Listen up, you freaks. Why don't you seek the context first: I was escorted off campus by security after receiving multiple reports of a 'weird looking pervert' and only *then* did I grab my speaker/mic & give a monologue to a bunch of kids, while drenched in flop sweat. Idiot!
Hahahahahaha. Must protect my protege, at all costs.
You hivemind liberal media sheep just don't have the balls to do real journalism, like what Michael Tracey did- get off his couch and go get humiliated by a bunch of college kids, whilst looking like a sweaty disheveled mess. Get off your ass and do some real journalism!
Oh, and one more thing....I'm calm, cool and collected. Not mad at all. Actually i'm laughing right now.

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

15 Sep
Just thinking about the absurdly delusional tweets of yesterday from 2 major news-shapers - Kasie (CNN) & Blake Hounshell (Politico). I never really thought the political media was great but the Trump era has really exposed them as just irredeemably bad. And consequentially so.
No matter how extreme the GOP gets, not only do they still treat the GOP as if they're a 'normal' party but they seem to just go out of there way to push GOP talking points as if they're conventional wisdom.
Is it because they see this whole politics thing as a game, detached from consequences? Or because they're so desperate to show they're not 'liberal biased'? Or because they have a ton of GOP sources (some of whom tell them reasonable things in private)?
Read 4 tweets
9 Sep
"We sit in the diner and watch people walk in the door. We look at a mask and we all look at each other and go: DEMOCRAT!"

But please tell me more about how this a product of libs being mean and not a deliberate response to the GOP turning this into yet another culture war.
Or the even dumber 'people are too busy to get it, so be nice to them' put out by the anti-anti-Dems (but don't call me conservatives) like Liz Bruenig. Image
The plain reality is there is no amount of coddling that will change these people's minds. Due to their own ignorance/selfishness & the extremely irresponsible messaging put out from the party messengers they blindly trust, they've screwed themselves and the rest of us, too.
Read 4 tweets
2 Sep
Next up is almost certainly him going on Tucker, pretending he's the one who's been victimized while dropping some (not even) thinly disguised transphobic bs.
'friendships that relay on political agreement are just cynical transactions'

1 tweet later

'i helped you at one of the worst moments (btw remember that?) in your life and this is how you repay ME? I'm the real victim here'
It's completely cool to use someone's mental health struggles- their lowest point- against them, if they mildly rebuke your politics. Btw, everyone is cynical and unprincipled, except me.
Read 5 tweets
2 Sep
There was a gravely important presidential election in 2016. All of this was very explicitly on the line. Trump ran on appointing justices who would overturn Roe, while Clinton ran as unabashedly pro choice. And instead of covering important, extremely consequential issues...
like this one, the political media decided to turn the election with these objectively high stakes, into one almost solely focused on some completely nothing minutia process garbage story about email retention. Truly sickening to think about how bad of a media failure it was.
Oh & not a single one of them admitted that they got it wrong. That maybe, just maybe, their super hyper-focus on Clinton's fucking emails just might not have been the most important story of the election. In fact, most of the EMAILS pushers were rewarded by getting promotions.
Read 5 tweets
23 Aug
As someone who has been beating the "Glenn is a huge piece of shit & an awful person" drum for years now, it's kind of vindicating to see him turning his fire (with the same disingenuous RW talking points) at all of the ppl like Walker who used to be in his Leftist Defense Force.
People (wrongly) thought he was progressive b/c he spent all of his time attacking Dems & boosted some candidates that supported 'left' goals. But he only did so to b/c they too had being 'anti-Dem' as their guiding light. You think Glenn gave a fuck about M4A or the GND? Hah.
This is literally NRA talking points when faced with serious concern from people wanting to regulate guns. "Whatttt about cars?" is just lazy whataboutism that isn't even clever if you think about it for more than a second. But that's what he is. He's not even good at *that*.
Read 5 tweets
21 Aug
I don't even get what you're trying to do with this 'i'm poor' cosplay shit when everyone can see your public patreon showing that your dumb dumb podcast pulls over $300k a month.
At most, you're splitting that 2-3 ways with you co-host. you have a co-host? I know you literally have not said a word about him since he got accused of grooming minors (extremely normal, transparent behavior) but is he still getting paid obscene Patreon dollars?
Read 5 tweets

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