Congrats to @davidzweig and @TheAtlantic on their big "scoop" ... which is to say reporting the same facts that we "conspiracy theorists" have been reporting over and over again for the last 15 FUCKING MONTHS!
Here you go, @davidzweig ... one from April 5, 2020. Great work on your big "scoop," though! Don't know what we'd do without you corporate journalism guys!…
The last-minute headline change was a nice touch!

• • •

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31 Jul
Germany has banned demonstrations against the new official ideology, the "New Normal." Other demos, like the Christopher Street Day demo (below), a week ago, are allowed. The outlawing of political opposition is a hallmark of totalitiarian systems. (1)…
In Australia, the military has been deployed to enforce compliance with government decrees, and the official ideology (the "New Normal"). It is de facto martial law. This is another hallmark of totalitarian systems. (2)…
In France, restaurant and other business owners who serve or sell to "the Unvaccinated" will be imprisoned. Another classic hallmark of totalitarian systems. (3)…
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30 Jul
Here's a crazy idea. How about you guys with extremely large audiences @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, @aaronjmate, speak up loudly and unequivocally in opposition to the demonization of "the Unvaccinated." You don't have to "deny the virus." Focus on the fascistic mob mentality.
Seriously, @aaronjmate, @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, you see the fascistic mob mentality that is being fomented. You can continue to believe the official Covid narrative, though it's as flimsy as Russiagate was. Just speak out against segregation/persecution of "the Unvaccinated."
Seriously, I -- and this is CJ, not the Consent Factory's imaginary Twitter Operator speaking -- like you guys, @aaronjmate, @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi. I'm not trying to shit at you. I'm asking for your help. Your voices count. It matters right now.
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29 Jul
Update from New Normal Germany - Berlin police ban the scheduled August 1 protest demanding the end of unlawful "emergency measures" and the return of our constitutional and human rights. And here's a photo of the Christopher Street Day demo in Berlin 4 days ago.
"The Berlin police had to forbid the demos in question after assessing all the circumstances and findings, after the extensive experience with these protest movements and after weighing up all interests, especially the high value of freedom of assembly," the statement said.
"One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent ... but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the system." (May 2021)…
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28 Jul
We realize this is Twitter, but, if you want to prevent the New Normal from becoming our permanent reality, try to set aside the usual shitting-on-people-because-they-are-wrong thing, and focus on strategy. We need loud voices taking apart the official narrative. (1)
Yes, it's frustrating to those of us who have been fighting the roll-out of the New Normal for 17 months, while they have not, but what is more important ... proving we were right or disrupting the implementation of the totalitarian social system that is happening, right now? (2)
Prominent voices like @ggreenwald and @mtaibbi are beginning to feel like they can criticize certain features of the official New Normal narrative. Decide how you want to respond. Do you want to encourage more of that, or shit on them for not going all the way? (3)
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1 Jun
The lab-leak story is (a) an out for those who haven't wanted to face the fallout of covering the actual Covid story, i.e., manipulation of definitions and statistics to generate the illusion of an apocalyptic plague, and (b) reification of that illusion.…
If they can get you focus on how the "monster virus" may have "escaped from a lab" (like in a sci-fi movie), maybe you'll forget about Sweden, Florida, Texas, etc.
If they can get you focus on how the "monster virus" may have "escaped from a lab" (like in a sci-fi movie), maybe you will forget how they redefined a medical "case" to include perfectly healthy people, and then reported an explosion of "cases."
Read 11 tweets

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