Just before the election, Trudeau made an emergency payment of $61M to select news media — but he kept the names of the reporters secret. Of course they wouldn’t name themselves — it was supposed to stay secret till after the election. We’ve got them: RebelInvestigates.com
It won't surprise you that Chatham Asset Management's Postmedia was the biggest pig at the trough. They literally took 48 secret grants from Trudeau last month. Source: RebelInvestigates.com
I'd normally chalk up pro-Trudeau propaganda like this to the fact that Maclean's are just low-information leftists. But our exclusive documents show Trudeau made a secret payment of $313,000 to Maclean's right before the election: RebelInvestigates.com
The National Observer is pay-for-play -- whether the funder is the Tides Foundation or Trudeau, they'll write whatever they're paid to write. This attempted smear of Rebel News was preceded by a secret $254,000 payment from Trudeau: RebelInvestigates.com
The National Observer is pay-for-play. Whether the funder is the Tides Foundation or Trudeau, they'll write whatever they're paid to write. This attempted smear of Rebel News was preceded by a secret $254,000 payment from Trudeau: RebelInvestigates.com
We've put the entire 29-page list of presstitutes up at RebelInvestigates.com. There are nearly 1,500 names on the list. It's incredible that gossipy journalists managed to keep a secret. They wanted to hide their corruption from their readers.
There are 1,500 names on the bribery list. And that's just news organizations -- it names the brothels, not the individual presstitutes. You can search the .pdf for the name of your local newspaper. Can you trust them anymore?

They took the cash.

They they hid it from you.
There's some comic relief in the list. I mean, @NUVOmag took $261K. That's a luxury porn mag -- glamourous clothes, cars and houses. Not a stitch of "news" in it. How on earth did they scam more than a quarter of a million dollars in the names of news? #corrupt

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11 Sep
Trudeau’s debates included the fringe NDP, Bloc & Green parties to give the simulation of a range of opinion. But they’re not viable parties & don’t present meaningful disagreement to the status quo. It was a fake debate with controlled opposition who just say: “more government”.
It was a fake debate with fake issues. Civil liberties and vaccine passports were never mentioned. Because the five establishment parties all agree. Instead, they brought in a child actor to talk about global warming. And they debated who would phase out oilsands fastest.
They kept out @MaximeBernier because he actually disagreed with the Official Narrative. And you can’t have that in a debate. That’s why they fought so hard to keep our reporters out, too — all it takes is one dissenter, and the simulated unanimity is shattered.
Read 5 tweets
10 Sep
Trudeau's @debates_can refuses to put through questions from our ten journalists.

This is in defiance of the court's orders.

Trudeau hated that he lost in court. He hated that we asked him embarrassing questions. So he ordered the commission to refuse to put us through.
Tomorrow I will instruct our lawyers to seek a contempt order against Trudeau's corrupt @debates_can. They are violating the letter and the spirit of the Federal Court's orders.
Trudeau made it clear yesterday that he doesn't respect any court that defies him. And his minions at the corrupt @debates_can do whatever he tells them.

What a disgrace they are. Shame on David Johnston -- and my old friend Deborah Grey.
Read 4 tweets
8 Sep
UPDATE: The case management hearing is over. Trudeau's commission has agreed to accept Alexa's PCR test.

Trudeau has spent more than a million dollars trying to keep us out, and even stooped to a desperate "Covid" excuse. But in the end, they have bent their will to the court.
Our lawyer also asked if Trudeau's commission would play any dirty tricks in terms of selecting which journalists get questions. Trudeau's lawyer said they wouldn't. But that's a Trudeau promise -- worth nothing. We'll see.
We have eleven accredited journalists now -- as many as the CBC state broadcaster. Alexa will indeed be there in person; the rest of us will be in using the phone system.

If they discriminate against us, which I suspect they will, we will sue them again.

And again.

And again.
Read 4 tweets
8 Sep
BREAKING: Right now the Federal Court is holding ANOTHER emergency hearing (by phone) to deal with Trudeau’s debate commission refusing entry to our reporter despite this morning’s court order. Trudeau’s lawyer is citing “Covid”.
This morning the Federal Court ordered them to let in our reporters. But then they said our lead reporter needed a Covid test. We immediately sent them one. (See below.) But then they said it wasn’t enough.
They said we have to take a PCR test that takes 24 to 48 hours to get back. (The debate is tonight.). But guess what — we got one in time. See below.
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8 Sep
🚨🚨🚨WE WON!

Rebel News 2, Trudeau 0.

The Federal Court has AGAIN struck down Trudeau’s illegal ban on our journalists. Trudeau had seven government lawyers go to court to fight us. We had one lawyer — and the truth. For more info, go to LetUsReport.com! 👇
All eleven of our journalists are accredited — the same number as the CBC has accredited. Like other media, for Covid reasons some of our journalists will put their questions to the leaders by phone. Our Quebec reporter, @ThevoiceAlexa, will lead the charge for us in person!
You can read the ruling in full at LetUsReport.com. I estimate Trudeau has now spent $1.5 million of taxpayer money fighting to keep us from asking him questions. We’re completely viewer-supported. Please help crowdfund the fees for our great lawyer Chad Williamson.
Read 6 tweets
7 Sep
The Federal Court hearing is now live on Zoom! I'll be live-tweeting it. You can get the link to watch for yourself at LetUsReport.com.

Looks like the judge is Justice Elizabeth Heneghan: fct-cf.gc.ca/en/pages/about…
Our lawyer is Chad Williamson. williamson.law
There are literally seven lawyers representing Trudeau. Four lawyers and one student-at-law from the Debate Commission, and two lawyers from the Justice Department. They're easily into $1M fighting against us by now -- Trudeau wasting taxpayers' money.
Read 42 tweets

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