There are folks on the Left that want to deny COVID care to sick people who eschewed the vaccination, on the logic that they don't deserve treatment when an easy preventative was available. This represents oddly an Victorian ethical judgement that the Left applies nowhere else
For example, why couldn't the Right in turn then say, "well, let's ban abortion in the cases of consensual sex, because there were multiple readily available pregnancy preventatives available?"
Politics today seems to be all about setting out general principles that one does not want to be held to in any but the narrowest of circumstances. Speaking of precedents, look at the terrible enforcement provisions of the TX abortion law that R's would hate in any other context
I am the worst proof reader. I would have bet almost anything that I had typed "an" and "oddly" in the opposite order

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14 Sep
When I complain about COVID totalitarianism, many folks I talk to want to make an exception to the normal rules of individual rights for public health -- they have this lovely, gauzy image of brave doctors fighting the disease
But when I read about 19th & 20th century anti-Semitism in places like France and Germany, it is amazing how completely the anti-Semites adopted the language, logic, and moral high ground of public health.
The precedents being set today are dangerous, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you like these actions today, you are not going to like what is done with these precedents next.
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14 Sep
1/ Can we PLEASE get on with legalizing sex work.

There is still a huge community (including our current VP) who hold that sex work is illegal because it is abusive. But this ignores the lesson from every prohibition in history -- sex work is abusive because it is illegal.
2/ There are abuses in every workplace (eg Apple, apparently) but women have recourse to law to stop & to be compensated for these abuses. Female sex workers must worry about getting prosecuted themselves if they report abuse and thus have only limited avenues of redress.
3/ By the way, legalizing consensual adult sex work also would help reduce the abuse of minors. Consider narcotics -- A narcotics seller doesn't discriminate between adults and minors as customers because it is all equally illegal. Might as well sell to them all.
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13 Sep
I see conspiracy theories that Biden's vaccine order is meant as a distraction from Afghanistan. FWIW, here's my conspiracy theory: COVID is burning itself out & cases are going to fall fast. This is the last chance for Biden to retroactively claim credit for "defeating" it
74% of the population of the US over 12 years old has at least one dose. That is pretty damn good despite all the wailing and WAY higher than I would have guessed from Biden's speech or the media coverage.…
The percent who have had the disease and show antibodies in tests is 20.6% -- backing out the under 12 folks the number is in the 18-19% range.…
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12 Jan
I will add one more thing to this -- US plastic recycling may be one of the largest contributors to plastic trash in the oceans -- here is why…
Plastic trash in the oceans is not from some poor schlub in Austin who had a plastic straw in his big Gulp. The vast vast majority of the plastic trash in the ocean is from 10 or so large Asian coastal/river port cities
Seasonal floods inundate the industries along these harbors and rivers, and washes the plastic trash out to sea. Where does the plastic trash come from? From places like CA, which until recently sent most of their collected "recycled" plastics to these Asian cities
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9 Jan
I agree Twitter's actions are private & legal. Got that out of the way. But you & other people of goodwill are soft-pedaling the degree to which Twitter is punishing heterodoxy by saying they are just "banning fascists"
But this makes it sound like they are banning only the most extreme 0.01%. Who can argue with banning fascists from your private platform? But the bans go so much further than this, as I have experienced myself and seen happen to others I respect (@boriquagato)
Perfectly calm, fact-based intelligent voices are being banned merely for skepticism of government mandates like lockdowns, business closures, and masks. Irrespective of your beliefs in the efficacy or necessity of such measures, I think that in many cases these are unprecedented
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9 Jan
We seem to be moving to the Reichstag Fire Decree phase of the capitol riot aftermath. @ElonBachman
Google & Apple are free to do this, of course, and I can't say I have been too thrilled with Parler in my short experience with it.

What worries me is the attitude that seems to dominate the Left now that if only wrongthink and wrongspeak can be suppressed, paradise will emerge
We are seeing many actions justified as responses to recent violence (responses we did not see, by the way, in response to any other political violence in 2020) that could equally be construed as...
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