What is the best essay/video/blog-post explaining this in-depth
It's how I've learned pretty much everything I've learned, and I touch on it here - but I think it's more assumed background context than anything stated explicity.

Build Small Skills in the Correct Sequence says it explicitly

Think I got the idea originally from @tferriss - if so, don't remember where though

@webdevMason talks a bit about related ideas here
It's not just useful for maintaining motivation -- which is discussed here -- it's also crucial for exploration of the adjacent possible and positive feedback loops

Maybe it is discussed in "The Art of Learning"

Book Notes from @sivers are good entry point sive.rs/book/ArtOfLear…

As is this post from @tferriss tim.blog/2014/03/20/the…
@fortelabs talks about it in Intermediate Packets, but this is behind a paywall

It was incredibly familiar idea for me when I saw it, so this wasn't the generator -- but he is applying it to a space outside of learning, and haven't seen many say this b4

@stevenbjohnson's "Where Good Ideas Come From" is first I heard of [[The Adjacent Possible]] which makes the case for small projects that expand that space

He got the idea from Stuart Kauffman


Jim Collins talks about "The Flywheel" in [[Good to Great]] - which is where you want a feedback loop of recursive self improvement, and pretty clear how learning through concrete projects can feed into that

Collins is talking about organizations, still..
Maybe there isn't even an essay to point to - I absolutely learned this first from countless hours playing Sim Meir's Civilization franchise as a kid

but I feel like there has to be a good essay I can point to to introduce the concept
Boom - was Papert via @worrydream

The mathematics must be continuous with well-established personal knowledge from which it can inherit [competence]

Must empower the learner to perform personally meaningful projects that could not be done without it.

Credit to @mattsmithtweets and the editors of the wikipedia article for helping me find the primary source I was looking for to cite as evidence
One of my favourite articles from one of my favourite sites is related

Great Meta-Learning guide from @betterexplained

Get the grainy idea of the whole, rather than every detail of the parts


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