominations. Beyond that, my faith-based doctrine of sin may be enough to point me to an understanding of intersectionality, but it doesn’t give me practical tools to address it.
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9 Dec 20
So @DavidDark examined a public call I posted to @MarshaBlackburn to do better by my kids, 1 of whom attends a school she started. I know she has it in her. She even let me use her office once to host a mtg about the harm sheltered workshops cause disabled ppl.

Let’s do better.
I owe a lot to the good @MarshaBlackburn has done. The school she helped start was my 1st FT teaching gig. The Angels in Adoption honor inspired me to work supporting adoptee voices/rights. B/c of her 90s support of Kurds, I worked in a co-ed indigenous-led Iraqi school 1 summer.
That’s why I owe it to @MarshaBlackburn as a fellow Image-bearer to speak as directly as I can to the good I know she has done & can do. I owe it to her to expect better, b/c her advocacy during Pres Obama’s audit of adoptive families kept us from losing our home.
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