Politicians and Govt Agencies will only accommodate CPPs when we either bring more money/percs to them than the anti- opioid forces, OR when we bring an immense amount of public awareness, scrutiny, & shame to them, undermining trust in agencies and threatening reelections.(cont)
... given that 95% of the country has been fully indoctrinated by the BS PROPaganda Narrative, and that the scientific evidence that supports our cause along with a handful of Journalists, Scientists, Doctors, and Researchers that rally to it have only been published ... (cont)
... where few but we CPPs, those cowed by regulations, and our enemies read it, we can be certain that nothing is going to change until we take our case DIRECTLY to the people, simplify the message, and create outrage... I'm not so sure that at this point we don't have to.. (cont
... add in other groups fighting other aspects of harm created by the War on Drugs, and govts endless removal of autonomy in our decision making, policing our "morality", and tracking of our every move. God forbid we are thinking for ourselves, healing ourselves, or having fun.

• • •

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17 Jul
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8 Jul
If you are a CPP and you think that our govt's actions have imprisoned you in your home, exacerbated you Pain and Despair to tortuous levels, deprived you of Human Rights (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness), and are tantamount to a slow rolling genocide of us... (cont)
... then I ask you to take a few steps back and look at the MACRO here - understand that these things have been done to poor, desperate, and underprivileged in this country since the inception of the "War on Drugs" - If WE, as CPPs, can't understand & be appalled by this.. (cont)
.. then WE lack the Empathy that we are asking others to have for us.... WE'VE. BEEN. DOING. THIS. WRONG.
It's long past time to ask for HALF MEASURES, It's time to END THE WAR ON DRUGS, Prohibition DOESN'T WORK, and the excess DESPAIR it has created is destroying too many lives.
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3 Jul
@Flanagan72John @scottgottlies @JonelleElgaway @ThomasKlineMD @DocBearOMD @JulieDavisson3 @BethDarnall @CMerandi @ljluvsbuterflys @EndPainStigma @CanadaPain @ravensspirit68 @TheRebelPatient Sadly, I'm coming to the conclusion that the PROPaganda is so thoroughly entrenched, that some are profiting so much from this, and that the number of involved participants that excercise some level of control over us wrt our ability to access opioids, that our only ... (cont)
@Flanagan72John @scottgottlies @JonelleElgaway @ThomasKlineMD @DocBearOMD @JulieDavisson3 @BethDarnall @CMerandi @ljluvsbuterflys @EndPainStigma @CanadaPain @ravensspirit68 @TheRebelPatient .... recourse for treating our pain is self care, so to that end, I believe we must approach this by ending the Drug War and ending the prohibition of all drugs, as we can find more common ground and understanding from a larger swath of the citizenry and end ALL obstacles to meds
@Flanagan72John @scottgottlies @JonelleElgaway @ThomasKlineMD @DocBearOMD @JulieDavisson3 @BethDarnall @CMerandi @ljluvsbuterflys @EndPainStigma @CanadaPain @ravensspirit68 @TheRebelPatient .... To go about this any other way would involve convincing all the states that have enacted anti-opioid laws to roll them back, would also involve getting Doctors to admit some patients need opioids for QOL, then convincing DEA & State Medical boards to stop persecuting, (cont)
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23 Jun 20
I was told about the effects of pain pills when I was a teenager, not by healthcare professionals, but by teenagers who took them to get high. I wonder why everyone seems to always assume a link between pills and legitimate use ? Prescription Heroin is used in many... (cont)...
.. countries, but I don't here Heroin use linked to legitimate supply chains in these countries... Street dealers do not depend on their steady supply coming from the 7 or 8 pills Bobby swipes from grandma every few months... Even if street dealers had a number of these (cont)..
.. "suppliers" lined up, there's NO WAY the dealers could get enough or consistently to keep users supplied, then there's the issue of getting these imaginary "suppliers" to see them to h for enough less than what he sells them for to make the risk worth it... (cont)..
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29 Dec 18
@Orions3starz @APainPrincess What's utterly horrific about this is that the govt and important players in this (save a handful of moralist zealots) KNOW that they are lying by PROPagating this BS PROPaganda, but they don't care because it serves several of their purposes simultaneously: ..... (1/?)
@Orions3starz @APainPrincess (2/?)... 1st, it gets votes, political donations, & kudos from all who have known a "Little Johnny White Suburbanite Heroin Junkie" who OD'd, who would rather blame anyone but Johnny or his family, so they want to believe it was Doctors & big bad Pharma who are responsible (cont)
@Orions3starz @APainPrincess (3/?)..Secondly, it poisons the jury pool in favor of all the State, local, & Federal lawsuits that are targeting a few big opiod mnfgrs, & these govts are expecting a gross total of @ $450 BILLION (also the lawyers are salivating at their shares)..... (cont)...
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