Please hire my incredibly compassionate, skilled friend.
Like, Paizo just pawned off community management on him for years, which he did gracefully and skillfully. Management complained that his management style was too kind to the workers, despite not giving him a title, raise, or management authority, which ought to tell you how much
His coworkers looked to him as a leader. He wrote and developed incredible content.
Like, let me tell you how I got to know Diego. He had started working in CS, and we'd pass each other in the hallway fairly often as I was going to meetings. And he'd always ask me how my day was going.

And, like, the creative team didn't have a ton of formal interaction w CS.
So I'd usually just smile politely and say it was going pretty well, and how was his day? And that was that. We weren't in meetings together or anything.

One day I was having a bad day. When he asked me how it was going, I was honest and said it wasn't going great.
I headed into what was certain to be a meeting that was both pointlessly contentious and incredibly stupid, and spent however long in it.

When I got back to my desk, there was a cookie (IIRC, it was a sunflower cookie) and a note.
It was from Diego, and it said something like "I'm sorry you're having a bad day and it makes me happy to see you and I hope your day gets better."
And because of years of game industry experience, I was wavering between being really touched and being worried that a male coworker was going to ask me out.

So I mentioned it to a few other people in the department and found out he'd done similar things for them.
Like, it was just simple, uncomplicated *kindness.* And he became a dear friend.

He was there for me when Paizo fired me. He was there when Lucy ate a poisonous plant and I had to wait in the emergency room to find out if she was going to make it.
I've watched him extend that kindness to other friends, and I've watched him extend it to customers who frankly, in my opinion, didn't deserve it. Like, he was so incredibly *deft* in handling people who were just being assholes.
I've seen how much his teammates at work adore him. And I've watched Paizo pile responsibility after responsibility on him (usually without any acknowledgment/promotion/raise) and how deftly he handled all of that.
And I've read his game writing and design work, and like, it's so *fresh.* And I see that same compassion in his creative work.

Like, what he brings is so, so sorely needed in game design.
Anyway, I've been furious for years at how Paizo treats him, & I want people to understand what a treasure they just threw away. They didn't deserve him in the first place, & like so many good people that company's chewed up and spit out, he tried so hard to save it from itself.
Also, like, he is from New Mexico and LOVES New Mexico and brings so much of that history and culture and perspective into his creative work and we need more of that too instead of the umpteenth iteration of Ye Olde Medieval Tavern.

• • •

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13 Sep
Welp, Paizo just fired their two most senior customer service people (one a woman, one a POC) for apparently being too willing to push back on abusive management.

Of course, this also means that the last person they might retaliate against for me airing dirty laundry is gone.
Featuring such hits as The White Woman Fighting Diversity Efforts But Claiming Credit When POC Manage To Do Them Anyway, The Time Paizo Was In Debt To The Mob, The Executive Who Sexually Harassed A Senior Woman Out Of The Company, and more.
Also, attempts to force workers to return to the office before it’s safe, managers lying about what their reports told them to pretend there’s support for it, demoting women for being too troublesome, the plan to “milk” demonizing mental illness until they couldn’t anymore, etc.
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12 Sep
Yeah, the idea that if a teen gets a crush on someone older, that someone older must be “grooming” them is basically the same as blaming women for men being attracted to them.

Someone can have a crush on you without you even knowing they exist. You’re not to blame.
Teenagers get crushes.

It’s like one of the standard elements of being a teenager.

Sometimes those crushes are on people who are older.

Assuming the older person doesn’t actually DO anything, they’re not at fault for what a teenager’s hormones make the teen feel.
It reminds me of when a guy I was dating was like “how can you not have dated anyone before me? You’re beautiful.”

And I could not get him to understand that your level of desirability to others is not related to your level of desire *for* others.
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8 Sep
It's amazing to me that people are arguing that a person shouldn't be able to get an abortion in cases where carrying the pregnancy to term might kill them because they think the fetus has personhood.

Like, you don't get to commandeer my lung to save your own life.
(And yes, I actually think abortion should be legal and easily available for anyone who wants one, regardless of whether their life is at stake. But I'm astonished that this argument is being made for cases where the mother's life IS at stake.)
Like, at BEST, they frame this argument as "we don't get to choose to value one life over the other." (I'd argue that they are, by default, valuing the fetus over the mother, but, again, at BEST.)
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7 Sep
Well, ran out to get lunch, my car’s service lights came on, I limped it to the dealership, they can’t look at it until tomorrow, and they have no loaners available, and I leave on Thursday to go back to WI for my sister’s wedding, if you’d like to know how 5782’s going so far.
I pay for so many different warranties/services/insurances/whatever that are supposed to provide loaners. How am I stranded here.

This is what I get for ever leaving my house.
Welp I called the salesman I bought it from directly and was tearful and he’s supposedly coming to the Starbucks I wandered to to pick me up and put me in a car.

Which is good because I wore flip-flops to go grab lunch and I did not want to walk 2 miles to Enterprise.
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6 Sep
Thread from last year on being angry with God during the HHD--there is space for that, too.

(I love this prayer, which blossoms like a flame being lit from changing one Hebrew letter from a song of praise.

We give You leave to slack off. WE will fix things, then.)
Toward the end of the Yom Kippur service, there's the following reading:

You are our Beacon;
we are Your burden.
You are our Enigma;
we are Your frustration.
You are our Call to Conscience;
we are Your critics.
You are our Touchstone;
we are Your loyal opposition.
And I appreciate how the liturgy gives space to anger at God, and when it moves us on, it's not to "you're wrong to be angry, and actually God is right."

It's to having compassion *for God*, which sometimes feels like a radical concept.
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6 Sep
Good morning, people who aren't Jewish! Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, starts this evening. Antisemites/messianic "Jews"/etc. tend to ramp up their harassment of Jews on our major holidays, so please, if you have bandwidth, be on the lookout to report. Thanks! Image
Also reminder: if you're thinking of how to do some sort of Christian Rosh Hashanah thing: don't.

Not only is it appropriative and gross, it's also theologically unsound! Your religion has a whole different system (Jesus) for dealing with repentance/renewal.
Like maybe you're wondering, if you're Christian, hey, we've got Easter in place of Passover, we've got Pentecost in place of Shavuot, we have the whole Christmas season in place of Hanukkah, why don't we have anything for the Jewish High Holidays?
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