My whole house has COVID. We're vaccinated (except the baby), we take precautions, both my wife and I work in controlled environments. Still glad we got the vaccine.

"Then why bother getting vaccinated?" You know what? Glad you asked. Pull up a chair. Let's discuss #COVID19 1/🧵
Fundamental law of the universe is that the odds of any event occurring are between 0 and 100. *Nothing* is certain, but it's a good idea to take calculated efforts that can reduce risk.

It's about risk reduction, not a silver bullet for perfect prevention. 2/
"But I'm worried there will be side effects"

Great! You're already doing risk assessment. So ask yourself, what's the greater risk; side effects of the vaccine or contracting COVID? Search the literature, consult your MD. Odds of a safe outcome from the vaccine are WAY better 3/
"But even if I catch COVID, Ive got only a 1% chance of dying!"

This is also a good point, but that risk still outweighs the chances of you catching side effects from the vaccine. It's not even close! Plus, what if you come in contact with someone older, sicker, more at risk? 4/
"I just don't trust these politicians and media. They've lied and misled us so much on this whole pandemic!"


*Embraces you in hug*

They're a bunch of complete asshats and have been every step of the way. You should still get the vaccine. 5/
"Doesn't it give you COVID to get the vaccine?"

No, science of it doesn't quite work that way. You may feel bad symptoms, but they'll be temporary. Plus, if you're unlucky enough as I am to get the disease, your case will more likely be very mild. 6/
"But I'm trying to have a baby (am pregnant), I'm worried how it may affect us"

Perfectly reasonable, and thank you for sharing that fear with me. Again, talk to your doctor. If you consider all the risk factors towards pregnancy, an mRNA vaccine seems pretty low on the list. 7/
"I can't stand the thought of people being smug towards me after I've resisted for this long"

There's no shame in changing your mind on something like this. Plus, you can do what I do in situations like this.

*Clears throat* Um, invest nothing in what people speak about you 8/
"Sorry, still don't like the thought of being an experiment given some of the history of this country."

Like Tuskegee, or Henrietta Lacks? I hear this. Voice your concerns. Share them with people who have studied these events like @JeromeAdamsMD, @drsanjaygupta or @obstatsinc 9/
"They're implementing mandates now. It's not right. It would just be surrender."

Then vote them out. All of them. And get the vaccine. These are not exclusive choices. 10/
"Hey. Thanks for listening to my concerns and not coming across as a condescending snarky douchebag looking for cheap likes and validation on social media."

My pleasure. All in a day's work, fellow citizen. Fin/

• • •

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8 May
Okay. Initially bit my tongue but after seeing this for a 2nd time, let's have it.

This ego-driven, self-adulating, horseshit of an excuse for comedy will likely prevent more vaccinations than it produces. Why?

B/c the vaccine-hesitant are not anti-vaxxers. 🧵/1
Simply put, imagine going to a doctor's office and expressing concern about the vaccine, or a treatment, or a procedure. - "Doctor, I'm a little nervous about the side effects."

"JuSt ShUt ThE F**k Up AnD dO iT!"

Forget about poor messaging, it's straight up unprofessional. /2
While there are those who no doubt will never vaccinate, they are fractious group. Beliefs towards vaccination are on a spectrum, not an on/off switch, and lumping them all together is a surefire way to deter those open to changing their minds. /3…
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9 Feb 20
It’s been a difficult week.

But, rather than publicly air my grievances, I’d like to share w/ you the kindness strangers offered us the day we brought our daughter home.

I hope our story uplifts you, and reminds you there is goodness to be had in this world.

A thread... /1
Not too long ago, my wife and I boarded a @SouthwestAir flight with our recently adopted infant daughter.

W/ clearance to return home to California, my wife carried our precious bundle, while I offered numerous apologies to passengers while maneuvering the aisle with 4 bags. /2
About mid flight, our daughter awoke and politely informed us she wanted a new new diaper. After inquiring about space for a table change, a thoughtful flight attendant (named Jenny) cleared a space in the back of the plane and gave us privacy. /3
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23 Oct 18
1/ The #HAES and @WtMgmtDPG debate at #FNCE today impacted me more than I realized, so please allow me to share what has been bouncing around inside my head for the last few hours - Another perspective that may have been missed.
2/ This "debate" seems multi-layered and hard to pin down, but one of the most controversial points, as far as I understand it, is to argue which of the following is worse - the state of being obese, or the stigma that can be attached to it? #FNCE
3/ When I dare venture to ask why we can't respond to this stigma by teaching clients to internalize things differently, I get dismissed or told things like "You're missing the bigger picture of injustice", or, "that's just your privilege talking." #FNCE
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