1/ We're no longer pursuing building @maybe around part-time/fractional employment.

Here's the note I sent to the team last week.

While I'm still bullish on the concept, I no longer believe it can work for *new* product/software companies. At least it didn't for us.

2/ What I traded away on "managing people" I replaced with infinitely more work around "managing projects". There was just so much overhead to get even basic things done.

We instantly had to try to assemble tons of processes and it just slowed progress to a crawl.
3/ Many of the major problems we're trying to solve require deep thought and focused effort on difficult programming issues.

Having folks drop in a few hours here, a few hours there just meant everyone avoided the really difficult things as they didn't have time for it.
4/ So, we made the tough decision to pivot the way we're building the company back to a more traditional full-time setup.

I'm perfectly comfortable with that as it's how I built Baremetrics for the 7 years prior.

So, many of the systems I built there translate here.
5/ There are now 3 of us officially full-time with 2 more starting in the next 4-6 weeks.

Got another couple of roles we'll likely fill in the coming weeks (one of which we're actively hiring for: jobs.maybe.co/backend-engine…).
6/ In addition to changing the team structure, we're also doing a big reset on the app.

We've built 4 really great mini-tools (maybe.co) and had a decent rough pass on an MVP for the main app...
7/ ...but much of the tooling we put in place in the name of "scaling" has been a major hindrance to fast iteration.

So, we're scrapping the bulk of the main app code base and essentially doing a speed run with as few infrastructure bits as possible.
8/ It feels equal parts "risky" and "right".

I built the first version of Baremetrics in a matter of days, which got me thousands of dollars in MRR. And we essentially are looking to go a similar route now.
9/ There are still major parts of "traditional" employment that I believe are broken (especially in the US), but it's not a hill I'm ready to die on.

I don't have so much pride that I can't admit something didn't work.
10/ My hope/bet/guess is that this temporary setback while we regroup will ultimately mean exponentially faster progress in the coming months and years.

• • •

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13 Sep
1/ What this has turned in to is a stream of people shocked that a company might have mechanisms in place to filter out applicants.

"You're going to ask someone to answer QUESTIONS?!?!?!"


"With, like, WORDS?!?!?!?"

...that's right.
2/ Look. We can either do the filtering at the start of the process, or you can get days/weeks in to the process & still, statistically speaking, get filtered out.

The job application process involves filtering down a pool of applicants. That's how applying for *anything* works.
3/ "But you should at least talk to them in an interview if you want to know answers to these !"

We ask questions that require written responses because that's how we function.

We don't ask you to "hop on a call" because we don't do that as part of our normal operations.
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12 Sep
1/ It's always really interesting to me how many people espouse resumes.

Having read through thousands of job applications, I've never seen a resume that did a better job communicating ability/skill than a few free-form text fields.
2/ I get it. When you're applying to dozens or even hundreds of jobs, having to actually write out answers is exhausting and can be demoralizing (especially when you never hear back).
3/ But the alternative is the company potentially hiring you ends up judging you 100% on your past work. Which can be a terrible indicator of your ability and potential fit.

If anything, it makes it *easier* for a company to quickly throw your application out the door.
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10 Apr
1/ Figuring out which problems to tackle first with @MaybeFinance has been challenging.

Ultimately we want to help people be in control of their finances and their future without the need for a middleman (i.e. a financial advisor).
2/ But one of the reasons this problem hasn't really been solved well is just how varied each individual/family is when it comes to their finances.

It's very much solvable, but it just means we'll have to build this in phases and the first few phases will absolutely fall short.
3/ Not that they won't be useful, they will. But this isn't something we can build in a few weeks or even a couple of months.

Generally speaking here are the phases I've laid out in my head...
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9 Apr
1/ The idea that you “only answer to customers” when you’re bootstrapped is really just silly.
2/ The implication is that if you take any type of funding, you now only do what your investors want. Which is also silly.
3/ When you’re bootstrapped, you answer to your mortgage, your student loan debt, your need to provide for your family, etc.

Which is, of course, all well and good. But don’t act like your customers are the only ones you’re serving because you’ve refused outside funding.
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12 Jan
Notion, but where pages load in <30 seconds.
I'd LOVE an macOS/iOS/iPadOS-native take on this space.

I feel like humanity is ready for the kind of app that offers more than the overly-structured typical word processing/spreadsheet software, but not at the expense of speed.
Folks throw out so many "better alternatives" to Notion, but they're almost always extremely text-focused or spreadsheet-focused, which is just polishing the same 💩.
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10 Nov 20
1/ Going to use this thread to answer questions folks have about the @Baremetrics acquisition!

I attempted to cover everything in my blog post, but wasn't able to touch on everything without it becoming a small book. 🙃

2/ What did the team get?

$300,000 went to the team. All team members who had stock options got the full value of their options and then folks who didn't have options (we stopped issuing options a couple of years ago) received a bonus based on time with the company.
3/ Why did @gcvp and @BessemerVP walk away from their $800k?

I won't speak directly for them, but I'll say they're some of the most founder-friendly VCs I've ever interacted with.

They made an exceptionally generous decision and any founder would be lucky to work w/ them.
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